different ff….my love story (Intro and Episode 1)


Hello guyz its my love story i wanted to share it with you so i thought to write it on tellyupdate. Am not going to tell real names so i will make it. Intro of me. I live in norway. The boy i like is from trykia. So lets start. I will start from the school day from 8 grade when we were 14 year old.

Rahil: Boy i like. Cute, Handsome, Arrogant sometime.
Me: A cute, Bold and egoistic girl but only sometime when i need to be. Arrogant.
And some friends.
And many others so lets start.

I was waiting for my friends. I was the only person present in that building. When i hear somefoot step coming toward me. I turned and saw rahil standing there. He was wearing a white t-shirt and black jean with black coat. He was wearing nike black shoes. I saw him a tear skip from my eyes thinking that he is not my even we were not together but he have a girlfriend called Hebina. He looked at me and smile. I smiled back and turn my face. He come and sit next to me. He give me a side hug. I was shocked we two always used to fight never talked propeley with eachother. Always used to blink eachother with hate and anger. I looked at him. He smuled.
I asked.
M: What happened with u are u ok.
R: Yep i am alright. Why were u crying.
M: Me never.
R: Mahira u now that u cant lie to me. Even if we never had a good realtion ship. ( Not girlfriend boyfriend realtion. )
M: Hmmm. I think u miss understood.
R: Dont lie. Tell me what happened.

I hug him crying i wanted to tell him i am crying because of u. But stoped. He get concerned and asked: What happened tell me.
M: I like a boy. He never pay attentuon to me. I always try my best to make him fall in love with me but its mever worked and now he have a girlfriend. I thought to change myself….
R: Shhhhh. Dont think to change yourself i like the way u are.
I got confused and asked: What do u mean by u like me the way i am and…..
R: I mean i wanted that girl which is arrogant, Sweet, And naughty.
M: Hello i am not arrogant.
R: Really u must be dreaming. You are too much.
M: Mind you tongue.
R: No i wont what will u do.
M: Wait a minutte.
I open my bag and took my bottel and throw water on him. He look at me with anger like in next second i will die. I laughed he got so angry.
R: What have u done.
M: Its called mahira revenge.
R: Wait.
I ran from there he run after me i went inside in bathroom and locked the door. He start hitting door. I was smiling inside the bath. After sometime when i didt heared any voice i went out. I look at the way and it was clear. I took a breath and start to go when someone one pull me. I got scared.
Voice: Wait mahira.
M: Rahil you.

R: No my ghost.
M: Ok plz dont do anything. I am sorry.
He smile.
M: Do u think i will say that never.
R: Ok wait then.
I was about to go when he pulled me and pin me too the door. I look at the clock it was only five minutte then everyone will start to come.
M: Leave me. Someone will see us and i dont want anyone to think wrong.
R: Let them.
M: No i am not like u. Shameless.
R: Yes i am Shameless. Should i show u.
He come close to me and was about kiss me when i slapped him. Shocking both of us.
R: Mahira.
M: Dont. Dont you have shame you are in a realtionship and……
I was about to say somethinc when ge slapped me. Tear start rolling down from my eyes.
R: How dare u. Ok great have fun with your life. But remember the one and only me have right on…….
M: What right. Dont come near me. Be way.
He look at my cheek it was red due to slap.

R: This is my mark my gift for u.
M: Which i hate the most.
He pull me toward himself. He hold me from my waist. I was looking at him with confused look. He was tall. He pulled me more. Only my toe was on down. I was looking at him. He was looking in my eyes. He slowly kissed my cheek and leaved me.
R: Remember only me.
He left from there i was confused. After sometime all my friends come amd we all went to classes. The school end and we went home.

Hope you guys liked it. Let me cleat something. My friend goes in 8 grade but in different classes.
Alina-Maddy- 8A.
Azka- 8B.
Alishba-Me- 8C.
Kani-Afia- 8D.
Rahil- 8A.
Some entries will be tommrow stay turned to now more.

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