different ff….my love story (Episode 2)


Hello! Let start.

Me and my friends come to school they were talking when i saw hebina and Rahil kissing i ingnored it. When someone come too me and said: Hello.
I look at the person it was Valid. The boy who like me. He is cute but i don’t like him. His is small not tall but still i like him but only as a friend.
M: Hei valid whats up.
V: Nothing what were u doing.
M: Nothing i am standing.
Both smile. Suddenly my friends came to me.
Alina: Valid do u like her.
Alina: Tell na.
Valid: No.
Alishba: Are u guys together.
Valid: No. But.
Me: But what.
Valid: Do u want to be my GF.
No answer.

Valid: Yes or No.
No answer.
Valid: Ok chill it was a joke.
We all laugh and they all went to there classes me and alishba was outside because our teacher have not come yet.
A; Wait here i am going to bath. Tell me if teacher come.
I noded.
And she went.
Suddenly i felt a hand on my shoulder i knew it was Max. Cute sweet nice darshing charming smart boy always in top. Going in our class.
M: Hello.
Me: Hei max.
M: Lets bunk.
Me: Okkkk i think it was a nice joke.

M: No i am serious.
Me: But u. Who always come to school. Never bunk. And important rule you never break the rules what happened.
M: Dont talk to much.
Alishba come there and we tell her everthing. And asked if she want to come.
A: No never. I never bunked ok.
M&M: Ok great.
She saw our teacher. He was boring and always on fb.

A: I will go.
Voice: Even i wanted to go.
We saw my so called brother zain was standing there. ( Actually we are not brother sister or step. But we share a good bonding like a sis and bro.)
Z: I wanted go.
M: Ok lets go.
We all leave from there and went to a cafe shop. When we enter the cafe i saw rahil there. He was sitting with hebina. Both were talking laughing i ignored it and sit with my friends.
Rahil look at me and smile. Hebina turned and saw me. I knew they looked at me but i didt pay attention. And start talking with my friend.
Z: Mahira you are stupid.
M: What have a done.
Max look at me and smile. I smile back.

After talking we went from there too school.
It was break.
My friends went down and i was talking with my teacher.
M: When will i get to now about my grades.
T: Tommorow. But remember u have a test.
I noded and went from there. Some went to canteen other went down to sit in the bench rooms.
I was also going down. When some one hold me from my hand and twist it. I shouted.
M: Ouchhhh.
Voice: Yay ouch.
M: Rahil what are u doing leave me its paining.
R: Yea it also hurt me when you…..
M: Leave me or i will shout.
He pined me to wall.
And put his finger on my lips. We were looking at eachother eyes.
R: Why were u out in school time. And why were you with those two boys. Alone.
M: For your kind information alishba was also there.
R: Look…
M: Whatever. Thanks for your fake concern go to hebina dont come to me.
R: I have right….
M: Which right i have never gived u any right. And secondly plz i trust both those boys more then u.

I pushed him and went down.
We have a lot of fun. ( Me and my friends )
When we were going up. I saw some boys sitting on stairs maybe they were from 10 grade. I went toward stairs. When one of them pass a comment on me.
Boy: Baby show me your moves.
I look at him and he look at me and smile.
Me: Oh baby. I have many thing to show.
I showed my hand. He look at me and said: Yea even if u slap me. Then i can feel your touch.
I was about to punch him. When someone slaped the boy. And i looked up it was Max. He was angry. The boys run way. I gived him a smile. He hugged me. I looked at my friend and then i saw rahil there. I wanted to see his expression so i hugged him back. ( Guyz my friends now that i think him as a brother but rahil dont ).
Rahil was looking at me in anger.

We broked the hug.
Max: Are u ok.
I sighed my friend to go and they went.
Me: Yea i am fine.
Rahil cone there and said: Mahira teacher is calling you. Come with me to D ingang. I looked at him. Max ask me to go with him. I went with. In way i asked rahil.
M: No one goes in D ingang. Then who told you.
R: Shshhh you ask to much questions.
I noded and went with him. No one was in D ingang.
M: No one is here. I think you heared wrong. I am going.
R: MAHIRA ( He shouted ).

I looked back and saw his red eyes due to anger. I got scared and asked: What happened why are u shouting.
He hold me tightly and said: WHAT THE HELL. WHY YOU HUGGED MAX.
M: What is your problem. Leave me. I will do what i wanted to do. None of your concern.
R: Yes it do concerned to me. He shouted.
M: No its dont i will do what o want to do. I will roam with who i wanted too. You are no one to me.

He slapped me. I looked at him. He kissed my lips. I got shocked. I try to push him but its went in vain. He was strong. He was kissing me very rudely. He stop and looked at me.
M: What the hell. You……
Before i could say something he kiss my neck. I try to push him. He said while kissing my neck: You are making me angry.
M: Leave me you dont have right on me.
He bite my neck i shout. Ouchhhh.

He bite it hard. I tear skip from my eye. And fall on his forehead. Now my neck was bleeding due the biting. He took my hand and kissed it. I closed my eyes.
R: Mahira i….l…o….
Before i could say something. I pushed him and run from there.
I went to my class and told my teacher that i am not feeling good and want to go. She sent me up to office and ringed my dad and told him that i am not feeling going. He sayed ok to office and they gived me a chit where it was writing u can go home. I went down and gived it to teacher it. And went to home. And slept.

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