Different ff …Love After Marriage (2 shots)

Hi im Kavya.. Im silent reader of fan fictions. But my favourite is “love after marriage” Arshu’s love story..i just love it.. I wanted to write a one shot on it.. I love Arvi’s care for aishu and aishu’s naughtiness very much.. Many don’t comment on this fiction im one of them..but I really gonna miss it bcz pooja di told she will end by 125chapter..
Here story.. Sorry if anyone of you don’t like..
Arvi: Arrogant and stubborn guy..he is orphan..
Aishu: Beautiful,childish and lovely girl..she spread happiness everywhere.. She is also orphan..
Tapu: Aishu’s friend

Manu: Arvi’s friend..
Arvi as past bcz of that he won’t like girls..he worked hard and became business tycoon of Chennai.. Manu is his business partner and as well as his best friend.. Only he knows why Arvi don’t like girls..
One day..
Arvi is in traffic jam.. He hears a girl laugh and see in that direction.. A girl is shown she is wearing white dress and long hair.. He is not able to see her face but he gets concerned when she is crossing road.. He loudly say hey watch out.. Aishu see him and smile.. He gets mesmerised by her smile..but doesn’t express it.. He just drives his car and leave that place.. He thinks why did I say like that..she looks so pretty..her smile..really.. Then suddenly say Arvi don’t think about her..all girls are same at one stage when you need them most they will leave you and go.. He reaches office and get busy with work..
After a week.. At Arvi’s office..

Aishu is waiting to be called for interview..she is tensed.. Manu see her and smile.. She see’s files falling from rack and arrange them.. Suddenly slips..she closes her eyes as she is falling..She says aishu you are backbone fracture for sure..but Arvi hold her in correct time.. then she says why I didn’t fall yet..feels strong hands around her waist.. She opens eyes and see arvi.. She thanks and move away from him.. He doesn’t talk with her just leave that place..she thinks he is rude.. After some time she goes inside for interview and see arvi in boss seat.. She thinks I won’t get job for sure.. She gives interview,goes out.. Manu asks her to wait for sometime.. She nods ok.. Arvi give Manu aishu’s appointment letter and say she is perfect for job.. Manu smiles.. give aishu appointment letter..she starts jumping with happiness and hug Manu.. She says thank you soo much bhaiyya… Manu say it’s ok but stop jumping now.. She smiles.. He introduce himself and she also does same..
After 3 months of aishu’s joining..

She has became friend for everyone in office.. She is treated like a kid in office but when it comes for work she is perfect for it.. Arvi keep himself away from her but he as soft corner for her.. Manu as noticed changes in Arvi’s behaviour towards aishu and thinks to get them married..bcz he believes only aishu can change arvi..
One day..
Arvi and Manu are busy in office..manu gets msg from Aishu that she is not well,come late for office.. He tells this to Arvi.. He just nods ok.. After a while aishu comes to office.. She looks fully tried..is in her cabin.. Arvi comes to her cabin to take some cd see her tried and ask her to take leave.. She says sorry I can’t bcz I have to submit project synopsis Thursday.. He says ok..ill ask manu to come here,you both go for hospital… He calls Manu.. He doesn’t receive call,arvi say aishu come with me.. They both leave for hospital..
In hospital..

Arvi is explaining doctor about aishu’s health.. Doctor checks her and tell ill give a injection everything will be okay by night.. Aishu says no no I don’t want injection please give me some tablets.. Arvi smiles seeing her..ask her to keep seeing his eyes..aishu does so..doctor give injection.. Aishu shouts loudly and say you both cheated me.. Arvi smiles..aishu thinks I didn’t see him smiling till now he looks so cute.. After sometime they leave for office.. Aishu see’s golgaba shop and ask him to stop.. She runs outside to have it.. He smiles seeing her..and think she really a kid… She brings make him also have it.. He sees a small piece of it near her lips..slowly remove it..aishu is still shocked.. Arvi see her reaction..slowly say in her ears I didn’t kiss you.. She blushes and goes outside car as it is raining.. She starts playing..he goes out to make her understand about her health but she make him wait for her.. Bcz of thunder aishu hugs Arvi tightly…

Both realize what happened and move far..but suddenly again they hug bcz of thunder..his phone start ringing.. They release there position and move from each other.. He talks on phone.. She thinks why im getting close to him..he is so rude..but also care I cant even think he is so caring… He asks her shall we go? She nods yes.. Both leave for office..but in way he drops her near her home.. She says please I have to complete work.. He asks her to change dress and come.. She nods ok..and runs inside.. He smiles seeing her..thinks I don’t know why but im getting close to her.. See’s outside she is coming with tiffin box.. Aishu comes and sit next him. He starts car..she says sorry.. He asks why? She says I didn’t call you inside sorry.. He says its ok. She gives him tiffin box and ask him to have.. He asks what is this? She says you didn’t have lunch so have this..ill drive if you are ok with it .. He nods ok.. She sits in driver place.. He sits having poha.. She says sorry I couldn’t prepare anything else so fast.. He smiles,says it’s my favourite in childhood..thank you so much.. She says then you’re mom might have prepared it for you.. He closes his eyes and says my parents left me when I was 17.. She says sorry.. He asks her about her family.. She smiles and say I dont know.. He asks what? She says I grew up in orphanage. He says sorry.. She says Ayyo why should I miss my parents? They should miss me..be positive else we cannot be happy.. He says okay.. They reach office..

Manu see’s them..thinks they are coming close but ill make them one.. Arvi comes to his cabin.. Manu smiles seeing him asks someone is so happy .. Arvi asks what? He replies you look happy when you’re with aishu…she is so beautiful na..childish too then.. Arvi says she is caring..then positive in everything.. Manu smile and say I see you in her..that Arvi who was knowing about positively is only thing in life..who didn’t leave it while you’re parents left you.. Arvi says shut up..please leave it.. Manu leaves from there..

Aishu is busy with laptop..manu come’s there .. She smiles..says hi.. He says aishu you are looking pretty in this dress.. She asks bro what you want? He says teach arvi how to smiles like you.. She laughs says ayyo I cant teach my stubborn boss.. He says he was like you sis but bcz of that Sindhu.. She asks who is Sindhu? He says she was Arvi’s first crush but after her death he became alone..then he left everything.. Aishu says but there are many girls na.. He asks can you be his girl? She gets shocked… He says please think of this..i know only you’re his medicine..you can make him smile forgetting it.. Aishu says but im orphan..i can’t manage to see his standards also.. He says love and care don’t want standards..asks don’t you like him..doesn’t he looks good? She says he is handsome..caring..look like a small boy when he smiles.. Manu says then cant you love him.. She says I don’t know..

He says you can think about it..don’t worry if he starts loving you..then you will be luckiest girl.. She smiles.. He leaves from there..
She smiles remembering about arvi..she says Arvi is best but I don’t know whether I love him.. He is so caring.. Remembers there hug and say aishu stop thinking about him.. Manu who was hearing her says if you don’t think about him then you won’t fall for him.. Now its Arvi’s turn.. He goes to Arvi’s cabin see him busy with work.. Manu says now stop work lets go to home.. Arvi nods ok.. They leave .. Aishu is working.. She stays at office till morning 7am.. She looks at watch and thinks thank god I completed work.. Manu comes to office at 9 and see aishu there .. She is sleeping on desk. He wakes up her and say good morning.. She says good night..im sleepy bhaiyya..gives him synopsis.. He reads it.. She is sleeping.. Arvi comes to office.. Manu gives him synopsis and say aishu didn’t go home all night ..

Arvi just nods ok..asks her to leave.. Manu say ok.. Arvi thinks she was not well yesterday but all night didn’t sleep also.. Manu smiles seeing him arvi lost and say you’re gonna fall for her.. Aishu goes home and take bath.. After that she prepare food..take it and leave for office.. Arvi is in her cabin..see her everywhere..he thinks she might be taking rest.. Then someone opens door he see its aishu.. She smiles and says good morning sir do you need anything.. He says I wanted files so checking out.. She nods ok..asks him will he have breakfast with her.. He says I had..you have.. She says just one spoon please.. She feeds him and ask how is it? He starts hiccups.. She pats on his back and say I love you.. His hiccups stops.. She smiles and say sorry sir I wanted to stop your hiccups.. He nods ok..
At night..

Aishu is sleeping on bed she turns side to side..but couldn’t sleep.. She thinks how she said I love you to arvi and bushes..says im going mad..im falling for him.. Other side.. Arvi is thinking about aishu..her words..her care..he thinks im falling for her.. Manu sees him lost and ask him are you thinking about aishu? Arvi nods yes.. Manu says bro don’t hide your feelings for her..she spreads happiness everywhere..but she don’t have anyone to make her smile heart full.. Arvi says but I don’t want her to go far from me..whomever I love they will leave me.. Manu says then you don’t love me.. Arvi says you’re my best friend.. Manu ask did i leave you? Arvi nods no.. Manu says like me she also not leave you..please think about it.. Arvi nods ok and leave for his room..
After one month…

Arshu are coming close to one another but both don’t have guts to express each other feelings.. Tapu comes to aishu’s office.. She is searching for her..but Manu collides with her.. They both smile seeing each other.. Aishu comes and hugs Tapu.. Say I was you monkey..dont you have time for me..you and your studies.. Tapu says cool down jaan..cool down.. Aishu smiles.. Tapu says my sweetheart what to do really this MBBS yaar.. Aishu ask about her parents? They both get busy with each other.. Arvi see’s aishu happiness for first time..her eyes are showing her happiness.. He see’s Tapu.. She asks bhaiyya you here? Arvi says this is my office ok.. Tapu introduce him to aishu as my Mr.prefect bro.. Aishu smiles and says he is my boss.. Tapu says you mean that boss and winks at her.. Aishu signs her to shut up.. Arvi observe them.. Aishu goes to work as Tapu is busy with Arvi.. She keeps telling about aishu and her friendship.. Arvi asks her what do you mean by that boss? Tapu says ill say but don’t ask her ok.. Arvi nods ok.. She says aishu is in love with her boss but she is not able to say that..when I came to know you’re her boss then I was so happy..in excitement I said off so.. Arvi smiles.. Tapu asks him do you like her? Manu replies arvi love her too.. Tapu says then say her na..her happiness will become double..she didn’t get love till now..please bro make her happy by saying it.. It’s her birthday tomorrow.. Manu say Arvi tomorrow you gonna propose her else.. Arvi nods ok.. Manu and tapu give hifi..
At night 12..

Arvi comes near aishu’s home.. He wishes her and ask her for drive.. She smiles seeing him.. He kiss her cheeks.. She stands still..touch her cheeks and say kiss.. He kiss her other cheeks.. She asks why did you kiss me? Not once but twice.. He says you only said kiss.. She says you kissed me earlier so I said kiss I didn’t ask to kiss me .. He says I thought so.. She asks who are you to kiss me? He asks you don’t know? She says you’re my boss..doesn’t mean you have rights to kiss me.. He smiles..and says I love you.. She says it doesn’t mean you have rights to kiss me.. He asks what did I say you? She says I love you..then realizes what she said..asks what? He says I love you too..

Precap: Arshu’s marriage .

Sorry pooja di without your permission I wrote this .. But what to do I love arshu.. To say I love your storyline it’s 100% better than tv serials..

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  5. Hey.. could you please let me know the episode in which aishu meets with an accident in the ff love after marriage. Thank you !! Sorry for troubling you.

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