Different ff …Love After Marriage (2 shots) last part


This is second part of love after marriage fiction.Hi friends thanks for commenting ..
Aishu is standing still.. Tapu and Manu are watching them from far. Tapu says come on aishu say something.. Arvi asks aishu to reply.. She says I don’t know..runs inside home.. Arvi thinks did I do any mistake.. Tapu comes to him and say go inside talk with her.. He goes inside..see her crying.. Sits on knee..cups her face and say sorry if you are hurt but I said what’s in my heart..adds I had cursh on Sindhu she left me..but when you came to my life you remained me myself..old arvi..you were like him whom I lost.. She keeps seeing his eyes.. He adds aishu say something.. She hugs him and say I love you too.. He asks her to repeat it.. She says I love you Arvi..i never expected you will love me..you were not speaking with me..you just took care me when I wasn’t well.. He says I was going far from you bcz I don’t want to lose you also..whomever I love in my life they will go away from me..i don’t have that strength to lose you.. She asks him why did you think ill go away from you? He says bcz I wasn’t knowing that you like me.. She says I love you.. He says sorry I mean you love me I was not knowing this..

They hug..
After 10 min.. They hear claps from door and look that side.. Tapu runs towards aishu and hug her say congrats jaan.. Aishu smiles… Manu also say congrats my sister.. Aishu thanks him.. Manu hugs Arvi and ask now shall I call her Bhabhi? Arvi says she is your sister..only and I love you sister.. Manu smile..say see I said you both that you’re made for each other.. Arshu thank him.. They all celebrate aishu’s birthday.. Manu signs tapu.. She says jaan mom called me shall I go? Aishu nods ok.. Manu says Arvi ill also go im feeling sleepy..in way ill drop tapu., Arvi says ok.. They both leave them.. Arshu are siting.. They both sleep in that position only..

Aishu wakes up..see that Arvi is sleeping..make him lie on sofa..get busy in cooking.. Then take bath..get ready in red salwar.. She smiles seeing herself in mirror.. Goes out wake up Arvi..ask him to fresh up.. He nods ok.. Aishu smiles..keep dishes on dinning table.. Manu come there.. Aishu says hi bhaiyya.. He asks where is Arvi? She says washroom.. He asks someone was so confused about their feelings na.. She smiles.. He says now they are blushing.. She takes knife and say please bhaiyya.. He asks you are giving warning or pleading? She smiles and say sorry.. Arvi comes there.. Manu gives him clothes and ask him to take bath..we can directly go to office.. Aishu smiles.. Manu says hello you also go get ready we should leave for office.. She says im ready.. Manu smiles and shows herself in mirror..says you’re ready na.. She as flour on face..smiles say ill come.. He says ok..goes to taste food prepared by her.. He says yaar till now arvi used to have in canteen or food made by cook..but now he will food that is filled with love and proper taste.. Arshu come out.. They all have breakfast.. Arvi and Manu leave for office.. She packs tiffin box and snacks..then check herself and then leave for office..
Aishu arrives at office.. She is shocked to see there are no one.. She checks for Manu and Arvi.. They are also not seen.. She goes to canteen.. Its closed..she opens it..smiles seeing everyone.. All wish her happy birthday.. She goes inside.. She cuts cake.. Arvi comes there..everyone become silent.. Manu signs aishu to see him.. Arvi comes near aishu.. She smiles.. All lights go off.. Lights are just focused on arshu.. Arvi seats on knees and ask aishu will you marry me? She standstill.. All ask her say yes.. Tapu make shake her.. Aishu nods yes.. Arvi hugs her.. All scream ohhh.. Congrats…

After one month… At register office ..
Arshu and Tanu(tapu and manu) with office staff..are waiting…for time to turn 10:35.. Its 10:33.. Tapu gives pen to arvi.. Manu is holding flowers.. Its 10:34.. Everyone start back count.. It’s 10:35 arvi signs in register..then followed by aishu.. Then they exchange varmala.. Everyone congratulate them.. Tanu says enough of this we should go to temple.. They all leave for temple.. After they reach.. Arshu marriage happens according to Hindu customs.. Then they leave for church.. There they get married according to Christian custom.. Arshu and Tanu leave for orphanage where aishu grew up.. They celebrate there..take elders blessings.. All are having tea.. Manu goes out.. Tapu follows him.. He is talking in phone.. She asks ready? He nods yes.. Both go inside..say arshu..we think you both should leave for home.. Arvi says no we all have dinner together then we will leave.. Aishu says yea.. Tanu see each other and say no go..we all some work ok.. Arshu leave for home.. Tanu smiles..
Arshu reach home..

Arvi asks aishu shall we go inside.. She nods.. He lifts her and take inside.. She smiles.. Arvi says you look so thin but you’re heavy..? She says no im correct to my weight..im 53kgs for 5.4.. He smiles and say then.. She says Arvi.. He asks which dress size you wear? She says I won’t say..i don’t have parents but I know what should tell to boys and what not.. He asks what you shouldn’t tell guys? She says size,weight,periods related dates..then..she realizes what she said him and blushes.. He says you can say all these to your hubby.. She says but you’re also a guy na.. He asks really? How do you know? She says by your gender.. He asks how? With smile.. She understands what he was talking about..and blushes.. He says you look like apple when you blush.. She smiles.. They have there dinner.. Aishu is washing vessels.. He comes near her.. Hugs her from back.. She smiles..

He says I have many to do this work..you have to just take care of me and yourself.. She says but I like to do this.. He asks you love me na? She nods yes.. He gives her a gift and ask her to change.. She nods ok.. Opens it finds saree.. She locks at him..say that…he asks what happened? She says I don’t know to wear this.. He says but you wore it on your birthday pic which you showed me.. She says tapu’s mom.. He smiles and say you could have practiced.. She says Arvi tomorrow ill wear it.. He nods ok.. She says tomorrow you should go to office go sleep.. He asks did you ever see in any movie that married couple sleep? She says yea.. He asks on there wedding day itself? She says no..they show couple go inside room..then they kiss each other..switch off lights.. Morning in room clothes are thrown here there.. Girl comes out wake up her hubby.. See Arvi listening to her with smile.. He asks shall I say what will happen after that? She nods ok.. He lifts her and take to room..they see it’s fully decorated with flowers,candles.. He makes her stand in front of mirror.. Their eyes meet ..

He says I want you to see how beautiful you look in my eyes.. He makes her see her image in mirror.. He slowly remove her jewellery..he kiss her neck.. She closes her eyes..in some time she sense her pallu is removed then her blouse knots.. She says please..turns back and hugs him.. He says my wife doesn’t like room to be dirty..so let me keep it clean.. Make her stand little far from him..remove his shirt..she closes her eyes and say it’s ill clean room.. He says no..I don’t increase her work.. She hugs him and say please..Arvi don’t make me die bcz of shyness.. He says I love to see you blushing.. She kiss his lips.. He holds her…. Their kiss turns into smooch.. Both are breathing heavily.. He says I don’t care about dirtiness I was you now..lifts her and take to bed..

He says I thought my wife is perfect in work but now I came to know she is good kisser also.. She blushes.. He make her lie on bed.. She takes pillow and keep in centre of them.. He says you.. She smiles.. He throws pillow and hugs her..make her lie on him..remove her blouse and lehanga.. She says you are bad.. He says you didn’t see my badness yet.. Turn off lights.. She smiles lie next to him.. He takes blanket and cover themselves..removes his pants..she says Arvi candles.. He says I want to see you blush whole night.. He kiss lips..then neck..then waist ..he kiss her belly button..she closes her eyes and press his head towards her body.. He smiles..goes down..he slowly tickle her ..she laughs..he kiss her legs..then foot.. She smiles.. Her breathing becomes heavy..as moves up her body.. She holds pillow tightly.. He stops.. She opens her eyes.. Looks at him..he winks..he try entering her..she screams bcz of pain.. He diverts her by kissing her..then enter her completely.. She screams loudly..start crying.. He hugs her and make her breath..with time her pain reduce.. He fully take charge of her body.. Her anklet’s sound is heard..then after a while..tears fall from her eyes..she feels she is women..hugs him and sleep..
After 3 months..

Arshu are sleeping on bed..she suddenly wakes up runs inside washroom.. He gets up bcz of sound of her anklets..and washroom door.. She comes out..she is looking tried.. He goes towards her and ask what happened? She suddenly falls on ground.. He make her lie on bed.. Call Tapu and say about aishu.. She comes after 1 hr..checks what happened to aishu.. Arvi is standing outside room..manu is also there.. Tapu comes out with sad face.. Arvi and Manu ask what happened? Tapu says bhaiyya you getting promoted and Manu you too.. They say we are only boss in our company where we can more promoted.. She says idiots..bhaiyya you are gonna be dad and you Manu uncle.. Both asks what? She says aishu is pregnant.. Manu lifts her and spins her.. She says stop stop idiot.. Arvi is still in shock.. Manu hugs him and say congrats…arvi..you gonna be dad.. Arvi says thank you..he goes inside..see aishu sleeping.. Tanu ask him to take care of her and leave from there.. Aishu wakes up after 2hrs.. Arvi as completed all house works..he is siting staring at her.. She sees him ready and say sorry I wasn’t well I couldn’t wake up..

He says its ok..tapu had come and she said you should take rest. She says im okay..ill get ready and prepare breakfast .. He makes her sleep..and say don’t dare to step down from bed.. She asks why? He asks you didn’t say me that you missed your monthly cycle.. She says some time it happens what’s there to tell about it.. He says you’re really kiddo only.. She says im not.. He says ya you’re not bcz you’re gonna be mother.. She asks what? He says you’re pregnant.. She sits alert on bed..and keeps her hand on stomach say me mom?me pregnant.. Arvi says you’re pregnant..you didnt know about it huh? Didn’t you’re teach you about it? She sees him and say im orphan ok.. He says don’t dare to call yourself orphan ok..youre my wife..my kid’s mom..you’re Manu’s sister..ok.. She says tapu’s Bhabhi also.. He hugs her and say from now onwards you don’t come to office..ill ask Tapu to send any nurse to take care of you.. She nods ok.. Both hug each other.. Then he makes her have food..

After 7 months..
Tapu and Manu have got married.. All are waiting for Aishu’s baby.. At hospital.. Arshu are waiting for doctor.. Tapu and her senior come out.. Aishu’s 8th month pregnancy check up is going on.. Suddenly she gets pain.. Tapu’s senior says she as got labour pain.. They take to operation theatre.. Aishu keeps holding Arvi’s hand.. Tapu asks senior whether arvi can be allowed inside? Senior nods ok.. After 25min.. Aishu gives birth to boy.. Then a girl.. Tapu takes babies for intensive care..as they are prematured.. But senior asks her to clean and bring them back..bcz they are perfectly fine.. Arvi is holding aishu’s hand.. Aishu is sleeping.. They shift her to normal ward.. After 2hrs she gets conscious.. See’s arvi hands in her hand remember how she held his hand before going inside theatre.. He see her and smile.. She says baby.. He says no babies.. She asks what? He says one boy and one girl.. She tries to sit but Tapu comes there and say to take rest.. She shows her babies.. Arshu smile seeing them.. Tapu says arvi Aishu can’t become pregnant once again.. He says we have two kids those are enough for us.. Aishu smiles.. Arshu hug.. Tanu say them to wait till they go out… Aishu says Manu bhaiyya.. All smile.. Nurse comes inside with dob certificate from.. She asks about babies name.. Arvi says we only decided for girl.. And says pari.. Aishu asks Tanu to say a name for boy baby.. They say together Arya ..from Aishwarya.. Arshu say Pari from parishith.. Manu ask them shall we take a selfie? Aishu holds Arya and arvi holds Pari.. Tapu is next to aishu and Manu next to Arvi.. They take a selfie..
Happy ending..

Wish you all like it.. I just tried my best..thank you for reading my two shots for my best fiction couple “ARSHU” ..

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  1. wow awesome pls start new ff dear

  2. I’ll ask pooja di permission and write second season. I love Arshu soo much ???

  3. Wow superb I couldn’t comment yesterday I luved I also luv arshu dey r 1 of my fav couple I really luv dad m thanks for such a beautiful story kavya u n ur story is awsum

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