Different FF….Why you Cared for me? Intro and part 1


Why you Cared for me?


Gadodia Family

Deendayal Gadodia (Grandfather of Swara and Ragini)
Parvati Gadodia (Grandmother)
Shekhar , Sharmishtha Gadodia (Parents)
Swara Maheshwari
Ragini Maheshwari

Maheshwari Family
Durgaprasad & Annapurna Maheshwari (Dp & Ap)
Ramprasad & Sujata Maheshwari
Laksh Maheshwari (Ragini’s Husband, Dp& Ap son)
Sanskar Maheshwari (Swara’s Husband, Rp & Sujata’s Son)
Uttara Maheshwari (Younger sister of Sanskar)
Aadarsh & Parinita Maheshwari (elder son and DIL of Dp & Ap)

Part 1
The story start from the night when everybody in house got to know about Ragini’s evil deeds…

Gadodia family is going back to their home after the end of drama where Durga Prasad announced Lakshay and Ragini’s divorce along with Swasan…on the request of Sujata.

Shekhar asked Swara to accompany them. Swara takes blessings of elder before leaving and everyone wishes her a good life ahead and thanks her for bringing the truth out.

Swara comes to Lakshay. Lakshay has a pain in his eyes for not trusting Swara and guilt of marrying Ragini in his anger.

Lakshay: Swara….I know….. I do a mistake of not trusting you and believing that video. I am really very sorry. I hope you forgive me someday for my mistake.

Swara: Its ok Lakshay….I already forgive you and I don’t have any issue with you. But I want something from you.
L: Please Swara tell me what you want? I will even give my life to you.

S: No Lakshay I don’t want your life…I just want you to give one more chance to Ragini…she is not bad…she just do that because she loves you…

Swara fold her hands to request everyone in house to forgive Ragini and accept her as their bahu (Daughter-in-law)..
Everyone is shocked.

DP: Swara….I respect you for what you did for my family…but the thing you are asking on behalf of it, is not right. We can’t forget what Ragini did?

Anu..: yes Swara he is right.

Ragini is also looking towards Swara in shock…she realize in her heart what she did to her loving sister…just for her love. Sujata in shocked said to herself… “ye Swara ab kya krna chah rhi hai (What is she upto now?)”.

Lakshay: No Swara no….it can never happen…I can’t forgive her. What she did is not mistake it was a sin…she makes a joke of marriage.

Shekhar: yes Swara…Lakshay is right..

Dadi: Dekh Chori…Ragini galat hai mai manu…jo tere sath hua vo galat tha…par jo tu eb khe rhi hai vo bhi na ho ske….(Look girl, Ragini is wrong…what happened to you is also wrong but the thing you are asking for is also wrong and can never happen)

Sarmistha: Shona….is saying right I am with her in her decision. Marriage is not a joke…we can’t break it just by signing a piece of paper.

Swara: And moreover we should not forget that Ragini doesn’t force Lakshay to marry her…its his decision to marry her. And whatever Ragini did..? the worst she did with me…if I can forgive her than…I thought you all can also forgive her.

Lakshay is so helpless…he don’t know what to do now and how to react over Swara’s demand. He was also shocked on her behavior. He feels that Swara is punishing him for not trusting her.

Sanskar is just watching the scene in state of dilemma whether to support Swara today or not.

Credit to: Aditi

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  1. I may be wrong or right but I feel I read it somewhere.

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    1. Of course..I will try to..

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