“difference b/w LIKE and LOVE” (intro)

This story is very close to my heart…. its my first fanfic so i want ur support guys…
SWARA DIWAN: comes frm educated fmly, simple yet beautiful , good in studies and most imp had a CRUSH on LAKSH

LAKSH MAHESHWARI: hot and happening guy, bst frnd of swara , unfortunately have a gf , average in studies..
RAGINI ROY: a book worm , a very simple girl , dont believe in luv kind of stuff.
SHELLY MALHOTRA: full of life , very cute , tough to understand… very good in studies.
AP&DP : parent of laksh
sharmistha and shekhar:
parents of ragini.
kavya & kishor : parents of swara
smita & shyam: parent of shelly..

PRANJALI MEHTA : GF of laksh , ( nothing to tell about her) he only likes her becuz she is very pretty. ( played by monika singh of tpk)
she is jealous if swara . …

Shelly: played by shiny doshi….

Can’t reveal about pairs it can ve swalak or swasan….
but it would nit be raglak ( srry to raglak fans)
coming to ragsan : i cant even imagine them…

whrre is sanskar????
to know plzz read the story…
plz do cmnt…..

Credit to: avishya


  1. Honey

    If u dnt like ragsan then dnt pair them
    y r u saying i cant imagine them
    if u dnt like then u wrote swasan
    dont dare to say one word about ragsan

    • Varsha

      You are correct honey but pls dnt cmnt lik tis instd dnt read ff of swara as i als dont read.

    • Hey dear honey … She didn’t tell any thing wrong abt rags an .. She just told dt she can’t imagine dem as a couple wt is wrong abt…. Everyone have der on likes and dislikes… She don’t even try to bash dt couple…. So nothing wrong with her

  2. kaira

    why u said that u can’t even imagine rgsan its ur choice whom ever u pair but i would still request for ragsan…..

  3. Anu

    Nice yr plz make swasan nd even I cant imagine ragsan yr nd plz continue your story atleast for those who like it if u not continue it….its means u r giving importance to bashers so plz continue

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