Did you like Piya Rangrezz on Life OK?

Set against the UP backdrop, it’s a new show. Bhanvari Devi is a don, who forcibly wants to get her son married to gorgeous Shraddha. Shraddha absconds from her house to escape from her marriage. Bhanvari tortures Shraddha’s family. Shraddha’s well-wisher, Sher Singh rescues her from the miscreants. Sher Singh, a powerful young man, is madly in love with Shraddha. He claims that he will do anything to win her love. When loves becomes an obsession, it becomes deadly. Sher Singh’s love turns dangerous for Shraddha.

Piya Rangrezz replaced Laut Aao Trisha and took the weekday 21:00 slot on Life Ok. The show stars Gaurav S Bajaj, Kritida Mistry and Narayani Shastri and is produced by Sphere Origins. Sher Singh is raised by his mother alone. His mother is a very powerful woman Bhanvri Devi, she is like a godmother who runs her business of a country liquor. She has given her son all the powers and supremacy because of which he has become fearless. Sher Singh is very egoist and has a care damn attitude person and whatever he wants, he get it for himself by any means. He falls in love with a simple girl Shraddha, and can go to any extent to get her. But the girl doesn’t love instead she is scared of his power and arrogance. Bhanvri Devi who cannot see her son mad behind something and not able to get it, will use her awful way to destroy that thing. Will Shraddha accept his love for her or not, forms the story of the show. Did you like this new show on Life Ok? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. wow its a power pack show. It reflects the society of UP.

  2. This serial reminds gunaho ka devta serial

  3. In such serials,dons become villain.but here hero.

  4. I have started to really love this show!!!!!!!!

  5. Yesss,i lv ths show.

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