Did you like Mere Angne Mein by its start?


Shanti Devi heads the orthodox Shrivastav family. Raghav is her obedient son, who does not value money and can do anything for his mother. He believes whatever his mother tells him and does not need any other proof to testify Shanti’s words. Shanti Shanti wants her family to follow her rules. Shanti is over concerned about Sarla, her daughter, who exploits her for money. Shanti loves Sarla a lot and makes her daughter in law Kaushalya work hard all the time. Shanti always keeps taunting Kaushalya and spoils Raghav’s mind against his wife and children.

Shivam, Nimmi and Preeti are Raghav’s children. They are also bound to obey their Shanti. Nimmi spills the beans about Pari losing her job, upsetting Pari’s mother, Sarla. Shanti compels Nimmi to apologise to Pari and Sarla. Shanti acts to commit suicide and makes Kaushalya and Nimmi fall in her feet. Riya hits on Shivam on their first day at their new job. Nimmi’s mother, Kaushalya, pleads with Shanti to hide the incident from Raghav. Sarla and Pari pretend to be concerned about Shanti. Riya tries to share her feelings to Shivam, but fails. Shanti provokes Raghav against his family. Raghav is infuriated and yells at them. Nimmi tells the truth to Raghav that Shanti took vitamin tablets, instead sleeping pills. Shanti acts innocent and says she is illiterate so does not know the difference. Kaushalya is upset due to Raghav’s behaviour. Raghav forgives Kaushalya as he can’t live without her. What do you think about Star’s new show Mere Angne Mein? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. I just can’t believe people like this exist? A man without a head. Stupid, silly Nazi era. Which world are they from?

  2. such a manipulative show…if one watches d show 4 five min,dat person will go mad…!! bullshit!

  3. i cant watch this show for more than 10 mins… so damn irritating… shanti and sarla character are unbearable…. storyline very unrealistic…

  4. I dont like d show,it shows a lot of -vevity. where in some daily soaps trying to show d value of joint family n family emotions n elderly respect n their unconditional luv 2wards der childrens. Bt dis show focuses on somethng else. I jst hate dat soap,itzzz so irritating.

  5. This story, like other stories, is about how bad some family members act against the rest of the family members. This is bad example. Why cant the story be that one family unitedly fight the bad people from another family?. This will give viewers that each family should stay united. Please dont show stories where Indian families are made to think that doing bad things is the norm. Watching these dramas dont give entertainment, but only frustation.

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