Did you like Gaura’s entry in Saath Nibhana Saathiya?


Saath Nibhana Saathiya has got a new entry, Vandana Pathak. Kokila’s old friend turned foe Gaura has entered the Modi mansion. Gaura is trying to be friendly with Koki, but she has entered the Modi Bhavan to take her revenge from Kokila. Kokila feels guilty of some past event. Gopi and Kokila take the proposal of Meera’s marriage for Gaura’s grandson. Gaura who has a hidden secret accepts Kokila’s proposal and selects Meera as the bride for her grandson.

Kokila’s childhood friend Gaura is leaving no chance to insult Kokila by her tricks. Gopi and Kokila asks Vidya to convey the message of Meera’s proposal to Meera. Vidya, Tolu and Molu are scared of Meera’s reaction for the proposal. Meera reaches home in bike and scares everyone at home. She tries to make Gaura realise that Meera is not the right girl for her grandson. Gopi and Kokila, who want Meera to be in her limits as she is going to get married now, will be worried about Gaura’s decision. Gaura’s demands of ideal bahu meets with Meera’s character. Gaura accepts Meera and she gets shocked. Gaura gives the Shagun Chunri to Meera. Meera burns it by her plan to get the proposal cancelled. Meera thinks that her family members along with Gaura are planning to ruin her life. Gaura gets suffocated with the fire smoke. Meera thinks Gaura will end alliance. Gaura will be bringing more shocks for Kokila and her family. Did you like Gaura’s entry in Saath Nibhana Saathiya?

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  1. Another show which has been dragged for months…What else is remaining?

  2. too bore plz change the story line plz very hater charater…

  3. her overacting is killing the viewers

  4. slowly the serial is becoming worst. They should stop this kind of family nonsense for some time and shift the story to business area

  5. Megha s kumar

    Stupid serial…..plz end this bakwaas serial…..

  6. This is just losing its track and getting boring day by day

  7. no not at all … hate her entry…

  8. agree with all of your comments most irate programme- silly story lines one problem ends then another one starts, it on and on Gopi and Kokila the do gooders make you mad. all the evil people always manage to evesdrop on everyones conversations all these dramas are the same drag on and on the useless story lines.- full of nasty characters . kinjal the daughter is too much, she is selfish is an undersattement , uncaring person.

  9. Programmes like this sould be banned! This is not how a “Traditional Indian Family” based in India should be protrayed. Especially to the western world.

    Off course you want to see a drama occuring in the serial’s otherwise it would be boring. but c’mon please make it realistic, respetful and meaningful.

    Someone save this show!!!!

  10. Where is the gents in a family

  11. Mad woman.she is unbearable.and the way she takes her friendship. Aaaargh

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