Did you like entry of Sid’s lookalike in Jamai Raja?

Zee Tv’s Jamai Raja had a recent big change in the track, wherein the lead Sid has died in the show. As per the current track, Roshni was warned about Shabnam. Shabnam then captured Roshni and Sid. DD gets a call informing her about Roshni. Roshni has been taken by Shabnam and is now waiting for DD. However when Roshni comes to her senses, she searches for Sid. During a fight between them, Shabnam shoots Sid. Sid falls off the cliff and has flashbacks of his time with Roshni.

Sid’s death shatters Roshni. Roshni gets emotionally broken and recalls the best moments they had spent together. Sid’s family too is emotionally shattered and are still unaware that Shabnam had killed Sid. Simran could not accept Sid’s death and angrily blames Roshni for Sid’s death. Roshni is stunned hearing what Simran had just said. Simran declares that Roshni is not her daughter-in-law and ends their relation with Roshni. Roshni begins her life with Ayesha. She gets Ayesha to see Ramleela play. Sid’s lookalike will pass by Roshni and not come face to face with her. Do you like the new entry of Sid’s lookalike? Let us know whether this track made your interest high or low in the show. You may also leave comments.


  1. Plumpyyy

    Love SidNi!! Sid is the best!! His sense of humour!! His charming smile!! The lookalike character cannot replace sid!! Though,ravi roxz

  2. zp

    The real Sid had class. He was too classy, handsome, charming, etc. I hope the look alike character turns out to be the real Sid, who survived the fall from the cliff, lost his memory, and is found by some tapori who gives him shelter, and thus this new changeover of a paan chewing Sid. He should get back his memories and be united with Roshni and then destroy Shabnam. That would be sacchai ki jeet, and Jooth ka vinaash !!

  3. amna

    yes obviously we like sid entry but hope he would be real sid not his copy plzzzzzz I love ravi nia Jodi best couple ever in world they are awesome boss*m couple hope they would be real life couple 🙂 🙂

  4. Writers pls change the show itne mast show ko itna bakwaas krdia siddharth was the best not raghu
    Raghu should turn out to be sid hope so

  5. Is raghu sid’s punar janam??
    Now this raghu won’t remember roshni and roshni tries hard to make him remember
    Just like sanam didn’t remember ahil

  6. Fan's

    Nobody can beat Sid’s character even though its same person. Pls don’t change Sid and mess the serial….Sid and Roshini pair is awesome.

  7. angel

    Sss.. I too feel lookalike is sid himself n not Raghu.. Waiting to see sid with his old charming personality.. To kick sabhnam out..

  8. yashvora

    disgusting if they try to mess up sidni

    memory loss can b a cause as sid can’t see his family especially roshni in such a pain that too for a long time

    if its simply another guy then – r u serious ?

    hopefully waiting that is turn out 2 a irritating twist with still d real sid staying with roshni at d end

  9. Fatima

    if Raghu and Rossini end up falling in love and raghu turns out to act just like the real Sid I don’t care I will always know it’s not the real Sid please don’t do that to the show cmon so much people will stop watching th eschew plz change the script

  10. Kim

    Please don’t let Raghu be Sid not a good ideal, Sid & Roshni r a beautiful, funny, charming, loving, spiritual, family couple, please return the old Sid, thanks

  11. xavier

    Is this supposed to be a question ??? What a dumb stupid idea. OFCOURSE THE REAL SID WAS THE BEST AND WILL FOREVER BE.. the fake Sid knows absolutely nothing about their lives and how to solve the puzzles left behind.. you writers are such a.s.s.h.o.l.e.s. You all just like to RUIN a perfectly good ahow. to HELL with you and this fake look a like nonsense. !!!!!!!.
    #WeWantTheRealSidBackPlease #NoJamaiRajaWithoutTheRealHeroSiddharth

  12. sneha

    Yes…….. we want our old sid back. Please.. no more excuses. Other wise jamai raja will lose its fan followers.

  13. hamdiroon

    Crap…memory loss in every serial…Don change the real sid

    shabnam story to b over soon n nany back to her feet,thats wen am ganna watch!

  14. Fay

    Looks like another crappy story line. I hope it’s not another amnesia story line! That seems like a staple in these Indian soaps. Can the writers get more creative? I’ve said it before – these writers are creatively bankrupt.

  15. sapna

    Sid touches me and hes the best better then raghu but we will see wht happen nexti hope sid a.k.a ragu get united with his wife n his parents n they accep roshni again as theyr bahu and dd get released and shabnam gets blamed for it all and dies in hell

  16. Plumpyyy

    After have watching the promo, i guess raghu is sid! It seems so.. But whatever.. Ravi dubey roxz!! Love his phenomenol acting which makes the characters alive!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.