Happy Father’s Day to all fathers of the world.As u know today is Father’s Day so all just pray for him from heart.So here it’s a diary written by a cute lovely daughter somo about her father n one character from IB will be there.to know read more.

Note to somo

Somo I could not give a birthday gift but this idea popped up n I thought to make u the daughter.hope u like it.


Somo opened her diary n write DAD I MAY FIND MY PRINCE BUT U WILL ALWAYS BE MY KING.
Dad I have always felt that u r not my dream dad.i dream my dad to be lovable playing with me but u r n was strict with me.U didn’t allow me to use social media when all in school used to do group studies in whatsapp I can’t do it .all happen in the class group they post timetables homeworks they remind things n all I always feel sad that I can’t be part of it n enjoy it but u never cared about it u always scolded me if I talk about it u get angry.i thought u r imperfect dad.

When we were going to school in bike some boys called me Hii baby.Its was my first time that some boy it was weird but I never saw his face or I gave him a reply I acted too normal the moment when u turned n gave him a death glare to him n u rided the bike in slow mode to make me feel good n to protect me I felt u r the perfect dad for me.

When u scold me for watching TV n using mobile on holidays I get angry on u like hell n the moments when u peep into phone I feel why is dad doubting me?? I feel he is not the dad I dreamed.

I even sometimes feel why God punished me with this dad I some times feel that why God just did just a sad thing with me.u r opposite to my dreams I always dreamt to become a chef but u wanted me not to do it .u want me to do it as a side course of I question u about it u say what will soceity say?? Who r those strangers who r going to judge me I am living for myself not for them.i know how u struggle to make us learn but I want to live my dreams but for all u did for me I will fulfil your wish n will take up cooking in side course.

U often say me whenever u see a child that when I was a child u use to carry me on shoulders n would take me to walk.there when I see beggars I used to see them n press your shoulder with my hand to give her something if I don’t I use to do what they do in home n get money from mom n give.u often say u were a good child when u were small I don’t know what happened now.

There was a pic where u carry me on hands n I didn’t wear a pant just a top n underwear I feel embrassed when I see it but u often take it n show me.
I really feel embrassed but u like that pic.i often feel why u do it but just today I got my answer.

U often say when I see a child I am just longing to carry them i feel like what do u mean but I leave.dad u often advise me for God sake they r tooooo boring but u never stop them.when mom scolds me u support me but when u n mom r on the same side I am dead n will get to see my angry crying version n I can see your ignorance version after some minutes.

Dad even your mom didn’t like me whom u loved to the core because I was a girl but u never hated me for that.u loved like all love their children but still I find u angry man.

I even call u hitler but u r the hitler who is lovable some time n angry most of the time.

Today u r not at home.i enjoyed using mobile TV eating shouting n all I didn’t miss u even for a second as I was happy as finally I am having one day of freedom but one just touched my heart.dad do u remeber Shakthi uncle who lives next to us whom I hate the most because she smokes n I hate smoke smell.i say an often he sees his mobile n smoke just now I got to know what was in his mobile.He was seeing the pic of his son shivaay who scolded him more n left him n went to abroad with his mom but it’s been years shivaay bhai would have never thought about his dad but he was seeing his pic daily.

Just that moment I felt how special u r to me dad n how special I am to u.when u said u liked to carry child I didn’t say I am still a small child it may be silly but I am still your small child dad.

I hated u for some thing which u do its for my good but I hated u.U know I may hate u for it u did only to make me feel sad now but I will smile If I follow in future.u know I will hate but u did it because u wanted your daughter to go in a correct path.


Love u dad??????


So somo u would wonder why I dedicated it to u its because I wanted to gift u I thought a story but it’s still thought process I have to make changes but when this idea came I thought my dad n your dad r not the same but all dads want his daughter to be good.thats why I dedicated to u.

U know I have mixed feeling about my dad.i love him sometime I hate him sometime I miss him some time n I don’t miss him sometime I get angry seeing sometime n I get happy seeing u sometime but still u r my king dad I love u.Its a personal letter which I want to post to my dad but I can’t say him openly just typing this gave lot of happiness to me.

It may not be a great OS but it’s an OS with feelings what I feel of my dad.

So what is your dad for u?? What do u feel about him?? Do u feel like me??i write This because however n whatever your dad is his don’t stop loving him.he may be good or bad but don’t stop loving him.if u stop then what’s the difference between u n him.its not to hurt anyone but all R not good in this world even my dad does wrong things but I just wanna say accept him n love him as much as u can.this world would be boring if all R good n disciplined.its not to hurt anyone but what u feel is the matter.Share them with me.N those who miss their fathers he is right beside u feel him how much distance he has gone he is right beside.

N sorry for the grammatical n spelling errors right now my dad is shouting that all day don’t use phone just keep but he doesn’t know I am typing about him not typing living with him n feeling his beautiful presence.

If u read plsss comment u can object my point also.

This is dedicated to somo n all fathers in this world n all daughters in this world.

Hope u all liked it.

With love

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  1. Daisy

    such a sweet daughter even my dad used to take me on shoulders and on his back and he loves me a lot you made my childhood memories to recolloect those were the perfect days always me and my dad on one side and my mother on one side it was too good and one thing is shakthi she or he anyways thank you so much i know u didnt dedicated to me but still thanks for recollecting memories

  2. Neha_Pheonix

    Ohh..rufi dear..So emotional, so true
    Really hats ? Off ????…
    Nice tribute on Father’s Day..I really loved it
    Well, regarding my Dad almost similar and ditto as you have expressed ….so strict, no time waste, study importance, but cares and loves me a lott!
    Again, a nice message conveyed
    Amazing and Awesome!
    Love ya !

    1. Neha_Pheonix


  3. Soumya85

    Wow bff it was amazing really loved it
    It’s like my dad he is strict but loves me a lot he is my idel and hero……he is really my king…..it connects to my real life….my father had suffered a lot from his childhood but never told about in he is a superhero for me h love my dad
    You have written very well
    Love u bff ??

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