The diary letter…A Shivika OS (Part-1)


Hey guys, I have never tried something of this kind…But I saw how Shivaay broke when he thought Tia was dead, not because he loved her, but because he failed to protect, live up to the expectations of being the saviour…So what will happen when…If Anika really gives him a piece of her mind…

Shivaay walked into his room feeling heavy, the previous day was so very eventful. He had again crushed his own heart by announcing Tia Kapoor as Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi, he could see Anika’s face go pale, Dadi’s shock & Omru, they had completely refused to even acknowledge his presence after that incident. Later Dadi had brought Anika to his room and asked them to be together. She was feeling different, she felt claustrophobic with him. When she planned to leave the room, he had walked out under the excuse of some work.

The real reason was that he, the great SSO couldn’t see the tired face of the girl who had made him go crazy. If they didn’t meet, the challenges, the fights, the makeups, the thank yous & sorrys, if they had’nt come from fighting against each other to fighting for each other, it would have been better. He couldn’t forget the pain & helplessness in her eyes, when she broke down in his arms. The scent of her’s lingering around him ‘chocolates & oranges’..hmm… Even after she broke his trust…He wanted to hurt her for hurting him, but it pained him more…

Shivaay came out from his trance, and looked around for her. She was not there, maybe she didn’t want to see anymore of him. Sighing he opened his cupboard, to find a file placed carefully over his clothes. There was a dairy over it…he opened it..reluctantly.

//Entry 1 :Horrible realisations

Engaged with Daksh..

Every time we were together, we fought, serious or not. I could make him change decisions. He would die for his brothers, just like me. He cared for me, when I was in trouble. I called in dishonour, just to save him. He got affected when I was hurt, I too felt the same. He told me his feelings unknowingly under the effect of medicines. It pained me when I saw him slid the ring on Tia’s finger. He could sense me. He came to check on me that day I was stalked, I felt at peace in his arms. He promised me that he was just a call away.

But it was all a lie, I heard him tell Om, that I was just a gold digger, an obsessed maniac who wanted to take the place of his greedy fiance who was cheating on him. It had happened earlier too, he had told everyone, that I was family, the next he had insulted me, but I forgavehim when he apologised, because deep in my heart I felt, he was mad at me, just, for not respecting his decision.He had given me ‘bakshish’ that too, through Tia…I had never felt so bad. I couldn’t love him, he didn’t deserve it.But I had deeply and gradually fallen for ‘him’.After all of this I wanted him to stop me from getting engaged to Daksh, but he, congratulated me, funny indeed…

He just sighed…

Entry 2 :Past comes haunting…Wedding night..

A note to Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi

I had suffered all my life, I do have glimpses of my childhood when I was living in some fairy land, but they are just blurred images. The deepest memory is that of big blast which left me struggling under ash & smoke for hours, until some help came. I remember myself & others kids being ignored an tortured for no fault of us, initially at the rehabilitation centre and later at the various orphanages. I continously found myself choked up by my own tears, locked up in dark dingy rooms like a criminal. I still have that that fear of darkness, something that can still scare me along with the haunting memories that came back crumbling me. I still become hyper, rocking back & forth, my breathing slows down & I even faint.

He wiping his sweat beads, continued with the debacle…

I had even be locked up for a week, without food or water, accidentally or not, does it even make a difference?? But still, I survived, because there was more in store for me.

When Sahil’s parents adopted me, I thought that my life had taken a positive turn, ‘the calm before the tempest’. Everything was going well, until when fate again started laughing wickedly at me. That accident took away his parents and left him crippled. To add fuel to fire, his bua came in, staying with us, just eyeing his property. I wouldn’t leave him alone in her cruel hands, so she tortured me. Burning my skin, making me do all jobs in the house, and what not, she even tried to sell me..

Shivaay clenched his fists in anger..

But I didn’t give up, I didn’t want what happened to me, to happen with Sahil. I worked hard, so that I can give him good education. It was difficult, but I was happy, content. But then came in, the worst of it all. He, the rich spoilt brat, who turned my world upside down, just to make his ego win. Thanks to Dadi, in spite of losing everything I won, but I lost my heart to him.

He read the phrase again & again to make sense to it, was he just hallucinating??..

Entry 3: A reception for ‘us’

I know..there will be no ‘us’ but still for the sake of it, I hope Pinky aunty doesn’t die because his son forcefully married an Anika no name just to save their so called family family reputation. Hah…not my point.

I find something seriously wrong with Daksh, yeah my doubt of he being the stalker was kind of right. Rudra had helped me, to interpret some medical prescriptions, he is a psycho, with some OCD..ehh, how many of them will I have to deal with..Now I feel I’m kind of a psycho because I’m joking around..when my life is a mess. I’m not informing my so called ‘husband’ because he will not buy any of that..

Entry 4: Eve of ‘our’ reception..

I had agreed at Dadi’s insistence, but I was nervous, but as if he knew, he called up Tia. I felt like a loser. Now we had to share the same room for Dadi, but he had left, for good.

I remembered his words, that had been ringing in my ears for the past few days. Yes, I had awakened the beast in him. How could he use Sahil against me??…when OmRu was his life. Oh, I loved him…I loved a beast, no I loved my billuji, but now I can’t find him. With Tia’s return my last hopes have faded…

Entry 5: Today morning..

Ok…I thought of writing a letter, but couldn’t…so I’m leaving this for you. It do contain too much of details, but feel free, to read just as much as you want or to ignore it as a whole. I have written a note for dadi, clearly stating my unwillingness to accept you or your surname, as she already knows the entire scenario of our marriage, I hope she’ll be able to accept it. If you have read the above entries, then you would have understood, that I had feelings for you, but that doesn’t mean that I’m weak or is willing to make an emotional fool of myself.Now don’t think of blaming me for anything, because I’m least interested to play the estranged wife to you (or the so called onscreen bahu). What you need is, present in the file, do take a look..

Signing off

Anika No Surname (I never needed one)


Shivaay closed the book with a thud, he couldn’t come out of all that just happened. She had openly confessed his love for him, detailed her sufferings, the extend of hurt, he had caused her and even a possibility of Daksh thing being false…

He opened the file, to find their divorce paper on which she had ‘SIGNED’…

Weak knees, blurring vision, something wetting his cheeks…had she..really..left..him alone??

Please leave your valuable comments…chamelis & chandinis are also welcome, I would love to write a sequel to this one..Please tell if you want it..

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