Hey there! I’m back with last and final shot of THE DIARIES – OUR LIFE SAVIOURS! I’m extremely apologetic for the delay caused! Had been really busy…hope you all understand…so let us begin….

Dev and Sonakshi stood shocked and stared at each other.
Dev: (angrily) You! You were trying to steal my diary, huh? What do you think of yourself?
Sonakshi: Oh c’mon Dev! It was you who was trying to steal my diary so please ‘hands off’!
Dev: Have you lost it? That diary belongs to my love. True love. And you thought you’d be able to steal it?
Sonakshi: I’m pretty sure now that you certainly have lost it. My diary is the one which reveals all the secret of my true soulmate and you were trying to peek in them, weren’t you?
Dev: Oh please! Out of a million people on land, you think I’d steal something from you? What do you even have worth stealing?
Sonakshi: Uhhh! As if you would go and steal Ambani’s stuff or hack his bank account! Look at yourself, can’t even take care of your own so called ‘diary-belonging-to-true-love’ and then blaming me for it, huh? You think it’s really funny? But for your kind information, I don’t find it funny at all!
Dev: You know what Khargosh, you consider yourself to be great. Khargosh the great.
Sonakshi: Oye Aubhodro! You might be very but it’s all of no use if you don’t know how to talk to people with respect! Wonder why God sent you on earth! I guess to either hack Ambani’s bank account or to irritate me!
Dev: Trust me, I’d rather hack Ambani’s bank account than irritating you!
Sonakshi: Ya, ya. As if I’d leave all those zillions of dollars and run to you just for the sake of teasing you!
Both Dev and Sonakshi: Argggggh!
Dev: Khargosh!
Sonakshi: Aubhodro!
Both Dev and Sonakshi: Wait, what????!
Sonakshi: How dare you call me Khargosh, huh? Aubhodro, if you do not know, then let me tell you that I have a proper name. Sonakshi Bose. Or atleast Sonakshi. Actually, you should be calling me ‘Respected Sonakshi Bose’, however, I forgive you and give you the permission to just call me Sonakshi. Nothing more and nothing less. Get it? (smirks)
Dev: First of all, you just called me Aubhodro and you want be to call you by your proper name? Impossible! Besides, even I have a proper full name if you hadn’t known earlier. Dev Dixit. And I grant you the permission to call me Dev. Nothing more and nothing less.
Sonakshi: Arghhh! You just replaced my name with your name and nearly said the same thing!
Dev: Haaawww! Looks like someone’s getting mad! Khargosh, Khargosh, Khargosh, Khargosh! How’s that then? (smirks)
Sonakshi: Aubhodro, Aubhodro, Aubhodro! I think mines better (smirks back).
Dev: (irritated) Ahhhhhh! Hate You
Sonakshi: (getting mad) As if I love you!

Dev picked up one diary in frustration and the moment he opened the first page of the diary, he stood still. Sonakshi was confused by his behaviour but didn’t give a damn and picked up the other diary. The moment she opened it, she stood still as well. Both of their faces became as pale as possible. They dropped the diaries in shock.
Yes, they’d picked up their own diaries this time. They’d realised that the person whom the were madly in love with and even now, had been in front of them all this while. Would it be the same if the names had been mentioned on the respective diaries? Maybe not. In this case, they both had fallen for each other, well aware of each other’s flaws, unaware of each other’s name, looks or title. All they knew was that they were deeply in love with writer of the diary who was now right in front of them. Tears started flowing from both Sonakshi’s and Dev’s eyes. Thick tears indeed.
Sonakshi: (trying her best to gather up words) De..D.Dev…
Dev: (he too tried to stop crying) S…Sona..Sonakshi…
And that was it. None of the two could manage another word and they quickly ran to each other and fell into each other’s embrace. How wonderful it felt for the two of them! It seemed as if this was all they wanted from their lives. Their tears weren’t of sorrow bit of happiness
Dev: (still hugging her) I’m so sorry Sonakshi. But trust me, I love you. A lot and a lot.
Sonakshi: (continuing their hug) No Dev! No need to apologise. It was my mistake as well. Besides, it’s Khargosh for you! I love you too Aubhodro!
Dev: Yeah, Khargosh the carrot-eater! Isn’t it wonderful? (lets go of Sonakshi and looks into her eyes)
Sonakshi: Devu!!!
Dev: Atleast not this one!!!
Dev and Sonakshi soon informed their family members that they’d finally found their true soulmates and to their delight, both the families were satisfied with the choice made by the kids and approved of their relationship. To Sonakshi’s surprise, her Mamaji apologised for all their bitter relations in the past and asked if they could start it all over again. He promised her that he’d treat her as their own daughter to which Sonakshi gleefully agreed.
Life was all set then for the two. They both were one. Their families were one. Dev’s family was getting yet one more addition while Sonakshi’s family was building up again. Most importantly, the two dear best buddies, Sonakshi and Nikita were going to live under the same roof, together yet once again.
Fate had been grateful to Nikita. It’d been kind to Dhruv. It definitely was a support and guide for Dev. But most importantly, it had simply been wonderful for our dear Sonakshi who’d now happily turned Khargosh. Despite the dismissal of her parents, bitter relations with relatives in the past, all her other worries and troubles and of course, the tough time she had to go through to find her true love, Dev, life had been amazing to her. Actually, she’d been amazing in life all this while. She had her own tactics for all its games.
It was the marriage day today. In fact, a double marriage. Nikita and Dhruv on one hand and Sonakshi and Dev on the other. Life was perfect for all the four now. And they hoped it’d continue the same and it sure did!
‘I love recalling those golden days, don’t you Dev?’ Asked our dear Sonakshi. It’d been 2 years since their marriage now.
‘Yes, of course. Especially the day when the biggest secret of our lives was disclosed,’ replied Dev.
‘Those diaries truly were our life saviours,’ said Sonakshi with tears of happiness flowing from her eyes.
‘Khargosh,’ Dev came to her side and wiped off her tears, ‘you’re my fighter and I’ve not seen fighters crying except for when they win.’
‘And I have won, Dev. I’ve won from all those who opposed. I won from the tough times of life to get you. What victory could possibly be greater than that for me?’
‘Same pinch!’
The two looked into each other’s eyes and smile. And continued to do so for the rest of their lives.

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  12. Caira

    It was a darling wala cutie wala perfect lovestory… i loved it specially the start when they keep fighting and afterwards when they see their diaries….!!! Great writing.. and for me happy reading….!!
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    1. Hey Caira!!
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    It was the sweetest love story ever……..
    They didn’t even meet, but fell in love with each other..
    Too good!!!!
    Lots and lots of love…??
    Write another fs or os soon.
    And for ur ff, do post the next part soon?

    1. Hey Niki di!!!
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      I'll surely try to come up with something new!
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