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The two of them found their respective mates and went back to their respective houses. In the night, soon after Nikita fell asleep, Sonakshi got off the bed and ran towards her wardrobe. She took out a pair of keys from somewhere and extracted her diary from the messy wardrobe. She sat on the chair in the other room and slowly, with great excitement, opened the first page of her diary. This was her daily routine that after Nikita would fall asleep, she would take her diary and run into the other room before being caught and would go through the tough and memorable moments of her life recorded in the dear diary of hers. As she opened the first page, she couldn’t believe what lay infront of her eyes. All she knew was that her eyes were filled with tears trying to escape through those big eye sockets and it was just her power which was not allowing them to run away.
Similarly, Dev was used to following the same routine as Sonakshi that is as soon as Aryan would fall asleep, he’d read his diary and recall his old memories. However, today was different.
As Dev opened the firsst page of the diary, he was terrified. Big fat drops of water were flowing from his eyes. He coulsdn’t believe lit : His diary had been exchanged with someone else’s.
Yes, it was true. Neither Sonakshi nor Dev could accept the fact that their diaries were no longer with them. Sonakshi cried on endlessly while Dev got mad at his act of carelessness and stupidity. More than the fear of someone else reading their secrets they feared of having lost all their memories. But little did the two of them know what fate had in store for them.
Sonakshi tried to get rid of the fact that her diary was no longer with her but just couldn’t. Therefore, since something is always better than nothing, she started reading the diary of the unknown person every night. At first, she thought what a mess that person was. But eventually she understood the writer’s point of view and had finally stepped into his shoes. All she knew about the writer was that it was a ‘he’. His name hadn’t been mention ANYWHERE which reminded Sonakshi of her diary. She never wrote her name in the diary, not even on the first page for she feared that if anyone else got a hand on her diary, the biggest of her secrets would be revealed to them. She thought that the same reason might have possibly be applied for the writer of the diary she was reading.

Day by day, she started getting more and more engrossed in the life of the writer. She secretly started admiring him. At a point, the admiration turned into obsession and somehow, it turned into LOVE.
On the other hand, still mad at his carelessness at the mall, Dev as well started getting addicted to the diary he had. He shared the same habit as Sonakshi. All he k ew about the writer was that it was a ‘she’. For some unavoidable yet unknown reason, he felt a strong connection with her. But how was that possible? According to him, he hadn’t even seen the face of the writer. He admired the thoughts of the writer. Eventually, he started spending all his free time reading the diary. He’d go through it with keen interest and would make sure to not miss a single detail. From the part of the diary he’d gone through, he claimed the writer to be an independent, bold and practical person and little did he know how right he was! And now Dev was sure that he was in love with the writer, no matter whom she was.
It was high time now and Sonakshi finally decided to confide in her feeling to Nikita. Nikita was more than happy to learn that her ‘so practical’ friend has fallen in love, and that too ‘love without sight’!. Meanwhile Dev shared his feelings with Aryan and was shocked to see Aryan’s reaction. Aryan was happy as ever and was glad that his brother finally found his soulmate. However, fate had a few more surprises stored in for the two hearts which had unknowingly connected.

It was a bright Sunday morning when Sonakshi heard the the door bell ring. As she opened the door, much to her displeasure stood her Mamaji. Her Mamaji never gave her any importance after her parents’ death and isolated her from the family. Although they knew about her poor condition, they’d act as if she was dead. Sonakshi’s Mamaji told her that he needed to speak to her in private. Unwillingly, Sonakshi agreed and led her Mamaji into the lounge. They both sat on the cosy sofa and made themselves comfortable.
‘Maine suna hai ki tumhari uss dost ki shaadi hone vaali hai. (I’ve heard that that friend of yours is soon going to get married)

‘Ji Mamaji. (Yes, Mamaji)
‘Maanaa ki iss parivaar se humne saare naate-rishtein tod diye hai lekin aakhirkaar ho to tum hamari zimmedari. Isilye Maine socha hai ki hum tumhari shaadi bhi kisi theek-thaak khaandan mein karvadein. Aur ab to tumhari sakhi ki bhi shaadi ho rahi hai to tum yeh bhi nahin keh sakti ki tum uski shaadi hone ka intezaar karogi.’ (I agree that we’ve broken all ties and relations with this family but at the end of the day, you are out responsibility. That’s why, I’ve decided to get you married in a good enough family. Now since that friend of yours is getting married as well, you won’t be able to deny the marriage proposal saying that you’ll wait until she gets married.)
‘Par Mamaji…’ (But Mamaji…)
‘Par-var kuch nahin abki. Bohot sun li humne tumhari baat, ab tumhari baari.’ (Not buts this times. We’ve listened a lot to you and now it’s your turn.)
‘Lekin main kissi se…’ (But I…)
‘Kissi se kya? Kissi se pyaar karti ho?’ (What do you? Do you love somebody?)
‘Ji haan Mamaji.’ (Yes,I do Mamaji.)
‘Kaun hai wo aur kya naam hai uska?’ (Who is he and what’s his name?)
‘Mujhe nahin pata ki wo kaun hai ya uska naam kya hai. Naa mujhe pata ki wo konsa kaam karta hai lekin ek tarah se woh chor hai.’ (I don’t k ow who he is or what his name is. Nor do I know what work he does but somehow, he is a type of thief.)
‘Kya? Tumhe shaadi koi mazaak lagta hai? Na naam pata na kaam, aisle kaisa pyaar he ye? Upar se, pyaar bhi kiya to ek chor se? Chi! Aajkal ke zamaane ne shaadi jaise paramparik cheez ko na jaane kya samajh ke rakha hai.’ (What? Do you consider marriage to be a joke? You know neither his name nor his work, what type of love is this? And that too you’ve fallen in love with a thief! Yuck! No wonder what today’s generation considers such an auspicious event like marriage to be.)

‘Nahin Mamaji, aap galat samajh rahe hai. Main shaadi ka matlab achche se janti hoon. Aur vaise bhi, pyaar naam ya kaam jaanke thode na hota hai, haina? Chor to wo hai, lekin mere dil ka. Dil churaya hai usns mera, aur wo bhi bina shakal dikhaye. Isliye main chahti hoon ki aap mujhe thoda vaqt dijiye aur main apne dulhe raja ko dhoondh laoon.’ (No Mamaji, you’re being mistaken. I know the meaning of marriage ver well. Besides, one doesn’t fall in love for good looks or job right? Yes, he is a thief, but a thief of my heart. He has stolen my heart and that too without showing his face. Thus, I want you to give me so time so that I can go and find my prince charming.)
‘Theeke. Do hafte. Do hafton ka waqt hai tumhare paas. Agar do hafton mein tumhe apna dulha miljaye, to rishta aage bhadaane ki soch sakte hai varna tum humari pasand ke ladke se vivaah karogi.’ (Fine. Two weeks. You have two weeks with you. If you find your groom within two weeks, we can take the relationship further. However if not, then you’ll have to marry the guy of my choice.
‘Ji Mamaji.’ (Yes Mamaji)
Screen freezes on Sonakshi’s tensed face.

Precap: Dev’s parents tell him it’s high time and he has to get married at any cost now. Meanwhile, Sonakshi tries to figure out who the mystery writer could possibly be.

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