She is the diamond in his crown (Episode 2)


Hi giysnIam dsorry iam stuck in study work. So here is the next episode.

The episode begins with Dev goes to his room and closes the door and opens the cupboards. He takes a photo and says “hey beautiful without seeing you my day doesn’t begin ur living out of state these much days bain I rgoing to Goa what is this? This is not fair. Phir bhi go and succeed. Your smile makes me live. Love you” and kisses the photo.
In sona’s house everyone is s sitting sona and Elena tries to say something
Sona: baba vo.
Elena: vo Dada hum Delhi mein padthithi hena…
Dada :s padthithi phir kya his?
Sona: waha mujhe..
Elena : vaha sona ko
Baba:sona ko kya hia?
Sonacries and says” mujhe scholarship milgaya.

Elena mujhe bhi.
Dada : what?..
Baba: really whydidn’t u say at first ?
Sona: baba vo..
Dada treat is from my side aakir my sister’s proved who r they?
Baba: bit I won’t allow u to go to Goa.
Sona: baba why?.. Pls baba
Maa:s pls allow her.
Baba: how ca n I live without seeing her no no already three years u were staying away from me.
Sona : pls baba it wis my deem pls baba only three years .pls baba.
Baba: OK but promise every leave u should come to house
Sona: pakkaramari promise
Baba and sona hugs and smiles
Everyone is happy
In morning
Dev leaves for office.
Niki and raya goes to dev’s room and opens his cupboard and searches something.
Dev against go to the same coffee shop and stands searches for his mystery girl.
Suddenly he gets a call and leaves from there.
In sona’s house sona and Elena takes selfie and posts the photo in friends book

In evening. sona and her family come
to hotel sona and Elena order the food everyone enjoying the food. Suddenly sona gets a call and leaves from there with Elena.
Sona comes out and meets someone and gets the flower bouquet and comes inside. Somebody’s
sitting in the bike calls sona and teases her. Vicky and his friends are the person’s who teases the sisters. Suddenly sona dashes someone and bouquet falls down she slips Dev (someone)catches
her. Pehla nash a pehla hia song plays. They share an eyelock.
Vicky’s friend: hlo Vicky aaj bhi tu waste ha yaar .aaj bhi tumara Dev Dikshith Bhai me jeet gaya.
Vicky’s friend : aaj bhi before these girls ur bro become hero
Vicky: shut up he do know nothing about girls.
Vicky’s friend : pls Vicky don’t try to be smart. Or hero hamesha tumara Bhai hero banrahi hain.
Vicky: just shut up.
Vicky’ sfis friend : ithna attitude if u can make her fall for you. Then we will accept u can also do something. And leaves.
Vicky gets anger and says inwill show who am I.
Vicky laughs.

Precap: sona nd Elena reaches Goa. They goes to their house and arranges the home. Sona gets friend request from Dev Dikshith.
And gets shocked

Thank u guys for reading. Pls keep supporting. If u have any suggestions pls comment and say me I will try to change.once again sorry and thank you.

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  1. Erina

    Awesome epi dear but lil bit short if possible then try to give lil bit long from next tym ……

    1. Santhiyalathamanian

      Thank u erina for ur suggestion. I will try to give a long episode

    2. Santhiyalathamanian

      Sorry for mistakes next time I will avoid my mistakes . pls.. Forgive me

      1. Erina

        No need to say sorry dear as I know that writting ff aur stories is not easy task so plzz dont say sorry from next tym ….

  2. Niki645

    Awesome episode!!!! It was really nice.,,………..but try to make it longer next time????????

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  5. Its was amazing…..?❤❤❤?

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    Sorry for the late comment
    the episode was awesome but it would have been more better if it was lil longer
    try to male the next one longer and ya plz post soon
    lots of love???

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