The diamond bracelet (intro and episode 1)

Hello frndz i am shivanya mehra. This is the first time i am writing anything. So plz…. Pardon me if there are any mistakes. This is a story completely based upon my fiction and imagination. I will continue only if you comment and like it. Lets start.


Shekhar gadodia : a very rich businessman who does business of jwellery.
Sharmista gadodia : wife of shekhar and helps shekhar in his business.
Swara gadodia : a cute girl who is afraid to put the step out of her room. She covers her face with a hat or sunshade if she go out coz…. (Secret….. )
Ragini gadodia : a clever independent girl who is daring and dashing. She is twin sis of swara.
Reva gadodia : elder sis of swaragini. Works does hotel management.

I will introduce remaining charachters in the middle of story when their role comes.

Story starts with shekhar calling three daughters. Reva and ragini come but swara dont come. Everyone feel sorry for swara. Shekhar gives a bracelet of white diamonds to rati blue diamond bracelet to ragini. A girl is staring in the mirror. She is in a very huge room. The room is decorated with royal lights. Sound of chinese wind bells automatically brings a smile on our face. Left side inside her room id the changing room and towards the right there is a door which take us to swara’s library. Shekhar and sharmista treat swara like a princess. But she is never happy. There is something going on in her mind. Her bed is attached to a wall. There is a portrait on the wall which is covered with red velvet curtains. She feels like throwing the curtains away but something stops her. She is none other than swara.

She is wearing a long frock of purple colour. There are some flowers of velvet and makhmal on her frock. She stares in the mirror and tears are in her eyes. She opens the window. Sunlight passes through the crystal and room is bright. Someone knocks the door. Swara says papa plz dont knock the door. Shekhar comes inside and says swara… I think you should forget it and move on….. Swara says i am trying my best to do so but…. Shekhar says ok he gives her the diamond bracelet of purple colour. Swara smiles. Shekhar says i will get a good one after some days. Swara nods saying yes. He leves. Swara goes to her dressing table and sprays a prefume. She takes the hat which covers her face and goes out wearing the diamond bracelet.

Precap : no precap

This is a very unique story. Hope you all like it. Plz do comment and encourage me.

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  1. Nice I hope it’s swasan

  2. Nice hope its swalak and no raglak pl,z its hard to imagine raglak as couple now a days
    aand yaaa its very unique story

  3. Nice intro…do continue ur plot…
    Hope its swasan…

  4. Nyc unique story …..I hope it is swasan

  5. nice …I also hope it is swasan

    1. hey dear plz upload ur oath one ff lived it

  6. I hope it is swasan

  7. i hope it will be sawsan ff

  8. woow dear shivanya… its an intresting story indeed… hey r u inspired by the story “the sunshade”??

    1. Thanks janvi. I just took a bit from the sunshade. But my story is absolutely different.

  9. Fantastic intro. If I guess it’s related with some English story. Waiting for the next episode eagerly. It’s a very unique story.

    But plzzzzzzzzz

    Make it


  10. is anything wrong with swara waiting to see y swara’s not happy and yea please ragsan and swalak

    1. i hope but them to be as pairs but then waiting to see whom you chose 😉

      1. where are you shivanya???

  11. Interesting…n plz..if there hs to b sm male lead dn find sm odr nm…nowadys i m gtn bord to see swasan n raglak or eagsan n swalak…i lk d frst coupling though…all d tm using dse pairs r nw gtn a bit clichè…nyways aftr all its ur wish as its ur story..n odrs plz dn mnd…its cmpltly my suggestion..n oncr mr…d dtory sms to b unique…waotin fr d nxt one

  12. hey shivanya yr i really liked ur ff a lot please upload some new episodes of this i am waiting for it plz plz plz

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