Her di my fuggi ..her jq my love

Hello buddies.hello guys…hello friends…

arey abhi …sorry arrey jiju what are you blabbering like this…

hey tu chup purab..oops sorry my jiju…i dont knew what to call them..as we are going to open our story to them na…

They now itslef been confused by our calling..first tell us introduce  us..k..iam purab Arora…an business man working with my jiju abhishek prem mehra..wait..before introducing him..i must introduce my sis na..she is pragya arora…oops sorry now she has become pragya abhishek prem mehra…so he married my sister so…i call him jiju..

Your intro over na jiju..now its my turn..iam abhishek prem mehra..a business man..my business is not controlled by me..its by my boss ha..he is my boss as i just simply sign ..its control by my jiju purab khanna..so before introducing him i must introduce another person right ..my sister bulbul mehra..oops sorry bulbul purab khanna..she married to purab so i call him jiju..so you guys get a clear picture of our relations..

But you all dont knee how all this happen thats our love story…oh its not our love story link us..its our sister..dont you knew how they link together ..k let me introduce that…its really irritatting drama guys..so dont be get bored as we always get bored..so we thought bore you too..hey na jiju..they did hifi..

Fb shows…

One day pragya was moving through varandha and see a girl sitting near a tree with puppy face..she approach near her..and forward a chocolate to her ..she look at her..and started to have it…pragya smiles seeing her cuteness…

Di…you knew..when ever iam sad or depressed i need to have  chocolate..just to make my mood right..

Pragya smiles  …

Do you need and take a piece and forward to pragya..she takes it …s
Di..but how you knew i like chocolate and need that…

Pr:from your puppy face .

Puppy face ..is it say so..

I think so..

K di..now we become friends na..


But iam sad…

Why ? What happened..

Di..i dont knew anything about you..

Oh is that the reason for sad..k..iam pragya arora..doing last year degree and you..

Iam bulbul mehra…doing 2nd year degree..di..from onwards you will chat with me na..will consider me as your sis na..

Of course dear ..

Thanks di..

No need of thanks for this..as this have no meaning between us..

K thanks wappas .

Fb ends…

Ab;guys..what you think about this..its really irritating na..

Pu;this is just a small dose you dont knew full story ahh..

Ab;k..that i will say..no flash back as if you all seen then hahaha..

Pu;jiju..dont make them bore…

Ab;so their friendship..no..not friendship..sissy relationship starts from there..then they usually starts to chit chat while college and or by phones..like whatsapp..daily they talk alot..i dont knew guys what to talk this much..as my sister bulbul return from college she starts to chat with her..its a long chat..i didnt see her chating this much…

Pu;same in case of pragya too…you knew guys i started to doubt her if she falls in any love or so..

Ab;my sis..who is always talk alot with me started to talk less and if she started to talk it will all about her di.her new di..you knew guys it was too bore for me..i started to curse her to eat my brain like this..

Pu;you knew pragya too same..she always talk about bulbul..her love for her..her childish behaviour..even her jealousy..You knew she has given a name to bulbul..jq..yes jealousy queen..do you knew why..whenever pragya get a new company..or new friends..if her conversation with bulbul have some change..for example..when she chated with her..she started to call her sis..that make her annoy as usually she didnt call her so..then my pragya said that she get a new friend and chatting with her make her call so..do you knew guys..how jelaous she is..she really feel sad as if anyone take her place in pragyas heart..that much possessive is she for my pragya..

Ab;k guys…till now our love story didnt came na..that i will say..bulbuls closeness with pragya increases day by day.her story of explanation also increases..somewhat hearing all this.i too started to like her .just like not love..for love..we have to meet her na…

Pu;ya….same in my case too..slowly they started to visit our houses..and i hidingly hear prabuls conversation…

Ab;ya..mee too..its really thrill to watch her hidingly..her antics..cute faces..everything…

Hello husbands..our stories going on here right..bulbul and pragya enters..pragya sit beside abhi..and  bulbul near purab…

Pr;from here onwards we will explain as you cant explain that part..hey na jq..

Bul;ofcourse di..di..you explain it will be good…

Pr;ya..k..now back to story..i usually visit bulbuls house  and meet her brother  too..as first i didnt noticed that..then i see him hidingly watch us and smilingly…i dont knew why so..then i started to watch him..he has some feelings for me..

Bul; same happened in my case too..this jq have never hide anything from her di…but i dont knew why i hide this from my di..

Pr;then..as in every love story something must happena to convey thier love…

Ab;hello wait..wait..there is something missing…

Pr;what missing..

Ab;oyye fuggi..dont act..as you dont knew..we are watching you both as we feel something for you guys what about you haa..

Bul;about us..as you both looking at like this..we both feel some disturbance..and later…

Pu;haa..later tell me bulbul..

Pr;later..slowly..we too like that watching..

Ab;oh my fuggi..started to blush..

Bul;bhai..dont tease my di..

Pu;jiju..just shut up..topic will change..pragya explain…

Pr;now we need flash back..

Fb shows..
One evening..pragya reach bulbuls house..she press calling bell..always bulbul will open..but to her surprise its abhi who opens it..

I just get inside..
Pr;bulbul where is she..???( actually its first time iam talking with him )

Ab; she went outside..will come soon..just wait here ..i sit there..and started to read through books..but iam disturbed alot as he is staring at me.the way he look at me is so intense …i tried to manage myslef to not get disturbed..but all happens in vain..he started to smile seeing me such a way that i cant tolerate anymore…

Pr;why are you smiling at me..

Ab;if you act so ..i cant control my smile  na..

Pr,its all because you..na..as you stare at me such a way then what will i do…

Abhi gets up from his seat and come near pragya…she gets up and moves..

Ab;why my stare make you nervous..why you get disturbed..by saying  so .he approached so close to me..and looking at me at same intense..

Seriously i dont knew what to tell..he placed his hands on both side of wall and pinned me to wall…

He slowly place his arms on my waist..do you knew guys what i feel so..i started to sweat heavily..breathe heavily..when his breathe falls on my body ..goosebumps appear on me..

Ab;why my nonstop fuggi..remain silent..


Ab;haa..you are my fuggi..tell why you disturbed and why you feel nervous…

Pr;first you tell why you hidingly watch and sometimes smiles unknowingly..

Abhi comes near her ears..because i feel for you..

Seriously i get shocked by that..as i dont knew he will reply such a way..

Pr;feel..what feel..

Ab;what you feel for me ..that same feeling…

Pr;me..i didnt..i didnt feel for you..

Abhi pulls her more close..is you serious you didnt feel for me..he slowly brush my lips with his fingers..i just close my eyes..so now too you dont feel for me right..

Pr;no..you knew what he did..he just crush his lips all of a sudden on me..and give breath taking kiss..i was get shocked by it..i just  clucted his shoulders..his kiss was so intense…that i cant stop his from it…

Ab;now tell me fuggy..you have no feeling..now i cant hide my feeling..

Pr;i too feel for you..

Ab; i love you fuggi..

Screen shifted to purabs house..as purab enters his house..to his surprise he sees bulbul sitting on sofa..


Bul;maa..gone to market..

Pu;then pragya..

Bul;she has gone out…iam waiting for her…

Purab too sits there..she is just looking around..purab is ogling at her..

Pu;bulbul..i want to tell you something…


Pu;bulbul..you my sisters best buddy..best sis..you both care and love each other too much..some how i too started like you and feel for you.


Pu;;yes.i love you bulbul..i dont knew what about you..

Bul;i knew you started to like me..i too likes you..because you are my dis brother..if i get married with you..then i will get my di for ever ..i didnt miss her na..

Purab smiles..at her innocence..for that only..otherwise you wont love me..

Bul;no..otherwise too i love you..as how can i lose one loving and caring husband…

They both  smiles…

Fb ends..

Bul;you a hear na..look how romatically my di and bhai..confess their love..but you..

Pu;for that you too must romatic na..

Pr;hey bhai..dont call my jq as unromantic…

Pu;k meri ma..

Ab;you guys..dont you knew..they both spend moretime with each leaving their poor hubbies alone..

Pr;my sweetie..and give a kiss..

Purab is looking sad..

Bul;my puru..is sad and gives  a kiss on cheek..purab blushes..

Ab;so guys you hear our story..its all because of their sissy relationship i get my fuggi..and he get bulbul..

Story ends…


Guys i dont knew will you like this..but this story is for my dearest jq…(vishaja)..iam dedicating this to her..as she is a special person to me..dont knew what this realtion really means…but i loves her alot…i like jealousy for me..

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  2. you know what dear this one is totally amazing
    my life is also like this story only my bestiee she is also a jq and i too love her so much and thank you sooooo much for writing this haritha
    love u loads

  3. Di, I love u too di……Thank you so much di for your love… one thing is that you always get to know about my feelings di.. and in this story, you really mentioned many of our incidents… and I really loved it a lot di… You know.. I was smiling widely while I was reading this story…I can’t control it… persons near me are seeing me like an alien.. that much effect this story had on me di… many more things to tell di… conclusion is I am on cloud nine… thanks again di.. and my jealousy won’t come down at any circumstances…love you di???

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    Awww actually it’s so sweet o loved the title a lot <3

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