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Recap : swara’s friendship with sanskar..

The episode starts with swara n sanskar going to their respective homes… !!!!
Swara enters d mansion happily… her happiness vanishes seeing d scenario in front of her !
Sanskar s now walking to his house… sanskar’s heart : shona… ive heard this name somewhere…. but am not able to recognize it !! Btw its a sweet name… !! Look at her !! How innocent she s… she s very talkative…. very beautiful ! Especially her eyes !! Woww man !! They r magnet !! The way she laughs…. its tickling my ears !! Oh god ! Wt am i doing ??? Am praising a girl ???? The great SANSKAR MAHESHWARI is praising a girl !! I have gone mad !! Its not even 30 mins i have spent with her ! She has some magic… i really feel happy being with her… i donno y but i felt like someone pierced my heart wen she was crying about losing her parents…. y do i feel so ??? Wt s dis feeling ??? is it love at first s.i.g.h.t..???
Sanskar’s mind : arre budhdhu… its not love n all…its just a feeling of friendship….
Sanskar’s heart : don’t listen to him…this s love… he s diverting u.. u r feeling very happy after seeing this girl… this unknown feeling is called love…
Sanskar’s mind : arre… don’t listen to him… he s brainwashing u…. love at first sight does not exist in this world… how can u fall for a girl without even knowing her character..
Sanskar’s heart : it does !! It exists… the best example is u !! The great sanskar maheshwari has fallen for a girl…
Sanskar’s mind : don’t fall for his words sanskar… u know love does not exist in d world… n u have seen it with ur own eyes…
Before sanskar’s heart could react… he was disturbed by a phone call…he smiled seeing d caller id..
Sanskar : haan darling !! Bolo na.. !! Umm ok sweety ll be there within 5 mins… dont get angry jaanu… yeah yeah i completed d work perfectly… (said this looking at swara’s house) u dont worry baby am on d way !! Love u loads.. umahhhh
He resumed walking…

As soon as swara entered d mansion she saw the whole family staring her angrily….
Siya : eh idiot ! Did u see d time ??? Is this d time a girl reaches home ??? Where did u go ??? Wt do u think of urself ??
Swara : chachiji voo… mei pooja ke ghar me thi… project submit karna hai…
Shekar : shut up… !! Dont u have manners?? Cant u complete all this project work in d day hours ???
B4 swara could answer
Siya : ji i have a doubt on her… i think she s using her friend pooja name… if am not wrong she would have been in a hotel with any of her boyfriend enjoying with him without even noticing the time… (to swara) eh chori.. dont lie… say in wch hotel u were… n who s tat guy ???
Shekar : haan siya u r right !! She s capable of doing it !! Yesterday she tried vikram… but he s a gentleman… so she would have tried some one today… (to swara) u cheap girl.. r u not ashamed ?? U r spoiling our family reputation !!
Swara was heartbroken at their statement…… she never expected tat her so called family would blame her this cheaply !! She felt disgusted..
Swara (choking voice) : chacha ji aap galath samaj rahi hai… i promise u.. i was in pooja house for completing the project…trust me…. if u want u can call pooja n ask….am not lying.. i din go to any hotel with anyone… am not spoiling our family name…(crying bitterly) even priya di comes late everyday but y r u behaving with me like this chachi ji…
Siya : bas swara !! No more acting… do u think we ll fall for ur fake tears ?? N how dare u compare urself with my priya ??? U r definitely going to pay for this…
Saying this siya went inside d kitchen n came back in few mins… swara was stunned seeing the thing in siya’s hand…
Swara : chacha ji pls… am very sorry !!! Pls dont do this to me… pls chachi ji…i.beg…. am very sorry… now i can recollect wch is my place in this house… hereafter i wont compare myself with priya di….chacha ji pls…pls ask chachi ji not to do tat…. (crying with fear)
No one listened to her… poor swara started going backwards… she hit d wall n couldnt escape further…
Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…… pls chachi ji… leave me…. its paining…. its burning…. pls ….. pls…. aaaaaaahhhhhhhh chachi ji leave me…. i wont repeat it… pls pls…. (crying out with pain)
Siya : shut up swara !! Let me complete my work… then oly u wont forget this… (saying this she pressed the burnt steel stick on swara’s hand harder)

All swara could do was to scream in pain….. after a while siya left her hand n warned her…. both siya n shekar left to their room leaving swara screaming in pain….
Swara : wt did i do chachi ji ??? Is coming late to home a sin ??? Y r doing this to me ?? Y r u punishing me cruelly ?? Even am of ur daughter’s age… y don’t u love me like u do her… maa pappa… did u see??? How much am suffering… y am i such a unlucky creature ?? First because of me u both died… then because of me chikku had to leave his home… n because of me pooja is fighting with her parents… everything is oly cauz of me… am d most unluckiest girl in d world… ( crying her heart out)
The screen shifts to a man who s ringing the door bell impatiently !!
The man : darling… open d door… sweetheart… cant u hear me ??… baby !!! Pls open d door… ur jaanu is waiting for u !!
The door gets opened n the man hugs the lady n kisses her cheeks..
Lady : stop it sanskar !! Is this d time to come home ??? Did u even think tat i will be waiting for u ???
Sanskar : hold on hold on baby !! I told u na i had to complete a small work b4 coming home ?? I even texted u sweetheart ! But u r scolding me now (pouts)
The lady : achcha achcha.. dont start ur drama now !! Its already late… i have arranged everything in d room.. u get ready before ur pappa wakes up…. then we ll proceed with our plan !!
They stopped listening to a voice..
Voice : i caught u both !!
The person came near them caught both of their ears n told
How dare u both leave me n plan ???
Sanskar : aaaahh.. dad leave me na !!!! We were not planning anything !!
The lady : aaahhhh… chod dijiye na… we din plan anything… especially we din plan to go out !! Ji how can u think tat i will leave u n go ???
The man : see u yourself told d truth.. so u both were planning to go out without me na (pouts)
The lady : meri pyari pathi ji !! U look very funny when u pout !! Hahaha.. sanskar look at ur dad…
Sanskar : hahaha ! Mr. Durga prasad maheshwari the great business tycoon is pouting !! Lol !! Very funny !!
Dp : (fake anger) haan haan funny oly !! Aur tum annapoorna… along with ur son ur teasing me ?? Very bad !!

Everytime u both tease me together….see ll select such a bahu who ll always be my side !!
Sanskar : haha lol !! Dont show us ur fake anger dad… !! We r getting late.. n if u want u can join us this time !!
Annapoorna : arre sanskar no need… do u remember wt he did last time ???
Dp : arre annu ! Wt did i do ?? U oly did everything!! Dont blame me..
Ap : dekha na ?? I did ?? Who flirted with mrs.sharma ?? (Imitating dp) mrs.sharma u look beautiful in blue !!
Dp : i just praised her !!! Is praising called flirting ??? Then wt did u do ? ( imitating ap) mr.sharma u look classy in this suit..
Ap : arre ! M.e.i
She was cut by sanky !!
Sanskar : both of u pls stop !! U people r making me deaf by shouting !! U both r not coming… am going alone now…. byeee
Ap n dp : arre sanskar.. rukho na… we wont fight… now chalo… we r not opening our mouth…
Sanskar : tats like my sweety pyaari mamma pappa.. ab chalo… we r getting late..
Soon they left for d night club to enjoy the world…
In gadodia mansion
Swara was still sobbing sitting in d hall…Suddenly swara heard a voice wch increased her pain….
Priya : how dare u swara ????? U cheap girl… how dare u do this ??? (Extremely angry)
Swara : priya di… i din do anything…(crying n confused)
Vikram : wt did she do priya ??
Priya : darlzz see this cheap girl… dint u recognize wt she did ??
Vikram : no babe… wait lemme go near n check it out…
Saying tat he smiled lustfully at swara n came near her…. he saw her top to bottom with his lusty eyes…
Vikram to himself : oh god !! Wt a s*xy beauty ! She s very hot than i tot… see her beautiful curves… this dress suits her a lot…. she s making me crave for her… today at any cost i have to make her mine… i have to mark her as mine !!! He jerked his tot listening to priya’s voice…
Priya : baby !! Did u get wt i mean ???
Vikram : babess !! Nope ! U urself say tat..
Priya : how dare u swara ??? How can u wear my dress without my permission ??? Who gave u permission ??? How can a cheap girl like u wear my dress ??? D charm of d dress went away on the second u wore it…
Swara : priya di… am extremely sorry !! Voo..
Priya: (cutting her down) shut up ur blo*dy mouth swara… how can a girl like wish for such a dress ??? Do u even know how much does it cost ??? I got it !! U would have worn this to attract guys in ur college… after all its ur first day of ur final year ! But dont think u look good in this !!
Swara : di.. am very sorry !! I wont wear ur dress without ur permission… now ll go n change d dress n give it back to u !!
Priya : hold on swara !! Who needs tat dress now ?? I told u na…. the dress lost its charm the moment u wore it…. n priya never wears these kind of dresses…
Swara felt like someone pierced her heart multiple times… before she could say anything priya came near her…
Priya : mind it swara if priya likes something it must hers or it should not exist…
Saying this she pushed swara on floor n tore her tops… she first tore the sleeves then she tore the backside… then she started tearing her neck side cloth… her cleavage was visible now… swara was pleading priya to stop it… but heartless priya proceeded with her torture tat too in front of vikram…
Priya : blo*dy swara… i guess u understood very well wt will happen if u mess up with priya !!! Now am leaving u… but dont expect me to leave u next time… if u repeat this i will tear tat dress fully n leave u naked… mind it !!
Vikram was hell shocked seeing priya !! But he enjoyed seeing swara’s exposed parts… instead of stopping priya he stared eagerly at swara with hunger in his eyes ! Once priya was done she left the hall in anger…
Swara was numb…. her chachi ji’s punishment was far better than tat of her di… her so called di din even think about her dignity n insulted her in d worst way possible… for few minutes swara din understand how to react or how to protest… she came back to her senses hearing vikram’s disgusting comments…
Vikram : wowww swara babe… u look damn s*xy !!! The hottest girl i have ever seen…. today is not only a visual treat for me but (saw her top to bottom… eyed her cleavage with lust) a action treat (smirked) be ready to be mine hottie !(saying this he left to priya’s room)
Tats wen swara realised wt he meant n searched something like mad to cover herself… she immediately took her bag n hugged it n cried vigorously….

Swara to herself : shitttt !!!! Chiiiiii… !!!! I feel disgusting !!! How can she…. chi.. tat too in front of her friend… god !! Y r u taking my dignity ??? Y do u hate me this much ??? Y do u do such things to me…. ( crying bitterly) tat vikram…he s staring me like hell… he s behind my body !! The way he s describing me s making me hate myself… aarrrrggggg…. i hate myself…. chiiiiii
Swara was crying very badly… n after a while she left to her room… she entered her room n cried badly recalling all the incidents… she changed herself into a night suit n slept crying in d floor…
It was around 12 in d nite… a girl is shown walking in d street recalling some incidents…
The girl :how cheap these people are… i never tot tat people i trusted d most will do this to me… they r disgusting… am after all his sister’s daughter… how could he think of selling me ??? Thank god i listened to them talking about this.. or else they would have sold me by this time.. I tot they would support me in my mission… but.. but.. chi… bcauz of them am standing in d road now…oh god !! Wt should i do now ??? How will i find this address now ?? I don’t even know this language… its almost 12 in d nite… where will i go ?? I don’t have any other relatives here… n i cant trust anyone now ! Wt should i do now ???
She turned back listening to a voice..
Person : arre madam.. y r u worrying??? We r here to help u.. we r 5 people n we dont mind sharing our room with u… (to others) enna machan soldringa ?? Paavam madam enga povanaga ?? Namma room la tanga vechidalama ?? (Smirking)
She din understand anything at first… but she got to know wt they meant by their wicked smile…
Girl : arre bhai… pls dont come near me… am not like u think… pls chodo mujhe… am new here… pls dont do anything to me…
Guys : paarrra… madam hindi lam pesranga… madam ji… namaste namste.. we wont do anything… u were just standing alone so we tot of giving u company !! (to others) Enna da soldringa ???
B4 she could react they catch hold of her n dragged her….
The girl : u bastards leave me… help help… someone save me !!!
She bit one of the goon’s hand n pushed others n ran as fast as she could… the goons were in no mood to leave her… they ran back of her… suddenly the girl bumped into a car n fell unconscious…. the goons after seeing this ran away so as to escape…
There entered a handsome man of around 25…. he came near d girl n tried to wake her up… but his efforts going in vein !! He after a lot of struggle carried her n kept her carefully in d front seat n drove back to his home…

The screen freezes with swara’s hurt face , sanskar’s family enjoying n two people in a car…
Am extremely sorry friends…i was held up with my exams.. i couldnt update for this one week…n am going out of station tonight so my next update will be on Monday or Tuesday ! Pls shower ur love through ur comments  


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    superb update neeru.. my poor swara.. that priya devil. . how dare she.. and that jerk vikram.. hate them to core.. and you allowed them to burn her hands? how Could you neeeu.. for a second I thought sanskar will came and rescue her.. and he is enjoying with his family.. my swara Is in hell. update next part soon.. else I will kill you..

    • Neera



      Yeah yeah !!! Ll definitely update tomorrow 🙂 🙂 btw all these things r needed for my story… dont worry they ll definitely reap for wt they have sown.. !! Tysm 🙂 🙂

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