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Recap : a beautiful girl getting ready n gets scared seeing someone..

Episode starts with
A beautiful girl is standing in d party hall (i forgot to mention tat d girl was wearing a dress which was exposing her body lil… she was damn s*xy)… she s welcomed by many new faces…. she gets very good respect from everyone….suddenly a man of around 45 took a mike n greeted everyone… he was welcoming the guests n was praising the girl…she s surprised seeing the person praising her… she never tot that the person who always hates her can appreciate her too… she was overwhelmed n wanted to hug the person… but he was engaged with the guests… so she looks here n there…. finally she spotted someone n went there…..
Girl : priya di….can i be with u ? Am feeling very awkward here…. am not used to these kind of parties…
Priya : (whispering) oh shut up u idiot… how can u even think tat i can tolerate u… tat too infront of my friends… ( now loudly ) oh y not swara ? U can… its afterall your house.. n am afterall your lovely sister…
Yes guys the girl s swara
Saying this priya stared angrily at swara….. swara understood n excused herself as if someone is calling her…. tears were welling up in her eyes… all she could do was to silently weep..
Suddenly a guy came near her n held her by waist… she was shocked n was afraid… she din know how to react…. she was struggling to get free from his hold….
The guy : not so soon darling… ummmm i have to say u r d hottest girl here….(he was staring at her exposed parts with lusty eyes ) ….. wt about spending a night with me babe…. trust me u ill feel d pleasure…. u ll enjoy a lot babe… don’t worry… if u want we can enjoy daily….n I must say u really look s*xy in this outfit…I feel like eating u now…. but I cant do it now…(n looks around)

Swara was all shocked cauz she has never seen anyone behaving like this with her…he took her to a corner n touched her seductively from top to bottom…
Swara : chodo mujhe… pls chodo… maine kuch nai ki…. pls chodo…
he went near her neck n stared at her exposed part with lustful eyes….he was about to kiss her… someone from behind pulled him n slapped him hard…. poor man… he fell down.. his eyes raged with anger… swara was surprised seeing her….
Guy : how dare u ? U poor servant …. I wont leave u for insulting me…
Servant: u shut up Mr… how dare u to touch my swara di ?.. dont u dare to come near her…. if u ever try coming near her.. u ll see d worst of me… got it ?
Everyone gathered there….
Priya: omg…. vikram… wt happ baby ? r u fine ?…(to servant) u ragini… how dare u insult my friend…
Ragini: maam am really sorry… ur so called friend misbehaved with swara di… tats y slapped him
Priya : oh woww…should i believe it ? I know… ur so called swara di would have flirted with him… not my vikram… is he mad to talk to a nut leaving all d hotties over d party… he s not tat worst…

Vikram was thinking wt d hell ? Ufff if she gets to know i flirted with swara she ll kill me…not because swara s her sister… because am her boy friend….ye bagwaan save me from this devil…. I8 will give u 10kg of gold aaiyoooo no no silver 😀
Vikram : u r right babe… y would I go to this nut leaving a hot girl like u 😉
Tat was all for priya… she was flying in d sky….
Priya : now listen ragini… he din misbehave with ur di…. ur characterless swara tried to misbehave with my f.r.i.e… before completing d sentence she got a tight slap….
The screen freezes with shocked face of priya swara n ragini…

By neera

Hope u enjoyed it guys…. u can imagine pihu of bade achche lagte hai as priya… n asusual ragini is same… vikram is been played by chirag of matsh….guys pls do comment if u like it n even if u don’t…it means a lot to me… ur comments will be d secret of my energy( lol i dont drink boost :p )

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