Dhoor hokar bhi hum pas hai Part-9(Truth revelations)

Dhoor hokar bhi hum pas hai Part-9(Truth revelations – Sach kahi nahi chupta.Sach kisi na kisi din bahar ajatha.Yahi kismath ka khel hai).

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This part is Truth revelations part.Read full part then u will understand whole story.I know this part will focus more on Malohtra’s.Don’t feel bore guys.Not only Shivika & Gaurikara but also we must focus on other characters who will unite them.I hope u all will understand.Any one got doubts comment me. Friends,Sisters,brothers all ur +ve & -ve comments & suggestions r accepted.U all r my family.So i take light.Heart out u all will feel free.

Oberoi mansion :
Ragini : Hi Shivay.
Shivay : Hi Ragini.U came early morning.
Ragini : Ya shivay.U know what? i am so happy because u helped me in my shopping.I am so so happy shivay.Thank u so much.
Shivay : It’s ok ragini.It’s not a big deal.U r happy now.That’s fine.
Ragini : Thank u shivay.I am happy.OK i forgot to say,2 special &  famous persons were arranging our & Omkara’s wedding.
Guess who r they?
Shivay : I don’t focus on wedding planners.I focus on my business.So…tell
me.I don’t know about them?if i hurt u, sorry ragini.
Ragini : No need to say sorry shivay.It’s my fault.
Shivay : Don’t make puppy face yaar.Tell
me who r they?
Ragini : Shivay they r my Bhabi’s.I mean Samar bhaiyya ki patni aur Shankar bhaiyya ki patni.
Shivay : What?i mean jaha thak mein janthi hoon,when did samar get married?& who is this shankar?
Ragini : I will clear all ur doubts.Samar bhaiyya married 6 years ago.But he kept his marriage as secret.Due to his personal reasons.And Shankar bhaiyya is my 2nd brother.When he was 13 years age due to accident he missed from us.Samar bhaiyya comes to know about shankar bhaiyya 6 years ago.But he kept as secret to me,mom & dad.But yesterday he reveal about Shankar bhaiyya & their  marriages.Shankar bhaiyya know samar bhaiyya as his brother but he doesn’t know about we all r alive.I mean mom, dad & me.U know each bhaiyya’s have 2 kids.They are so sweet & cute.
Shivay : In mind,This much film happened?u r saying now.
Ragini : What shivay?now ur doubts clearify!
Shivay : Ya.I mean of course i understand
whole matter.By the way is shankar means Shankar malohtra famous business man.
Ragini : Yes u r right.
Shivay : What their wife’s names?
Ragini going to say,suddenly phone call came,so she excuse shivay & went to pick up the call.
(I hope u all like this twist friends)
Maa & Papa means samar,shankar & ragini’s maa.

Malohtra mansion :
Maa,Papa at a time : Why did u hide this much big secrets from us samar?
Samar : Maa i am so sorry.Due to our enemies i must keep it as secret.U know maa that accident?
Maa : How can i forget that rainy dark night i lost my shankar.
Maa makes shankar sleep on his lap.She hugged him tightly because she fears of losing him again.
Dad : Yes we never forgot that night,we search for u from that day to this day beta.But finally u r with us.That’s enough finally god listen to our prayers & gave back our 2nd son.
Maa : Haan ji.U r right.But samar u say enemies?
Samar : Ya enemies,that night accident was pre planned murder.To kill all our family members.So i kept it as secret.
Please forgive me.
Maa : Ok leave it.Shankar after that accident what had happened in ur life?
Shankar : I was taken by Anadh ashram people.I missed ur hands food maa.I missed u dad.I missed u all a lot.I work hard.Slowly i developed to be young business man.
Maa,papa : I am proud of u & at a same time.We missed ur child hood beta.
Shankar : Fogot that dark past maa.We must move on.I am with u now.
     Maa,Papa : Beta i like ur choice & shankar’s choice.My bahu’s & potta’s & potti’s r superb.Even we can’t bring such beautiful,intelligent wifes for u too.
Samar,Shankar at a time says thank u maa.
Maa : Anika & Gauri beta come here.
Anika,Gauri & kids take blessings of maa,
Papa play with little champs.Kids r happy.
Maa spend lot of time with Shankar & Samar then with aniri.
Shankar happy of getting his family back.
Malohtra mansion full of happiness.They all sleep peacefully after many years.

Precap : Ragini takes aniri to oberoi mansion.Ragini introduces Anika as Samar’s wife & Gauri as Shankar’s wife to

shivay & omkara.
    Shivay shocked to the core.His world become up & down for a second.
He saw his surroundings and he take anika & rushed to his room.He pins her to wall & says why u did this to me anika?u r mine.TUM SIRF MERI HO ANIKA.SIRF MERI.If i see u with any person i can’t bear i kill u & i kill myself.
Omkara doesn’t react because he knows truth.While doing preparations gauri stands on stool & arranging flowers.Gauri going to fall down,om holds her.They have on eye lock.

Give ur valuable comments friends.I hope u all like it.U can share ur feelings.
Pyaar and Tadibaazi war starts between Shivika & Gaurikara.I will show in upcoming parts.
Sorry for short update.I post long one tommorrow.


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