Dhoor hokar bhi hum pas hai Part-8(Shivay ki takkar tadi with his son Shivansh.Omkara meet kids & Sahil after 6 years.Truth revelations).

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The story starts :
In Shopping Mall Cafe Shop :
Shivay sat on the chair and deeply thinking about anika and his meeting few minutes ago.
Shivay ordered his expresso.
Servant gave his expresso and went back.
Shivay didn’t notice it.Shivay stands,he recalls anika’s last sentence MUHE BHI FARAKH NAHI PADTHA SHIVAY and in anger he pushes the cup.
At the same time,Shivansh passing the way all expresso fall on ansh’s shirt.
Shivansh in a loud,angry tone said WHAT THE WUCK?
Shivay come to his senses.
Shivay : What happen?Why r u shouting?
Oh u Shivansh Singh Malothra?
Shivansh : Yes i am!So ur brain is working
Mr.Shivay Singh Oberoi.No i am wrong if it works can’t u see a person?How dare u to throw this on my shirt?
Shivay : I didn’t notice u.Any ways stop ur drama go and wash it.
Shivansh laughs and says instead of saying sorry.Ur saying stop ur drama.
That’s the reason i said u r behaving like kid not like man in our last meeting.
Shivay : Don’t irritate me?I am not in the mood to do fight or argue with u.U want sorry right.Sorry.
Shivansh : First a fall i am not irritating u.Instead u irritating me.Second i don’t fight with kids.Third is this the way to say sorry?It’s better don’t say sorry.
Shivay : Enough is Enough.Go away from me.Don’t u dare to speak single word? Then u will see my worse shade.
Shivansh : Any ways i am leaving for now to wash my shirt.Not interested neither in u nor in speaking with u.I will see u later.
Any ways i must return ur thing which u left.
Shivay : No need to return keep it with u.Just leave.
Shivansh : I am Shivansh Singh Malohtra.
I will return ur thing by hook or crook.
What u r saying leave?Stay away?Is this ur mall.
Shivay : Yes it will become mine.If i want?
Shivansh : I am leaving.I don’t want to waste my time.
Shivay : Thank god.This cyclone had gone.Who ever gave birth to this child? How they r bearing him?

Shivay meet his daughter Shivanshi(Anshi knows shivay looks like mahi because Ansh said to all kids about him & his kanji eyes):

Shivay again start thinking about anika.He didn’t notice glass pieces on floor which he broke in anger.
Shivay going to step on glass pieces,
a small hand stopped him.That was none other than Shivanshi.He feel some connection with anshi.
Anshi : Uncle r u ok.
Shivay : Thank u beta.
Anshi : Welcome.By the way what’s ur name?
Shivay : I am Shivay.(To the shock he doesn’t want to say his surname)What’s ur name princess?
Anshi : I am Shivanshi.
Shivay : Nice name princess.
Anshi : Thank u pappa.Oops sorry!
Shivay : What u call me pappa?Call me once again?
Anshi : Pappa…Pappa…If i hurt u sorry.
Shivay : No princess.U can call me pappa.
I love this word listening from ur mouth.
Anshi : So friends.
Shivay : No best friends.
Anshi hugged shivay tightly.Shivay enjoyed her company.He forgot about anika & her meeting.
Shivay gave choclate to anshi.
She smiled & kissed on his cheeks.He kissed her on her fore head.
Both bid bye & left the place.

Omkara meet his daughter Gaurika :
Omkara in his deep thoughts about gauri and their meeting few minutes back.
Suddenly small hands cupped his eyes & says who i am?
Omkara : Irika.
Irika : How u know pappa?
Omkara : I know my princess.How r u?Are u fine now?
Irika : Relax pappa i am fine.
Omkara : Thank god.U r fine.I missed u a lot.
Irika : Missed u too.Irika hugged omkara tightly.Omkara forgot about gauri’s meeting.He is happy in irika’s presence.
Irika : Ok come on,i will introduce my brothers,sister & my mama.
Omkara : Ok princess let’s go.
Irika : Ansh,Anshi,om & sahil mama come here!
Ansh,Anshi,om & sahil : What happen iri?
Irika : U all stand here.I want to meet u all a special person.Don’t move wait here.
All at a time says ok.
Irika brings omkara.She starts introducing
(Irika don’t call omkara as papa in others presence.Thats the deal between Irika & Omkara.She call him as om uncle)
Uncle he is my big brother Shivansh.
Omkara : Hello Ansh.Nice to meet u dear.
Ansh : Hai.Nice to meet u too uncle.
Uncle he is my another brother Gaurom.
Omkara : Hai Gaurom.Glad to meet u dear.
Om : U can call me om.Hai uncle.Nice to meet u too.
Omkara : ok om.
Uncle she is my sister anshi.
Omkara : Hai anshi dear.Nice to meet u.
Anshi : Hai uncle.Nice to meet u too.
Omkara gave choclates to all kids.All r happy and says YAY……YIPPIE……YAY……
All kids kissed omkara on his cheeks.He too kiss them on their foreheads.
Irika says he is my sahil mama
Omkara in shock says SAHIL…
Both Omkara & Sahil eyes become wet.
Sahil send kids with driver.All kids bid bye to omkara & left the place.
Omkara : Sahil u r the same one i am thinking?
Sahil : Ya bade baal wali bhaiyya.
Both hugged each other emotionally they met after 6 years.
Omkara : U grown up big sahil.U r looking hand some.U r fit.But cuteness remains same in u.
Sahil : Thank u bhaiyya.
Omkara : Who r the kids?
Sahil takes omkara a side and says u must promise not to tell this to any one.
Then only i can answer u!
Omkara : I promise u,what ever u say i keep it as secret.But i must share it to shivay & rudra.
Sahil : Ok.But it’s important.
Omkara : No if’s & but’s tell me the truth.
Sahil : Actually Ansh & Anshi r shivay jiju& anika didi’s kids.Gaurika & Gaurom r ur’s & Gauri didi’s kids.
Omkara shocked to the core.But at a same time he was happy.
Sahil : Are u okay.
Omkara : I am ok.I am happy.But how all this happen?
Sahil : I will narrate whole story later.But this is not correct place.
Omkara : Ok.One last question is anika bhabi & gauri moved on in their lifes.
Sahil : No.They r acting like they moved on.Leave it.
Omkara : Ok.
Sahil : How is dadi,Shivay jiju,Tej,Shakti uncles,Janvi aunty,Rudy bhaiyya,Saumya.
Omkara : So u remember every one.All r fine but not completely fine.After gauri & anika bhabi left.
Sahil : Yes,they r my family too bhaiyya. But i hate pinky aunty.
Omkara : She deserves hatred of all.I hate that woman.

Precap : Shivay’s & Omkara’s marriage on 3 days.Anika & Gauri as wedding planners.
Revelations of truth in 3 days.


Give ur valuable comments friends.I hope u all like it.U can share ur feelings.
Soon Pyaar and Tadibaazi war starts between Shivika & Gaurikara.


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  1. awesome
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  7. Wow awesome chapter….
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    If possible try to give a bit lengthy chapter…

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    I loved it.????Finally Om get to know about the truth.Feeling soooooo happy.
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