Dhoor hokar bhi hum pas hai Part-4 (Omkara meets his daughter.Sahil’s surprise visit.)

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The story starts,
After park’s visit,All went to their respective mansions or homes.
Malohtra mansion :
Fine morning,
Shankar : Gauri call my princess gaurika.
Gauri : Irika beta papa is calling u.Come
down dear.

Irika : Coming maa.
Shankar : Come on my princess.
Irika : Papa u called me.
Shankar : Yes princess.Did u forget about
ur painting class.
Irika : Sorry papa.I think it’s from tommorrow.I miss anshi,ansh bhaiyya & om bhaiya.
Shankar : Aww, my princess.The class is only for 2 hours.After that u will return
home na dear & u can play with ansh, anshi & om.
He is busy artist.My friend requested him a lot for u.After lot of requests he accepted to teach u.Come on,let’s go.

Irika : Ok papa.But i will bid bye to anshi,
ansh bhaiyya & om bhaiyya & i will come back.Just 5 minutes papa.
Shankar : Ok dear go but come fast.
Ansh : Irika no need of it.We all come down for u.
Irika : Thank u bhaiyya.Bye anshi,ansh & om bhaiyya.
Ansh : Wait a second irika,chotti maa bring kheer!
Gauri : Ansh beta.Take this kheer,it’s ready.
Ansh : Thank u chotti maa.First u & chotti

papa feed her.After words we all feed her.
Gauri : No first anika di & mahi bhaiya will feed her.
Anika/Mahi : Mera rajkumari aajao.
Irika goes to anika & mahi & hugs them.
Anika & mahi feeds kheer to her.
Irika : Actually i don’t like sweets,badi maa
& papa after eating from ur hands i am feeling it’s tasty.
Anika & mahi smiles.Anika says Badmaash.Irika laughs & all other laughs.
Then Gauri & Shankar feeds her & kiss her on her forehead.She too kiss both of
them on their cheeks.

Gauri : Irika beta listen to ur sir carefully.
Don’t get fear to ask doubts,ask him requestingly if u get any doubt.ok.
Irika : Yes maa.I love u.
Gauri : I love u too beta.
Ansh feed kheer & gifted her a paint brushes package.
Anshi & om feed kheer & gifted her water colours & sketches package.
Irika’s happiness have no limits.All shares hug.
Irika : Thank u so much ansh bhaiyya, anshi & om bhaiyya.U r my world’s
best sister & brothers.
Ansh,Anshi& om : No need to thank iri.
We all love u.Ansh says one for all.Anshi & om says all for irika says one.All together says “One for all,All for one”.
Seeing their bonding all r happy.
All bid bye & went to their respective works.

Gaurika’s entry to Omkara’s Gallery :
Actually shankar’s friend drop her, introduce her to omkara & went off.
Omkara’s eyes become wet unknowingly. When he saw his daughter for 1st time. (She looks like omkara.I send her image please comment me.U all like her.)
Omkara : Hello Gaurika.I am Omkara.(In his mind this name reminds me gauri again.)
Gaurika : Hai sir.
Omkara : No need to call me sir.Call me om.
Gaurika : Hello Om.Now u can also call me
Omkara : It sounds good & om calls irika.Irika says now it sounds good.
Gaurika & om laughs together.
After a long time a smile appear on his face.He is so happy with irika.
Omkara : From tommorrow i will teach u.
Will u come with me to my home.

Irika : Yay…..Yippie…..Yay.Thank u.
Omkara : Ur welcome dear.
Malohtra mansion :
Sahil entry to malohtra mansion :
Sahil change his look&come as pizza boy
to malohtra’s mansion.He knocks door.

Anika opens the door & says who r u?
Sahil : Mam u ordered pizza.
Anika,no one ordered pizza.U can go now.
Sahil touches anika’s hand & says i came here to stay with u not to go.
Anika shocked & screams gauri.
Gauri brings mirchi & comes as jhansi ki
Anika & Gauri already knows he was sahil.
Because his wig moved aside.They want to fear him.

Sahil seeing mirchi & says no anika di &
gauri di.He remove his wig & says i am ur
Anika & Gauri smiles & gives hi-fi to each other.
Sahil run to kitchen and drinks water.
Aniri comes from behind & pinch sahil ears.
Sahil smiles & hug both of them & says i
miss u.
All eyes becomes wet.
Anri says we missed our small sahil.Now he grew up big.
Sahil says i am always small to u di.

They smiles.
Anri feed him his favorite dishes all eyes becomes wet & send him to freshened.
He freshened & comes out.He asked anri
about kids.
Anri said him that they all went out for playing.

Precap : Omkara’s daughter entry to oberoi mansion!Sahil surprise all kids.

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