Dhoor hokar bhi hum pas hai Part-11(Truth revelation).

Hi i am Sakash.Love u all.Thanks for ur
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comments.Please keep commenting if u like my FF.So…So…Sorry for late update my dear cutie pie’s and sweet choco pie’s. I awaited u all.
I change precap.But it will come in upcoming updates.
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The story starts :
Ragini brings Anika and Gauri to oberoi
Ragini : Shivay…shivay…where r u?See whom i bring here?Surprise…surprise.
Shivay listening to ragini words says
Shivay : Wait i am coming Ragini.
Ragini : Ok.Come fast.
Shivay : Why r u shouting that much?And whom u bring?what’s ur surprise?Tell me fast i must attend to important business
Ragini : Ok baba ok.
Anika bhabi,Gauri bhabi…Come on.Aniri
Shivay : Anika u here?Gauri u here?
Ragini : U know them before shivay?
Shivay : No…no…i…don’t…know…them…?
Who r they?
Anika,Gauri looks at each other.
Ragini : Ok i will introduce them.Pointing
fingers towards anika.Ragini said she is
my first bhabi Anika.I mean Samar bhai’s
wife.She had 2 children Ansh,Anshi.They r not here i will bring them tommorrow.

Shivay’s eyes become wet.His world become up and down for a second.He is
totally died from inside.

Ragini shakes shivay and says
Ragini : Where u lost shivay?
Shivay came back into his senses and says NOTHING.
Ragini : Then say hello to my Anika bhabi.
Shivay : Hello Anika.He forward his hand to give shake hand.
To the shock
Anika : Namasthae.
Shivay fumes in anger.His face become red like LAL MIRCH(Red chillie)
Ragini : Don’t mind shivay.Actually my both bhabhi’s r traditional and beautiful.
Hope u understand.
Shivay : Ya of course.Looking at them we can easily understand!
How much traditional r they?Of course beautiful too?Not more than u Ragini!
Ragini blushes.
Anika : Yes Shivay ji.U r right.
Shivay : Shivay ji its me!
Anika : Of course u any other have this name here more than u?
Shivay : Oh.No need to take that much stress.U can call me shivay bhabhi ji.
Anika : Bhabi ji it’s me!
Shivay : Of course u.
Anika : U too no need to take that much stress u can call me Anika.
Shivay : Ok anika.
Anika : Ok shivay.
Shivay : It sounds better.
Anika stares at him.
Ragini sees omkara and calls him.In talking i forgot introduce,Shivay,Omkara meet my second bhabi Gauri.My second bhai’s wife.I mean Shankar bhai’s wife. They had 2 children Om and Irika.I will bring children tommorrow.
Shivay and omkara sees each other.
Omkara in mind : She is my wife and they r my children.Not ur bhai’s.Evil ragini.
Ragini : So these 2 r wedding planners of our marrriage and as well as omkara’s marriage.Hope u 2 don’t have any problem.
Shivay,omkara : No…Not at all.
Ragini gives weird look.
Shivay : I mean we don’t have any problem.Is it om?
Omkara : Ya shivay.
Ragini : Ok.I have party.So i must leave.
But my 2 bhabi’s will be here shivay.U and
Omkara please show them whole oberoi mansion.They will have some idea.
According to that my bhabi’s will design.U 2 don’t have any problem.
Shivay,Omkara : No problem.
Ragini : Bye Shivay,Om,Bhabi’s.
Shivay : Hey Ragini!Stop calling them bhabi’s and stop this bhabi drama yaar.Name before bhabi name after bhabi we r fed up listening continuously
BHABI/BHABI’S word.Please call them
Anika and Gauri.
Omkara : Ya Shivay is right.Blood is coming from ears listening this bhabi’s word.

Anika and Gauri laughs.They die to control their laughter.

Ragini gives weird look and says,
Ragini : What do u mean?
Omkara : I am just joking.U tell na Shivay!
Shivay : Ragini,we mean u r modern girl.
Call them with names.Its funny listening that many times bhabi/bhabi’s word.
Ragini : Ya Shivay u r right.

Precap : Shivay helps anika.Omkara helps
Gauri.Anika falls in pool.Shivay brings anika out and save her.Gauri while decorating flowers on wall.She about to fall from stool.Omkara holds her by waist on time and saves her from falling.
Sorry for short update.U all enjoy it.
I hope u all like it.Please give ur valuable
Comments friends,sisters and brothers.
After a long time,we all met.Did any one
miss me guys.And tell me how u feel when u saw my FF.
Did any one miss me guys?

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