Dhhai Kilo Prem 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 8th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with goons asking Deepu to sit inside quietly. Other goon asks why did you take her in. Sarika thinks to call Police. Deepu asks goons to let her go and says police will come. Piyush is driving his bike, his father asks him to drive fast. Goons asks what we will say to our boss. Deepu says that a girl ruined your plan. They tie Deepu’s hands and mouth. Piyush comes there with his bau ji. Man tells that girls screams were coming from inside. Piyush says there is no voice now and asks if the back door is open. Bau ji says no. Tushar also comes there. Goons lift the shutter and take Deepu out covering her head with a bag.

Piyush asks them to leave the girl and recalls seeing them coming out of shop. He stares Tushar. Goons asks Piyush to move and take Deepu in auto. Piyush

asks them to stop and follow them on his bike. Bau ji asks him not to go behind them and asks have you gone fatty. Piyush goes behind the auto and says now I will show what this mota can do. Sarika brings Police and tells that goons entered in this shop. She asks where are the goons. Man tells they have escaped with the girl. Sarika is shocked. Goons gets shocked seeing Piyush following them.

Goon asks driver to drive fast. They throw Deepu out of the auto. Deepu falls down the cliff, but manages to hold it. She shouts for help. Piyush comes and fights with the goons and beats them angrily for calling him mota, gubbara etc. He says I will beat you much, so that you remember all life.

Piyush continues to fight and beats the goons. Deepu shouts for help. Piyush then walk towards Deepu to save her, but goons catch him. Piyush fights with them again. Deepu cries and shouts for help. Piyush holds her hand. Goons hits him on rod, but Piyush is still holding her hand. Police comes there. Goons try to flee, Policeman catch them and try to rescue Deepu. Piyush gets salesman’s call asking him to come to shop. Piyush says I am coming. Deepu comes up and sees Piyush going on his scooter. Music plays….

Bau ji tells that the goons managed to break the lock and entered shop, but couldn’t steal anything. Salesman says they had the keys. Bau ji thinks he had sent Piyush to close the shop and doubts him. Tushar hides. Piyush comes back home. Bau ji asks how did the keys reach thieves. Piyush is silent. Bau ji slaps him and says I have made this shop with my hard earned earrings and asks him to poisoned him, then do what he wants to.

Deepu comes back home. Ragini cries seeing her wounds. Deepu tells that Piyush saved her and says he is a good person. Ragini hopes that she gets Piyush’s like guy. Mishra ji says you got the guy naa for her. Ragini says we have to do video chat with him. Mishra ji says first he shall talk to her. He then asks Deepu not to do this again and says if anything had happened to you. Deepu says real human is the one who thinks abput others. Mishra ji says he is proud her as his daughter. Ragini brings milk and asks her to drink. Mishra ji asks her to bring salad. Ragini says her weight will not increase much. Deepu says there is a almond also, and makes her father taste it. He laughs.

Inspector Pandey comes to Bau ji’s house. He calls sasumaa to Madhuri and says he was going from there. Bau ji asks did you get thieves. Pandey says no and asks about the loss. Bau says not much. Madhuri says may be loss of 25 thousand. He says he will get him 45000 Rs. from insurance. Bau ji says he needs just the suffered money. Meghu comes and gives him tea. He asks her to tell her if anyone troubles her. Meghu calls him Bappi jiju and says his gold sparkles from far. Bau ji scolds him.

Pandey says Piyush and that girl have failed goons plans. Bau ji says this has done by my sand puttar and says Piyush had given keys to them with his hands. Pandey asks why he will do this.

He goes to terrace and pulls Tushar’s ears, says he is the real thief. He tells Piyush that Tushar might have gambled. Piyush is shocked. Pandey says no problem and asks him to promised that he won’t gamble again, else he will make him sit on donkey and made him parade till the lock up. He goes. Tushar apologizes to Piyush. Piyush says why did you gamble with goons and says we would have been ruined if that girl had not failed their plans. He asks him not to gamble again. Tushar promises him. Piyush hugs him.

Sarika shakes hand with Piyush and says my friend’s friend is my friend too. Deepu smiles. Later Sarika slaps him repeatedly when he propose her. Piyush is shocked. Deepu talks to the guy on video call and he asks her to lose weight to become presentable.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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