Dhhai Kilo Prem 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Piyush coming to the kitchen and drink water. He sees Deepika’s feet impressions and thinks it is good that she left home, everyone will know by morning and they all will get angry on me. Pragya asks Piyush if anything has happened? She asks if the new bride troubled him. Piyush nods no and goes to his room. He sees Deepu coming back home and gets shocked. Pragya also sees her coming. Deepu asks Piyush not to worry as she has not changed her mind. She says when Darshan and Rahul come here to take me for pagphera then I will go and will not return. Piyush asks her to sleep on bed. Deepu asks him to sleep on his bed and says it doesn’t matter to her if she don’t sleep on bed. She sits down on the bed recalling his words and cries. In the morning, Mishra ji calls Deepu and

tells her that Ragini asked him to wake her up at early morning, and calls her Piyush ki Deepika. He says your mum kept alarm near me and asked me to wake you up. He says it is good that you woke up early today and asks if everything is fine. He then asks if she is missing him and tells that he will send Darshu and Rahul to take her for pagphera. Deepu cries and says ok. Mishra ji gets emotional too.

Deepu tries to take her dupatta tied to the ghatbandhan cloth. Piyush wakes up and gives her cloth. He asks if she is going out. Deepu don’t reply to him. Piyush asks her to stop and says I tried to tell truth to everyone, but couldn’t. He says he will come with her to hall. Deepu asks him to face everyone when he told her truth.

Mishra ji is making Prasad in the kitchen. Rukmini tells that Deepu is coming home for pagphera and her mum went for darshan. Rahul and Darshan come to Sharma house. Rahul and Meghna talk to each other and have a slowly steady romance. Rahul have the paratha. Darshan teases him. Pankaj calls Meghna and asks if the food is ready. He sees Rahul eating paratha holding in his hand and asks him to sit and have food. Deepu and piyush comes out. Deepu takes Pankaj’s blessings and touches his feet. Pankaj asks her to have food. She says she is not hungry and feeling unwell. Pankaj signs at Piyush.

Piyush acts as if he doesn’t know and asks what happened to her. Rahul says Piyush must have not let her sleep and talked all night. Deepu leaves with her brothers. Pankaj is relieved and asks Piyush why bahu was looking sad. Piyush says I didn’t tell her anything. Pankaj says I hope this is truth else. Piyush lies to him. Pragya thinks something wrong happened? She calls Rukmini and tells her that something happened between Deepu and Piyush. Rukmini gets happy and says she will call her once she gets to know.

Deepu comes home. Mishra ji welcomes her singing song. Rukmini stops her and says she will do aarti first. Deepu says it is not needed and gets inside the house. Rukmini says it seems she didn’t like her sasural. Mishra ji says she will go and ask her. Darshan tells that she is unwell. Rukmini says she will ask her and also will make her eat food. She thinks if she broke her marriage.

Piyush tells Pragya that he told truth to Deepu. Pragya says if she don’t come then what Bhaiyya will do. Deepu tells Mishra ji that Piyush don’t love her, but loves Sarika. Mishra ji is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Piyush is such a horrible mean boy, because he is not worthy to be called a man.
    According to precap, I am happy that Deepu told her father the truth.
    I don’t want her to return to that house and I want everything to come out.
    She is too good and does not deserve this.
    I want her and her family to stand strong and show this foolish boy his place
    I would hate for this to be like other serial where they sent the girl back and ask her to make him love her.
    And Sarika was too much telling her to keep the marriage and make piyush fall in love with her.
    The boy is awful

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