Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Piyush thanking Sarika to thank her papa for board and for his help. Sarika says no thank you and no sorry in friendship.

Ramakant comes and tells that he is giving 75 percent discount to his customers and asks them to pack their stuff and leaves. He shows the pamphlets. Deepu, Madhuri, piyush and others are shocked. He asks if you like this surprise? Piyush tears pamphlets and throws on him. Ramakant says best of luck to both of you. Piyush asks him to leave. Ramakant leaves. Deepu blames herself for the happenings. Piyush says you didn’t do any mistake, his intentions are wrong and I won’t let him succeed. She sits on his bike and goes with him. Sarika says they will handle well. Piyush says I will show your real picture to Police. Ramakant says we have to be clever

while doing business. He says we need money today itself. Deepu asks him to come. Ramakant says I am not that bad and says you can stop your friend from going jail and have get slaps.

Piyush gets angry and says if you touch her then I will cut your neck and grabs his collar. Ramakant says you dared to do this twice and asks him to get the money. He says you will not able to get the money even if you sell your clothes. Manager says you can get money in one go, if you wants. Ramakant asks Manager to leave it and says golu molu can’t do this. Piyush asks him to say. Ramakant says you must have heard about maut ka saudagar. Piyush asks what? They show him a video. Manager asks him to double the money.

Deepu says no, this is madness. You will not do anything. Ramakant says you have two ways, either to take part in the stunt or get 10 slaps by the people. Piyush and Deepu went out. Deepu asks him to listen and says if anything happens to you, as Ramakant wants something to happen to you. Piyush says I have seen my mum’s tears. She says she will take money from her papa. Piyush says no and asks her to support him else he will go alone. They go and search Seth ji. Piyush asks everything is fine in exhibition. Deepu says yes. Piyush asks someone about Seth ji. She asks him why you are taking rest. Piyush gets angry and asks her to stay there itself and says he will go.

They come to the place and see a man about to do stunt. Kerosene oil is poured on him and is about to set ablaze his clothes. Man takes the firewood in his hand and throws it away. He refuses to do the stunt. Seth ji tells that man refused to do stunt and will have to pay double. He asks people to come tomorrow and says there will be more big stunt tomorrow, who can participate. Piyush looks on and thinks of Madhuri. He says I will do this stunt. Deepu tries to stop him. Deepu sees Seth ji’s goons taking the man who refused to do the stunt and beats him badly. Deepu takes their video in her phone. One of the goon sees Deepu taking their video and runs after her. Goon asks what you were doing and asks her to give her phone.

Deepu refuses to give her phone and runs away. Goons follow her. Piyush comes to Seth ji and tells that he will do this stunt. Seth ji agrees and asks him to come at 7 pm. Piyush says I need money and asks him to give 50000 Rs. Advance. Seth ji refuses to give him money. Deepu comes to Piyush and says these men are dangerous and asks him to come. Seth ji says I will give you 50000 and if you don’t win then you will have to pay me 2 lakhs rupees. Deepu and Piyush leave from the place.

Deepu is doing the stunt. Piyush asks the man to make her get down. They pour kerosene on her and is about to light her clothes on fire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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