Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Madhuri asking Deepu to have something and break her fast. Deepu says she can’t have food until Piyush have it. She makes Piyush have food. Kunal asks him to make her have it. Tushar says Bhabhi have become Sharma, and Bhaiyya is shying. Piyush makes her have the food. Deepu is taken to room. Kunal says he will not make you wait. Pragya instigates Piyush against Deepu and says she is feeling bad. Piyush is upset and thinks he will not let Deepu rule in the house, and he will only rule in the house. Deepu waits for Piyush in his room and recalls her friends teasing her on wedding night. Her friends tell that they will make her do crash course. She thinks she is lucky to have a lovely family. She imagines Piyush saying he loves her. Piyush asks what she was thinking? Deepu

says she was thinking about him. Piyush says he didn’t see more beautiful girl than her. Deepu’s imagination ends and thinks if he does something. Piyush gets his friend’s call and he taunts him. He calls his friends and they taunt him and says they want to know how he have the wedding night. Mishra ji and Ragini are sad and misses Deepu. Darshan cries. Ragini says they have done mannat and have to go to Vaishnov devi.

Rahul calls Deepu. Deepu gets happy hearing Mishra ji. He asks if she is fine. Deepu says she is fine and is in Piyush’s room waiting for him. She tells him that she is nervous. He gives call to Ragini. Ragini says I will tell you. Deepu says she knows. Darshan takes the call and cries. Deepu says you are crying even now. Rahul takes the call and says asks her to enjoy her wedding night. Deepu is shy.

Kunal is asleep. Namrata tries to wake him up. Kunal tells her that Piyush is having wedding night today and not them. He asks her to let him sleep. Namrata says you don’t love me now. Kunal says you are taking my hearing at 3 am. Namrata gets upset. Kunal asks her to say what she wants to say. Pankaj and Madhuri come to Piyush. Piyush says now you remember me. Pankaj says I hope you will not repeat your mistake and says he will not bear tears in Deepu eyes. Madhuri says Deepu is our bahu now and asks her to keep her happy. Pankaj asks Madhuri to give with her friends to Vaishnov Devi. He says he has packed her bags. Madhuri is surprised. Pankaj asks her to take off her old mangalsutra as he brought new mangalsutra for her. Madhuri gets emotional. Pankaj says he will make her wear it, and tells that last time, he did a mistake and apologizes.

Madhuri cries and says happiness came as Deepika entered our house. She hopes Piyush have a change of heart for Deepu. He asks her to meet children. Madhuri says let them sleep, they are tired. Piyush comes to his room. Deepu tells him that he was seeing his room and tells that she will keep her stuff in his almari. Piyush says no need. Deepu says she will change the room. Piyush gets angry and asks her to be quiet. He asks if she stays quiet sometimes. Deepu asks what happened? Piyush says no and says he is tired and feeling pain. He says he is having headache. Deepu goes to him and says I can understand your irritation. She says this was perfect wedding for me. Piyush says it was like cow dung wedding. Deepu is shocked and asks what he wants to say? Piyush says he don’t want to marry her.

Deepu comes to Sarika’s house at midnight and asks why you haven’t told me that Piyush loves you. Sarika is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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