Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mishra ji trying to cheer up Deepu and asks her to have kachori. Her brother tells that nobody can thought that she will play hanuman. Deepu is upset. Ragini scolds her son and asks him to make biodata for her marriage. She tells Mishra ji that she has made her hopeless. Mishra ji asks her to forget all these thing and asks Deepu why she is upset. Deepu says she is upset as Ram leela is ruined and says she tried to make him happy and have accepted role of hanuman because of Shilpa. Ragini scolds her and says Darshu is busy editing her pic in his laptop. Deepu says I will not marry. Ragini asks if you will become burden on us all life. Deepu gets upset and goes.

Mishra tells her that his daughter is his ego and not burden, he can feed her all life. Ragini says you said

right, but forgot one thing. She says you are sugar patient and I am BP patient. She says I am suffocating after the Bareilli incident. Mishra ji asks why is she scratching the past and says it was a bad dream and shall be forgotten. Ragini asks did you forget that? And cries. Mishra ji hugs her. Deepu hears them and cries.

Piyush thinks about Sarika and smiles. He tells his friend that he will not get sleep today and tells that he is in love with Sarika. He says play couldn’t happen due to that fat girl. His friend tells that fat girl is suitable for you. Piyush gets irked and tells that he will marry Sarika and is joining gym. His friend drops him home and asks him to handle his father. Piyush says I have a strong reason today. He sees red cloth on the door and thinks gabbar is much angry today.

Piyush comes home pretending to call on phone and greets Bau ji. Bau ji asks where were you? Piyush tells that he went to do Ram ji’s insurance….His dad asks if he went to play his role. Ram says he went to do Ram’s character insurance. Bau ji tells that a neighbor saw him at Ram Leela and taunts on his weight. His mum asks him to have food. Piyush says he has become fat and asks who will complete the target. Her mum asks him to let him have food first. Bau ji accuses her for feeding him food and making him bulldozer. Piyush asks his father not to scold his mum. His siblings looks on. Bau ji is about to hit him with slipper. His mum stops him and asks Piyush to hold his feet and apologize. Bau ji asks her to serve food for everyone and declares that Piyush shall not eat food today. Piyush gets tears in his eyes.

Deepu is crying standing near the window. Mishra ji brings food for her and tells evil people keep things in their heart and good people speaks their thoughts and asks her not to feel bad about her mum’s thoughts. Deepu says I have given pain to you and is not good at all. Mishra ji says no. Deepu says you have to feel ashamed because of me, first Bareilly and then Ram Leela. Mishra ji says you didn’t do any mistake then and asks her not to talk about it. Deepu says I wanted to make you happy, but failed. Mishra ji asks her to forget the matter and move on. He asks her to have food. Deepu tells him that Shilpa insulted her, but some Ram ji there was good and gave her handkerchief.

Piyush sees his family have dinner. His sister asks Bau ji to let Piyush have food. He refuses. She seeks his permission to watch TV. His brother tells that he made list of the left over food items. Piyush is in washroom. His mum knocks on the door and asks him to have food, says she has hidden the plate before Tukku counts the food. Piyush gets happy and says you takes care of both children, me and my stomach. His mum hopes that her husband can understand him. Piyush says then your life would have been easy. His sister keeps eye on the door. Piyush tells that he will bring threads for her. Mum says she is not going anywhere and will go to mata rani once he gets married. Piyush says he will bring lean bride for him and says he will be going to gym tomorrow. His sister asks her to give him milk. Mum says from tomorrow. Piyush thinks to meet Sarika in the gym.

Deepu tells Mishra ji that she is going to Yoga class which is 4 days behind Tajmahal. Piyush is also going there. Mum asks him to have breakfast. Piyush tells her that he is on dieting today. His mum hopes that he will get Deepika of his dreams. Piyush says her name is not Deepika and smiles. He leaves.

Ragini asks Deepika if she gave cooker cake to that guy. Deepu says he might be eating it now. Piyush is seen eating cake. Later Piyush’s sister asks her mum to get Piyush married to cooker cake girl. Piyush dreams about Sarika. Deepu hears a man laughing strangely and gets worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. people get depressed not being able to lose weight. Health is wealth. A fat girl is kind of bearable. But a fat guy…. I believe the actor got BP after putting on all that weight. I feel sad watching such serials.

    Then somebody will say don`t watch. That is not the point. Serials should not be made on such themes.

    It makes fun of fat people. Right from the promo.

  2. The serial has never intended in insulting such groups and by the way there are many other serials which take up such themes like thapki pyaar ki they are trying portray the difficulties of stammering girl at the first though now it has changed…So nothing to blame the makers..

  3. well. The theme is “love” between two obese people. And it is portrayed in an insulting and derogatory way. It is not just this serial but there are other serials too where fat people “should” marry fat people and bear obese children probably.

    Look at the promo. Two persons competing to eat pani puri. On one hand these actors and actresses strive hard to work out and eat a healthy diet so that they look nice in the serials. On the other hand there are persons who try to lose weight but not very successfully. And then they show such “humorous” serials showing obese persons as the main lead.

    Portraying a person who stammers is different. This is a very bad sense of humour starting from the title onwards.

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