Dhhai Kilo Prem 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mishra ji seeing Deepu’s pic and gets emotional. Deepu sees him smiling looking at her pic and laughing. She comes to him. Mishra ji keeps his wallet back in his pocket. He asks did you meet everyone. He says I thought to laugh until you meet everyone. He calls her Piyush ki Deepika. He says from today I will call you Piyush ki Deepika instead of Deep, Deepu, Deepika. Deepu smiles, and gets teary eyes. She says you might be thinking that. A fb is shown, Deepu asking Mishra ji to cry when she gets married. He says he will not cry, and will not let her cry too. Fb ends. Mishra ji says I will not cry or let you cry. He laughs, but starts crying badly. Ragini comes and says bidaai time is arriving. Rukmini asks her to throw puffed rice from above her head and not to look back.

Deepu does bidaai ritual. Mishra ji and others come out as Deepu and Piyush comes out. Pragya asks Mishra ji to push the car. Rukmini says mota and moti are sitting inside, this car will not pushed even if 10 people pushes it. Piyush gets angry. Mishra ji tries to push the car. Pankaj says he will also push. Pragya says this is not the custom. Pankaj says I am taking daughter home and not bahu. Kunal says even I am her brother and pushes the car. Others also push it.

Deepu cries in car. Piyush cries. Deepu asks if he is feeling bad seeing her crying. Piyush says no and tells him her that he is feeling pain as she kept her foot on his foot. She says sorry and moves her foot. Piyush feels pain and holds her hand. Deepu rests on his shoulder and smiles. Piyush smiles forcibly and gets tensed.

Deepu and Piyush reach home. Piyush asks someone to help him get down the car. Madhuri does Deepu and Piyush’s aarti. Meghna and Namrata asks for Nek. Piyush says he don’t have money. Amit gives envelopes to them from Piyush’s pocket. Namrata asks Deepu to leave her hands impression. Deepu does the ritual. Madhuri asks her to kick the kalash and enter home. Deepu enters home kicking kalash and keeps her feet in colored water. Everyone goes inside leaving Piyush, but Deepu turns and sees him about to fall down from his wheel chair and holds him at the right time. Everyone smiles seeing Deepu saving Piyush. Kunal and Amit take him inside.

Namrata takes Deepu to inhouse temple. Madhuri asks her to take God’s blessings. Deepu lights the diya. Kishore comes and tells Kunal that car driver is asking for nek. Kunal and Amit goes. Piyush is upset and throws his turban. He tries to stand up, but couldn’t. Pragya tells Piyush that he has ruined his life and married a fat Deepu. She says you wanted to marry slim girl, but got married to fat girl. Piyush gets picture messages from his friends and is angry. Pragya sees the pics and taunts Piyush. She says everyone will laugh on you now and will taunt you. Piyush asks why she is telling him all these things. Pragya asks him to win in the ring ritual, else he will lose his everything to her.

Madhuri puts the ring in the bowl and asks Piyush and Deepu to find. Deepu gets the ring. Madhuri asks them to play again. Deepu gets the ring again. Everyone claps for Deepu. Namrata says Deepu will win all life. Piyush is upset. Madhuri says play again. Deepu gets the ring, but gives in Piyush’s hand. Piyush gets happy. Pragya thinks to make her life hell.

Pankaj tells Piyush that he hopes he will forget the happenings and will start afresh with Deepu. Piyush tells Deepu that he never wanted to marry her, this was very inauspicious day of his life and says I don’t love you. Deepu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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