Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pandit ji asking Piyush and Deepu to take rounds and asks their families to explain the wedding vows. Rang De Tu song plays…..Deepu and Piyush takes the first round. Pankaj explains the first vows that they shall pray to God that they will never have any deficit of wealth and food. They take second round. Madhuri says you promise to each other to be with each other in any circumstances. Deepu pushes the wheel chair to take the rounds with Piyush. Kunal says you shall pray to God that you get success in every work you do. They take fourth round. Namrata says for fourth round, you both will respect each other families. Pandit ji asks Deepu to come infront. Piyush says then who will push my wheelchair. Amit says he will give. Pragya says then your half marriage will also happen.

Pankaj says we all shall push the chair as this marriage is union of both families. They push the chair as Deepu is ahead of piyush while taking rounds. Mishra ji says you both pray to God that he shall give you lovely kids just like you. Deepu and Piyush takes 6th round.

Ragini says you promise each other that you will share you happiness and sorrows and moves ahead in life. Pandit ji declares 7th round is complete. Piyush recalls dreaming to marry girl like Deepika padukone. Ragini asks Rukmini to explain seventh vow. Rukmini finds it difficult and couldn’t explain. Taya says leave it, you can’t say. He says you promise each other that you both present self to each other and will fulfill husband and wife’s duties with loyalty.

Pandit ji asks Piyush to make her wear mangalsutra and apply sindoor. Piyush recalls telling that he hates fat girls and picks the mangalsutra. He recalls people’s taunts and comments. He looks at pankaj. He then makes Deepu wear mangalsutra with her help. Everyone claps for them. He then applies sindoor in her maang. Pankaj, Madhuri, Mishraji and Ragini are happy. Piyush is like about to cry. Deepu thinks it seems he got emotional too like me. Rukmini says even groom is crying. Kunal says he got girl of her dreams and that’s why he got happy and senti. Pankaj says they have become husband and wife for forever. Madhuri says this marriage will not be completed until I accept her as my bahu. Mishra ji asks her to accept Deepu. Piyush asks why? Madhuri says she will accept and do some ritual. She makes her wear anklet and says you are now our bahu fully. Ragini and Mishra ji gets emotional. Everyone claps. Pragya looks on evilly.

Deepu touches her inlaws feet. Ragini says she is very happy, but emotional too as she is leaving them. Deepu also gets emotional and cries. Deepu says every parents love their children a lot, and the children don’t realize their love when they are small, but realizes after growing up. Ragini blesses her. Darshan hugs Deepu. Deepu says you shall be happy as you will be getting my room. Darshan says who will scold me and asks I will live in that room. Deepu asks shall I return. Darshan says no and says he will manage without her. Rahul says motu…you are leaving. Deepu says heroes don’t cry. She hugs her brothers.

Rahul gets emotional and goes. Ragini says we will go to teetra yatra now. Pankaj says your responsibility is over now, you can go. Deepu thanks Taya and Rukmini and tells that she felt like she is having two parents when they were at home. Taya ji blesses her. Rukmini coughs and says inauspicious thing happened. Deepu says no problem and says now everything will be fine and my married life will be good. She hugs them. Rukmini thinks you will soon now. Meghna sees Rahul crying and gives him hand kerchief. Rahul says as he is an actor, his emotional flows away. Meghna smiles. Pankaj sees them and calls Meghna and asks what she was doing. Meghna says she was returning his hanky. Pankaj scolds her and taunts Rahul. Meghna waves him bye and goes. Deepu thinks why this day comes in every girl’s life and thinks today she is leaving all relations, but how to say bye to Papa.

Deepu asks Mishra ji not to cry. Mishra ji says I will not cry, but will make you laugh. He laughs, but starts crying badly. Deepu cries and hugs him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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