Dhhai Kilo Prem 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Piyush eating the burger just as competition begins. Host tells that winner will get 2.5 Lakhs Rs. Piyush and other participants have the burgers. Host tells that Piyush is at last place till now. Deepu motivates him to have more burgers fast. Meghna calls Rahul and tells that Tushar is at home and keeping eye on her, but she will try to come. Tushar comes there talking to his friend on phone and telling that he has no money to buy headache. Meghna gets an idea and asks him to take money from her and buy head phone. She says she needs to take notes from Priya. Tushar agrees and asks her to come on time else Pankaj will get angry. Piyush is having burger and drinking water. Deepu asks him not to drink much water. Piyush says if I don’t drink water then I can’t eat and asks

her to go. Meghna comes out to meet Rahul. She sees him standing at the other side of road and runs towards him Rahul also runs to her. They stare each other. Music plays….She asks why did you run? Rahul says I thought you…..Meghna sees Kishore, takes Rahul to side and hides behind him. Kishore goes. Rahul looks at her. Meghna says now you can get out.

Rahul says we will go to Kundan’s shop. Meghna says no. He says we shall go to burger plaza. She agrees. Deepu gets an idea and tells Piyush to have burger, sandwich separately so that he don’t need to drink much water. Piyush asks her not to trouble him. Deepu keeps the bangles on the table. Piyush separates the burger and eats it. Host tells that Piyush is eating fast now. Rahul and Meghna comes there. Meghna says there is crowd here. Rahul asks her not to worry. They take side table and sit down there. They didn’t see Deepu, Madhuri or Piyush. They order cold coffee and drinks it while looking at each other. Host tells that two participants have accepted defeat and back off from the competition, now there is just two participants left, one is Piyush and other is burger champion. He says just few time is left. Piyush finishes the burger before the burger champion.

Host tells that Piyush Sharma have won 2.5 Lakhs prize money. Everyone is happy. Meghna and Rahul are shocked to see him. Meghna says we shall leave from here. Host asks piyush what he will do with the prize money. Piyush says he will give his money to his babu ji. Host asks him to call his family there. He calls Madhuri near him and takes her blessings. Madhuri asks Deepu to come. Deepu congratulates him. Piyush nods. Deepu turns and sees Rahul and Meghna leaving from there. Meghna tells Rahul that she shall go home. Host gives 2.5 lakhs cheque to Piyush, and gives second prize to burger champion. Burger champion congratulates Piyush and tells that he didn’t win, but Deepu made him win. He asks him not to let her go from his life. Piyush looks at Deepu and tells Madhuri that everyone praises her when I had all the burgers. Amit tries to hug Piyush. Piyush says my stomach will burst now. Sarika congratulates him and says Deepu made you win. Piyush asks Madhuri to give cheque to Pankaj. Madhuri asks him to give, says Pankaj will get happy if you give from your hand.

Deepu thanks him and says everyone was saying you have won because of me. Piyush says I was about to eat burger separately. They have a sweet argument. Piyush says he wants to see her in short hairs and asks shall I get appointment from barber. Deepu asks him to come home first and give cheque to Pankaj. Piyush says ok and says he will get her hairs short. He returns her bangles. Deepu takes it smilingly. She recalls seeing Meghna and Rahul at the burger shop. Deepu and others come home. Deepu gives burger to Tushar and says she brought for Meghna and him. She asks about Meghna. Tushar says she must be here. Deepu asks about Meghna. Meghna says why she is asking when she knows, and gets angry on her. Pragya comes and instigates Meghna against Deepu, she is jealous seeing your lean look. Deepu thinks she asked Rahul to stay away from her, but he….

Piyush tells Pankaj that the cooker cakes sold in his shop are not made by Sarika’s friend, but Deepu herself. Pankaj looks on. Deepu gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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