Dhhai Kilo Prem 29th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Deepika challenging Piyush’s manhood and asks him to wear saree. Piyush accepts her challenge and says you have challenged my manhood. I will participate in the competition, and says if I lose, then I will wear bangles and if I win then you have to cut your hairs short. Deepu is surprised and says she accepts the challenge. Piyush gives her best wishes. Deepu gets worried about her hairs and thinks how can I keep hairs like guys. She comes to Madhuri and says if God wishes, then they will get the money. She tells about the burger competition and tells that Piyush kept some weird condition, but she will manage. Madhuri says burger is not good for her health. Deepu asks her not to worry and says they will be there to support him.

Rahul comes to Pankaj’s house, but

stops himself from going inside. He sees Meghna and Tushar coming there. He hides. Tushar goes inside the house. Rahul holds Meghna’s hand and takes her to side. Meghna says Rahul. He keeps his hand on her mouth and asks why you are not picking my calls. Meghna says she was attending extra classes and her phone was on silent mode. She asks why did you come? Rahul says do I need a reason to meet you. He says if you had picked my call then I wouldn’t have come here. Rahul says Deepu told that Pankaj is not allowing her to go out alone. He asks about her feelings. She asks him to tell first. Tushar calls Meghna. Meghna tells Rahul that she has to go and will call him.

Deepu imagines herself in short hairs and cries. She shouts in sleep and kicks Piyush out of bed. Piyush falls down from the bed. He asks why did she shout and kick him. Deepu says she saw dream and touches her hairs. Piyush smiles and says you were dreaming about your short hairs and says I will tell you about the barber.

Meghna thinks about Rahul. Rahul calls her and asks her to meet him at sweet’s shop. Meghna says she will try, but it is difficult for her. She thinks about Pankaj’s decision. Mishra ji comes to Rahul and asks him to tell what is in his heart? Rahul says even I can show the anger. Mishra ji asks him to have peace and tells that he understands that he is a hot blood, but asks him to leave everything on time. Rahul says now he will give a strict reply to them.

Piyush tells poetry about hairs. Deepu is tensed. Kunal, Namrata and others are happy. Namrata says even wrong guy gets better after marriage. Piyush touches Pankaj’s feet and asks him to bless him, as he is going to do some good work. He says I haven’t fulfilled your wish to be IAS and says today he will try to take up the responsibilities. Pankaj says he is very happy today and gives credit to Deepu for his changed behavior. Piyush is irritated and asks Madhuri why did Pankaj appreciated her. Madhuri says she is your wife. Deepu shows the bangles while piyush acts to be cutting knife. He asks her to get ready.

Sarika laughs hearing Deepu telling about Piyush’s condition. She asks her to get ready to cut her hairs and shows the styles.. Deepu says she is tensed. Madhuri comes and asks when we have to go for competition. Deepu says in sometime. Sarika teases Deepu and says you will look cute. Madhuri asks Meghna to come with them as they are going out. Meghna says she will not go and will stay at home. Madhuri asks Tushar to stay at home and keep eye on her.

Madhuri, Deepu, Sarika and Amit come to the competition place. All the contestants come to compete. Deepu cheers for Piyush. Piyush signs her scissor. Madhuri asks what happened? Deepu says nothing. Host introduces the burger champion. Champion asks others competitors to back off. Piyush recalls Pankaj overfeeding him food and tells Madhuri that he will win the competition.

Piyush and others have the burger. Deepu is worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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