Dhhai Kilo Prem 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya calling Rukmini and tells that she couldn’t digest the food and feeling really bad. Rukmini says she don’t need any fake sympathy. Pragya says she wanted to come with Meghna in the morning, but she had already left. Rukmini warns that if Meghna come again then she will break her feet. Pragya asks her to punish Deepu. Rukmini says she spoils their sleep daily early morning as she comes to make cooker cake for her friends. Pragya looks on. Deepu serves the food to everyone. She says she will serve food to meghna in her room. Pankaj asks her to call her. Kishore comes and gives 10000 Rs. to Pankaj for the cooker cake. Pankaj gives money to Deepu and asks her to tell Sarika to make more cooker cakes as demand is more. Deepu gives money to Madhuri and asks her to keep

it, says Sarika will take it at the end of month. Pragya thinks to expose Deepu infront of pankaj.

Meghna is still crying. Pragya comes to her and says don’t know what this fat woman have done magic on Pankaj and Madhuri. She says she stopped you from going out and is making money by selling cooker cakes made by her at Pankaj’s shop. Meghna is shocked and asks if she is saying truth. Pragya tells her everything and says bahu is ruining the family members’ life. Meghna says she will do same thing with her.

Pankaj is at his shop and shows masala packet to a customer. Rukmini asks customer to buy from supermarket and says it is offering more discounts. Sarika comes there and gives cooker cake. Rukmini gifts a lock to Pankaj. Pankaj is shocked. Rukmini says soon it will get closed. Sarika says supermarket will not give discounts later and asks Pankaj not to worry.

Meghna comes to Piyush and tells him that Deepu went to her mayka. She says Deepu goes to her house daily, makes cooker cake and get it sold at Pankaj’s shop. She says when I tried to earn money, everyone objected. But now she is earning money without telling anyone. Piyush says I will teach her a lesson and tells that she is not a good girl for me. Pragya gets happy and thinks enemy’s enemy is her friend.

Deepu tells Madhuri that she is planning to expand Pankaj’s shop and then they will give tough competition to supermarket. She says they need 2 lakhs rs. Madhuri says from where we will get money They come home. Piyush asks Deepu what is she doing? He says you are making cooker cake and selling it at Pankaj’s shop and asks her to pack her bags. Madhuri says you are thinking her wrong. Meghna says she is betraying us. Piyush says you are very clever and if Pankaj comes to know this, then he will scold Madhuri. He says he will tell Pankaj everything. Madhuri asks him to listen. Piyush says she is trapping you. Deepu thinks she got an idea to help Pankaj and asks Piyush to listen to her. Piyush asks her to count her days now. Deepu comes infront of her and asks him to come with her. Pragya thinks what she will do now.

Deepu takes him to room and asks him to change the clothes and goes. She asks him to wear saree, bangles etc. Piyush says do you think that I am not a man. Deepu says she doesn’t know, and says only women do such things. She says when Madhuri can do work and earn money then why can’t she. She tells that she needs 2 lakhs rs. to save the shop from getting closed. Piyush says let Babu ji decide. Deepu says responsibility is not only of him alone, and asks him to go and take care of the responsibilities. She says women are more smart than men of the house. Piyush says he is more smart. Deepu says you can just tell him about me, and call him chuglikhor. Piyush gets angry and keeps his hand on her mouth. He says he is not chuglikhor and accepts her challenge. He says now see what I can do? Deepu says lets see who earns 2 lakhs rs, and says what about Meghna and Pragya, if they tell Pankaj. Piyush says he will handle them but not let her win. Deepu says I hope you knows that I will come first. Piyush shows the thumps down. Deepu thinks she wants him to win and thinks if you help him then Papa ji will be happy.

Rukmini asks Rahul to stay away from Meghna. Rahul, gets irritated. Amit shows burger competition and says first prize is 2.5 lakhs. Deepu asks Piyush to earn money by eating burger..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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