Dhhai Kilo Prem 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Piyush trying to pacify Meghna who is crying badly. Meghna asks if he don’t trust her. Piyush says he trust her and says you would have thought before doing this. Pragya asks Piyush to handle his fat wife and says today she has done this with Meghna and don’t know what she will do with Tushar and others. She hugs Meghna and tells that Deepika has done this after coming home. Meghna says I hate her. Madhuri hears everything.

Ragini tells Rahul that she will make soup for him. She asks why did you let meghna do acting, and says their relation is sensitive. Rukmini scolds Rahul for getting beaten by Pankaj and also scolds Ragini. Rahul asks her to stop it. Rukmini says she knows how to light fire. Piyush comes to Deepu and warns her not to do anything with Meghna.

Deepu asks him to see in her eyes and tell. Piyush says if you haven’t messaged her, then also you should have been silent and would have accepted the blame. He says I can get beaten by my father, but can’t let anything happen to my siblings. Deepu says but who has sent that message. Piyush says I will make sure that you leave from house in 60 days. Deepu promises him that she will try her best to win her heart.

Pragya comes to Madhuri and tries to instigates her against Deepu. Madhuri says she knows who can do this work as her both daughters are saying different things. Pragya asks her not to doubt her. Madhuri says I have bear enough for old friendship sake, but if you try to harm Deepika then I will expose your truth. Pragya thinks to ruin the house.

Meghna worries about Rahul and goes out to see him. Deepu talks to Ragini and says she is coming. She sees door open and checks for Meghna. She calls her. Meghna rejects her call. She calls on Rahul’s number and it comes as switched off. She looks at his window and thinks to call him. She then thinks if she calls him then people will wake up. She throws pebble through the window. Rukmini comes out of window and asks who is there? Meghna hides. Rahul asks Rukmini to come and says there is nobody here. Rahul comes there and tells that hero gets beaten everytime. Meghna asks about his health and holds his hand. Rahul feels pain. Meghna blames Deepu. Rahul says his sister can’t do anything wrong.

Deepu wakes up Piyush and tells him that Meghna is missing. Piyush is shocked and tells that may be she went to meet Rahul. Deepu calls Rahul and asks him to send Meghna. He says she already left. Deepu angrily tells him that she will talk to him about this later. They wait for her to come. Meghna comes back home. Piyush and Deepu are relieved, they see Pankaj asking Meghna where did she go? Meghna hesitantly tells that she went to meet Rahul. Pankaj tries to beat her, but Piyush protects her and gets beaten up. Pankaj tells that Meghna will not step outside the house now. Pragya says how she will go to college now.

Meghna says she wants to study. Pankaj says she can’t go anywhere and says they will get her married soon. Piyush says this is wrong. Pankaj scolds him. Deepu folds his hands and apologizes to Pankaj on Rahul’s behalf. She tells him that she will make Rahul understand not to meet meghna and asks him not to stop meghna’s education. Madhuri also requests him. Pankaj says she will only go to college, just 3 months are left then we will decide what to do. He asks Tushar to go with her to college and pick and drop her. He goes inside. Madhuri hugs Meghna and asks her not to cry. Deepu keeps her hand on her shoulder.

Precap: Pragya tells Meghna that Deepu is making cooker cake silently and selling it in Pankaj’s shop. Piyush tells Deepu that he will lower her down. Rukmini insults Pankaj and says very soon his shop will get closed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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