Dhhai Kilo Prem 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Taya ji asking Namrata to give gift to someone else. Ragini asks her to give gift to Sarika. Namrata gives gift to Sarika. Deepu hugs Sarika. Piyush calls Amit and asks if the work is done. Amit adds salt to paneer gravy and says work is done, sabzi’s taste is ruined. Madhuri gives ancestral bangles to Deepu. Pragya Bua says my mum gave this to Madhuri on her roka. Madhuri finds it difficult to make Deepu wear those bangles due to its size. Rukmini says may be your saas don’t know your size. Pragya tells that her mum doesn’t know that her grand son’s wife will be fat. Deepu feels bad. Piyush gets up and tells that the rasam will be incomplete now. Mishra ji says it is a small thing. Rukmini says roka have to be stopped. Madhuri says we will make new bangles. Ragini

gets worried and says don’t know when next mahurat will come. Namrata takes out her bangles and asks Madhuri to make her wear it. Deepu refuses to take her bangles. Namrata says it is my Nani’s bangles, but it is yours. Piyush thanks Namrata and gets tensed. She asks Ragini not to worry.

Ragini tells Rukmini that this girl whom you called mannerless helped us. Rukmini says so what. Madhuri makes Deepu have the bangles. Deepu says I am very lucky to get such a nice family. Piyush thinks his luck is black to get engaged to fatty like her. Sarika asks the girls to check if the gas is on, on all counters and says guests shall be served nice food. Deepu comes and shows the bangles to Sarika. She says her family is so loving.

Sarika says you will forget me. Deepu says no and hugs her. Sarika asks their friends to serve food at the counters. Deepu says they shall check everything as she don’t want anything wrong to happen. She checks all dishes and says it is tasty. She then tastes Paneer gravy and says it is too much salty. They get tensed. Pragya Bua tells Madhuri that she would have insulted her if she was not Taya ji’s wife. Madhuri asks her to pray that Piyush’s marriage gets done nicely. Pragya blames Madhuri for remaining unmarried and tells that your brother refused to marry me. Madhuri thinks she couldn’t convince her brother and thinks he didn’t turn up at the mandap. Pankaj tells Taya ji that he couldn’t get Pragya married.

Taya ji says Bhabhi’s brother refused and Pragya refused to marry someone else. Mishra ji asks him not to blame himself and says you are taking good care of her. Piyush instigates Bua and asks her to have food. Pragya asks Rukmini if they will serve them anything. Rukmini taunts her and says they were serve the food.

Piyush tells Pragya that she is hungry. Pragya asks Ragini to serve the food. Mishra ji asks Pankaj to have food. Meanwhile Deepu is making aata roli to dip it in the gravy so that it absorbs all extra salt. Ragini comes and asks what she is doing? Deepu tells her everything. Ragini tells that your Papa asked guests to come and have food. She says aata roli takes atleast 30 mins to absorb the salt. Deepu asks Sarika to do something. Ragini says how she will stop them, if she will dance. Deepu gets an idea and asks Sarika to sing and dance and stop them from going to food counters. Sarika says ok. She asks all girls to go and stop them. Sarika comes and asks guests to sit for a special performance.

Amit says salt will not change to sugar. Piyush says he understands why they are doing this. Sarika starts dancing on the song Nach Le Mere Yaar Toh Nachle……Deepu makes flour dough and puts in the paneer gravy. Piyush goes to dance with Sarika. Sarika ignores him and calls Pankaj to dance. Pankaj dances. Girls return back to kitchen. Deepu asks them to serve the other food. She tastes Paneer gravy. Amit says Bhabhi is not here. Piyush scolds him for calling her bhabhi and says she must be crying. Deepu tastes and says it is same. Sarika returns and asks what happened? Deepu cries. Ragini asks them to serve food. Sarika takes the paneer gravy dish and asks Deepu to come. Deepu comes. Madhuri makes her sit beside Piyush. Mishra ji asks Pankaj to taste. Pankaj says today is your test. Piyush asks her not to worry and says everyone like your food.

Piyush tells that Pankaj have taken the paneer sabzi and says you will be halaal now. He asks her not to worry and says he will handle if anything goes wrong.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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