Dhhai Kilo Prem 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Deepu thanking Mishra ji. Mishra ji tells her that he kept eye on Piyush and he had his tiffin. She thanks him and says she is going to make food now. Mishra ji says ok and ends the call. Pragya thinks about Deepu’s words. She comes to kitchen and switches on the TV. She sits there, takes Deepu’s phone and sends message to Meghna. Meghna says sorry to Rahul. Just then she gets message from Deepu’s phone asking her to do advertisement as Pankaj agreed. Meghna gets happy. Pragya thinks I will see how much Pankaj loves you now and thinks to ruin her. Piyush searches for something in the cupboard and shouts Deepika. He asks where is my stuff. Deepu comes. Piyush asks where is my stuff. She gives his clothes. Deepu says girls have so much stuff to keep. Piyush says you and

Papa are poles apart and understands me feelings. Deepu says he is my Papa.

Piyush says he got my friend’s admission done. Deepu says he got his duty done, and asks him to fufill his duty as a husband. She says don’t you know what a wife wants from her husband. Piyush gets shy and asks her to have shame. Deepu says today is the 5th night, you have to come with me for shopping. Piyush doesn’t listen and thinks she is asking about consummation. He says we don’t love or know each other. Deepu says we can do it anytime. Piyush folds his hands and asks her to leave him, he will think and tell her. Deepu sits on bed. Piyush thinks even girls have dream now.

He takes the bedsheet and says he will sleep on floor from today. She gives him pillow and asks him to sleep. Piyush is scared of her and sleeps. Pragya comes to Meghna and says thank you so much. Meghna tells that Bhabhi convinced Papa for shooting. Pragya says she is happy to see her on TV. Meghna says she will thank Deepu. Pragya says she will tell her. She thinks I will make sure that you hates your bhabhi.

Ragini asks Rukmini to get her name participated next time for BC and then only she can participate. Rukmini agrees. Taya ji jokes that they should have joined Rukmini and Ragini’s kundli before marriage. Deepu makes kachoris for meghna. Pragya says you are taking care of her well. Meghna comes. Deepu asks her to take kachoris. Meghna thanks her and says I want to talk about something. Pragya spills her tea and tells Deepu that kachori is burning. Deepu gives kachori to Meghna. Pragya thinks now you will not be saved from Pankaj.

Deepu asks Madhuri if she is fine. Madhuri says yes and have so much work, and that’s why she will not go to BC. Tushar comes and asks for 30 Rs. Madhuri refuses to give him. Deepu asks her to tell what happened. Madhuri tells her that Pankaj is worried as a big supermarket is opening infront of his shop. She says I am trying to get more orders and earn some money. Deepu asks her not to worry.

Piyush tells his friends that this girl is troubling him and says he is thinking to file domestic violence case against her. His friends tell that only girls file complaints. Piyush says she said that she will force herself on me and says if she touches me then I will shout loudly. His friends tell that it is her right to ask you. Amit says she has equal right and asks him to surrender. Piyush thinks save me God.

Pankaj, Mishra ji and Taya ji throws super market posters. Police arrests him. Piyush thinks it seems Deepu got mad and today his respect….Kunal calls Deepu and tells her that Mishra ji and Pankaj are arrested. Deepu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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