Dhhai Kilo Prem 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 1st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarika asking everyone to get ready to see most beautiful bride. Deepu comes wearing bridal attire. Rahul says my sister is looking awesome. Mishra ji gets emotional. They fold their hands to take God’s blessings. Mishra ji asks Deepu if she is ready. Deepu nods. Mishra ji says he was ready with the nazar ka teeka and applies kajal spot under her ear. Mishra ji says you will enter here as Deepu Piyush Sharma. Deepu nods. Mishra ji says more responsibilities will come on your shoulders now and asks her to fill happiness in her sasural. Rukmini smirks. Deepu hugs him and asks him to smile. They all smile. Piyush asks Amit to help him escape and save him from marriage. Amit says I will not let you go. Piyush says you have joined hands with them. Amit says I have accepted Deepu

as my sister and says when you was in hospital, she was very much worried for you along with her family. He says he lost his sister before, but when he found sister again, he can’t lose her again.

Piyush says he needs to go to bathroom. Amit says I can’t trust you and says he will take him to bathroom. Deepu sits to take the baraat. A neighbor asks her to be careful. Deepu sits. Baarat leaves. Namrata makes Piyush ready for the marriage. Pragya says he is looking handsome. Pankaj gives nek to his daughters. Pragya asks for nek. Pankaj gives her nek also. Pankaj says Madhuri called twice and says they shall go fast.

Deepu brings baraat. Pankaj and his family welcomes them. Deepu also dances at the door. Madhuri brings aarti. Tushar, Darshan, Amit and Rahul takes her inside holding red cloth. Madhuri does her aarti and compliments on her beauty. Pankaj asks who will take her inside. Amit says he is her brother now and will take her to marriage altar. Kunal comes to Piyush’s room and sees the red cloth tied to the window. He thinks he has escaped, then thinks wheel chair is here so he can’t escape. He sees piyush hiding behind the bed and asks him to come out, and says he can’t lift him due to his weight. Amit comes and says if he don’t come out then he will bring baraat here. Piyush asks them to make him sit on wheel chair. They take him outside. Piyush sees Deepu and smiles. Ragini asks Deepu to see him. Deepu looks at him. Rahul teases her.

Kunal asks Piyush to get up. Deepu asks him not to get up and says he must be in pain. Namrata says he is acting. Mishra ji asks Deepu not to bend down infront of him and says he will lift her so that he couldn’t make her wear garland first. Pankaj says we want Deepu to handle him all life and praises her. Deepu makes him wear garland. As Piyush finds difficult to make her wear, Deepu bends down infront of him. He makes her wear garland. They sit for marriage. Piyush is on wheelchair while Deepu is sitting on floor. Piyush finds hard to put something in havan. Deepu sits down on her knees and helps him put something in havan. Meghna says you will get tired. Deepu says she will always support Piyush. The guests praise Deepu. Pandit ji asks them to stand for pheras. Piyush says he couldn’t stand. Deepu says she will push him to take rounds. Namrata does their ghatbandhan.

Deepu pushes the wheel chair on which Piyush is seated so that they can take rounds. Everyone smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Stupid piyush….he has no humanity ..
    atleast for sack of humanity he can stand for rounds

  2. Stupid piyush….he has no humanity ..
    atleast for sack of humanity he can stand for rounds…
    depika also should understand and that sarika knowing everything remaining silent is not good

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