Dhhai Kilo Prem 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Deepu saying hi to Piyush. She laughs seeing his shirt. He ties to button his shirt and one of the button breaks. Deepu asks him to let her stitch his button. Piyush says he will stitch it by himself. He tries to put thread in the needle. Deepu teaches him how to put thread in the needle hole. Piyush says he couldn’t put because she has diverted him. Deepu stitches the button. Rang De Mohe plays…..Piyushs looks at her. Deepu smiles. She asks him if he felt anything and makes needle touch his skin. Piyush gets upset. Deepu cuts the thread with her teeth. Piyush asks her not to think of stupid ideas for romance. Deepu smiles looking at him. Dhhai kilo prem plays.

Deepu asks Meghna to tell about the adv and says Sarika always gives audition and then only she will get

selected. Meghna tells that she gave audition in college. Deepu asks her to take Pankaj’s permission and tells that he will never agree. She asks her to complete her studies and then think about modeling. Pragya says you have give permission and I have thought how. Rukmini makes egg in the kitchen. Ragini asks her not to make egg next time and says it is her house. Rukmini also gets angry. Rahul and Taya ji looks on. Mishra ji takes Ragini from there. Rahul tells Ragini that his mum will not change, and will do something, that’s why he will take her from here after his father comes from court.

Deepu comes there and asks what happened? She says it seems I have to talk to Mummy and Tai ji. Rukmini is packing her bags and says even Rahul is talking like them. Deepu says what you will do if I cut the saree and then put back in the suitcase. Rukmini says I will not spare you.

Deepu asks Ragini if she will behave same way with them like she behaved with Rukmini. Deepu says no, and tells that we are all one family. She says you have taken care of Rahul when Rukmini got ill and says it is their house too, how can they go from their own house. Ragini apologizes to Rukmini. Rukmini also apologizes to her. Deepu hugs them. She comes out and scolds Rahul for telling that he will leave. She says she made them patch up. Rahul goes to see them. Mishra ji says he is proud of him. He asks what happened to you. He says mummy have done same thing like you have done with Piyush. Mishra ji says Piyush has insulted you. Deepu says she gets hurt whenever someone insults him, and says he is her husband and she knows that he respects him a lot. Mishra ji asks him not to defend him. Deepu says I can’t be silent if someone insults him. She asks did you understand what I said. Mishra ji says yes.

Piyush comes to meet Piyush. Piyush says tell Deepika that I am having food. Mishra ji says he came to have food with him. Piyush looks on. Mishra ji tells Piyush that when he came there, he couldn’t talk. He tells his friend that he can complete the admission process and he can send his child tomorrow, but have a condition. Piyush looks on.

Madhuri asks Pankaj why did he come early. Pankaj says there is no sale. Tushar comes there and shows the supermarket adv. Piyush asks him to tell what he needs. Mishra ji says 1 gulab jamun and laughs. Piyush says sorry and touches his feet. Mishra ji asks for a hug. Piyush hears his friend praising Mishra ji.

Deepu tells Piyush that Mishra ji have done his duty. She asks if he doesn’t know what a wife wants from him. He looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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