Dhhai Kilo Prem 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Madhuri asking Kunal about his day. He says good. Madhuri asks Tushar to study. Tushar says he was reading online. Namrata asks him to sit in the shop. Deepu tells Madhuri that Piyush haven’t had any food and tells that he will get lean. Tushar says both of you can’t be lean. Madhuri scolds him. Deepu asks how to make him eat. Kunal asks her to make something special. Deepu thinks to make him eat for sure. Rahul and Meghna meet in the shop. Rahul says producer liked her and he wants her to be heroine in the film. Meghna refuses and asks him to take Sarika as she is more beautiful. Rahul tells her that the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and asks her to do advertisement with him. Meghna gets thinking.

Mishra ji asks Ragini if she had any problem with Madhuri

when they were on yatra. Ragini says no, and praises Madhuri. She says she has problem with Rukmini. She says house is not cleaned and asks if he asked them when they are leaving. Mishra ji says what you are saying and tells her that Bhaiyya is transferred here. Ragini asks if they are searching the house? Mishra says when they have home here, then why they will search house. Ragini is shocked and says she can’t stay under the same roof as rukmini. Rukmini hears her. Mishra ji takes Ragini from there. Rukmini thinks I will stay here.

Pankaj offers a heavy discount on the purchase. Many people come there. Kishore tells Pankaj if he offers discount then he will suffer much loss. Pankaj scolds him and fires him from the job. Madhuri calls Pankaj. He talks to her angrily. Meghna is with her friend. Rahul calls her. Tushar sees his name saved as Priya. He asks her friend that if she knows Priya. Her friend says yes. Tushar goes. Her friend asks her about Priya. Meghna reads Rahul’s message. Her friend asks if she is thinking about marriage. Meghna says no. She tells about Rahul’s offer. Pragya hears her and thinks to target Deepika through meghna. Deepu asks Tushar to give water to Piyush. Piyush drinks it.

Meghna and Tushar make him sit and present nicely garnished food. Piyush refuses to eat. Deepu brings kheer. Piyush refuses to eat it. Meghna and Tushar asks him to have food. Deepu faints and falls on Piyush. Piyush falls down on the floor along with her. Song plays. Meghna says bhabhi fainted. Everyone come there and try to wake up. Deepu gets consciousness and asks if she is dreaming. Kunal and others help her get up. Piyush asks them to lift him too. Piyush gets up with Deepu and Kunal’s help. Madhuri comes and asks what happened? She asks Piyush to have food. Meghna tells her that Deepu fainted. Madhuri asks when did you have food last. Deepu tells that she had food when Piyush had yesterday.

Pankaj and Ragini come to Deepu’s house. Kunal brings doctor. Doctor checks Deepu and asks her to take care of her, says her BP is down. Ragini asks why did you keep the fast. She asks Madhuri if there is any rasam at their place to keep fast. Madhuri tells her about Deepu not having food as Piyush don’t have. Ragini says she is anaemic and that’s why she couldn’t lose weight. She asks why Piyush is not having food. Piyush says I didn’t tell her anything. Deepu also says same. Ragini asks her not to skip food. Deepu says she is not my mummy and tells Mishra ji that she is changed. She says you used to ask me to lose weight, but when I want to lose you are asking me to eat.

Ragini says you are married now. Everyone laughs. Madhuri apologizes. Ragini says I know my Deepu very well and says they will tie mata rani chunari to Piyush and Deepu. Madhuri says ok. Ragini ties chunari to them. Ragini says she is proud of Deepu. Mishra ji asks Piyush if he will keep Deepu hungry and taunts her. He asks her to come home with him. Deepu says she is fine and promises him.

Meghna asks Deepu and Piyush to feed each other. Deepu tries to make him have food. He holds her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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