Dhhai Kilo Prem 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mishra ji asking Darshan to tell in school that he will reach after lunch. Darshan asks why? Mishra ji says he has to make food for Taya ji and others. Darshan says Tayi ji will make food. Mishra ji says she is unwell. Darshan says Tai ji shall try her hand in acting rather than Rahul. Taya ji comes to Mishra ji. Mishra ji apologizes to him for Darshan’s saying. Taya ji asks if he is not happy with his transfer. Mishra ji says he is very happy but worried about Ragini and Rukmini’s equation, and says you know what Rukmini had done during marriage. Rukmini says she will go to old age home and asks Taya ji to stay with him. Mishra ji folds his hands and asks her not to go. Rukmini says she is not stupid to leave the comfort.

Deepu comes out of bathroom and asks Piyush

what happened. He says nothing and asks her to go inside and brush her teeth. Deepu says she heard his voice and came out. Piyush thanks her, but signs her to come towards him. Music plays. He holds her hand and asks whose brush is this? Deepu says my brush. Piyush says it is my brush and asks why you are using mine. Deepu says even my brush looks same, and says after marriage, whatever is there is ours. Piyush says it is a brush. He says you are a wonder, didn’t me sleep all night and now snatching my everything. Deepu says I will snatch your heart also. Piyush is shocked and asks God to help him and do something. He thinks he will make start from today to kick her out.

Rahul gets ready and send message to Meghna. Meghna blushes. Rukmini comes to Rahul and asks him to have breakfast. Rahul takes a roti and goes. Piyush plays the song on radio. Deepu comes out of bathroom and sees cockroach. She asks him to shoo it away. Piyush laughs and asks her to make it go. Deepu asks him to make it go and says she will do as he says. Piyush says ok, and says from today you will sleep on floor and I will sleep on bed. Deepu says ok. He tries to catch the cockroach. Deepu slips and falls in his embrace. She hugs him being scared. Piyush says Deepika. Deepu signs him that cockroach is on downstairs. He keeps finger on her mouth and makes her sit on bed. Aadha Ishq plays. He catches cockroach and throws it out. Deepu asks if you have cockroach at home. Piyush says no, he ordered it as he wants to make her leave in 60 dayas. Deepu says I will see what happens in 60 days and says she will go and cook food. Piyush says he will not have food made by her. Deepu says she will make tasty food which he couldn’t resist. Piyush plays the radio. Sanam Tu kitne bhi karle sitam plays….Deepu smiles and goes.

Deepu tells everyone that she asked Madhuri what is like by everyone. She makes food for everyone according to their liking. Piyush comes. Deepu tells Piyush that she made triple cheese pizza for him. Piyush couldn’t resist and sits. Pankaj asks Piyush not to eat oily food and asks Deepu to give him non oily, non salty and non spicy food. Deepu says his weight is ok. Pankaj says he is not getting fine because of his weight and asks him to have apple. Piyush thinks Deepu is also a good foodie and tells that he shall make Deepu also diet so that she goes from here. He tells Pankaj that he will diet as Deepu will also diet with him. Deepu asks what do you mean?

Piyush says if I get lean then people will laugh on you as our Jodi will not match. Deepu says I don’t need to lose weight as I stay at home, and you have to lose as you go out and meet people. Pankaj says Deepu is right and asks Piyush to have healthy diet. Deepu asks Piyush to have one more apple. After everyone finishes food , Deepu tells Piyush that triple cheese pizza was good. Piyush says you told that everyone is ours then you had everything alone. Deepu says she will make sure that he diet. Piyush says I will have food outside and asks if she will follow him. Deepu says you don’t know what I can become.

Rahul and Meghna meet at a shop. He asks why did you come here? She says she came to buy sweets, as his audition result’s will come. Rahul gets happy and tells her that she is looking more beautiful today, and asks shall I take your pic, it will help me for good luck. She nods. Rahul takes her pic and thanks her. Meghna goes.

Deepu gives tiffin to Pankaj. Pankaj says you have taken up all responsibilities in a day and asks if she is going to snatch her mum in law’s responsibilities. Deepu says surely and will not let Madhuri work, she will rest. She thinks about Piyush’s words and tells that she can’t keep eye on Piyush outside the house. Pankaj says yes, and says I am his father and will check his weight daily. He asks her to give him boiled food without oil and masala.

Piyush buys food from outside, but don’t have money in his pocket. He is shocked. Tushar asks Pragya to get keys from Deepu. Pragya gets irked and tells that her bad days haven’t come till now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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