Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mishra ji telling Rahul that he will come with him as he wants to meet Deepu. Rukmini thinks she shall also go and see her. Darshan says Rahul is going to meet Piyush’s family. Taya ji says he will also come and meet Pankaj. Piyush comes to room angrily. Deepu says what people will think that wife is not letting her husband go to office. Piyush says I have understood that you have fooled me. Deepu says you would have moved the blanket and check and says thief is in your heart, you wants to make he feel bad infront of everyone and made my time table. Piyush says he is not fake like her and asks why she acts to be good. Deepu says she wants to fulfill her duties as bahu. Piyush asks why she is playing double game with him. Deepika says she is not playing any double game and

says I have saved you, but tries to malign my name. She says she is a middle class girl and walks with Swabhimaan and respect too and asks him to think what he will do. Piyush asks do you want to take revenge.

Deepu says I don’t want any revenge as I love you and your family and will fulfill the vows taken during marriage. She asks him to tell the truth to family if he don’t want her to stay here. Piyush thinks about Pankaj’s words. Deepu says I will tell them. Piyush stops her. Deepu asks him to get habitual to her and says we have to spend 60 years together. Piyush says he will kick her out in 60 days. Deepu accepts the challenge and says do whatever you can, and I will do what you wants. She says lets see if your obstinance wins or my life. Kunal knocks on the door and comes inside. He asks Deepu to tell what happened? Deepu tells him that he is arguing with her.

Piyush says she is lying. Deepu says I asked him not to go to office, but he refused, I pulled his tie and he got angry. Kunal asks him to stay at home. Piyush says he is not going to office. Deepu asks are you pulling my leg and pulls his cheeks. Kunal asks Piyush to come as carpenter came. He asks Piyush about his palang tod performance. Piyush says bed is broken due to their weight. Kunal laughs and says he will get strong bed made. Pankaj hears them and thinks to do something. Rahul comes to Meghna and says you are very beautiful. He says he wanted to show her pics and says they are not good than her. He shows her pics. Pankaj comes there. Meghna says Rahul ji came with marriage album. Pankaj asks when you are going home and asks until when you will stay at Mishra ji’s place. Rahul says he has decided to stay in Agra and is going to give audition. He says he will have tea and biscuits. Pankaj asks him to go. Meghna brings tea and biscuits. Pankaj takes tea and asks her to keep biscuits in box.

Rukmini praises the food made by Mishra ji and asks Taya ji to learn cooking from him. Taya ji asks her to become like Ragini and then he will make food like Dev. Rukmini gets irked. Mishra ji praises Ragini and says she is like oxygen for him. Darshan gives letter to Taya ji. Taya ji tells that his transferred is approved and now he can practice law from Agra. Rukmini says it is good as they want t stay here and says now she don’t have to make food. Darshan says if she makes food then he will have it. Taya ji asks her to make food if she wants to make anyone ill.

Piyush asks Deepu to be careful while sitting. Deepu says I was careful even yesterday. They sit on the bed together and hear the noise. They wait for sometime and get happy as bed is alright. They give hi five to each other and then realizes and rests on bed. Deepu smiles looking at Piyush. In the morning, Deepu wakes up and thinks where did he go early morning. She sees him sleeping on floor and asks him to wake up. He wakes up. She asks why did you sleep here. Piyush says because of you and tells that she kicked him and he fell down from the bed.
A fb is shown, Deepu while sleeping kicks him out from the bed thrice. Fb ends. Piyush says he thought to sleep here else his bones would have broken. Deepu says I didn’t know that I do such thing and asks why didn’t you wake me up. Piyush says he tried to wake her up, but she didn’t wake up. Deepu says she didn’t sleep since 3 days and that’s why she didn’t get up. She says sorry and gets up, keeps her leg on his leg. Piyush shouts in pain. Deepu says sorry and goes.

Deepu asks Piyush to do something and make the cockroach go. Piyush agrees to help her on a condition and asks her to sleep on floor. Pankaj asks Deepu to make Piyush have non oily, non salty, non spicy food from today to lose weight. Deepu says ok.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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