Dhhai Kilo Prem 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Piyush scolding Deepu for lying to everyone. Deepu says she tried to make his impression better. Deepu says I am stuck in this marriage because of you and says sorry. Deepu says I have no problem if you say sorry. Deepu sleeps on the floor and asks him to switch off lights. Pragya informs Rukmini that Piyush and Deepu’s bed is broken. Rukmini says she has promised that she will win her husband and asks her to do something. Pragya says she will blacken their life and will never let them unite. Piyush wakes up in the morning and sees Deepu sleeping. Meghna asks Pankaj why he is not saying anything. Pankaj says he has a bad throat and asks Piyush to bring Deepu to shop for the puja. Piyush thinks to lower her down and tells that Deepu will not come. I made her understand asking

her to get up, but she refused and asked me not to wake her up. Pankaj looks on. Pragya says she is a mannerless girl and says her behavior will not be tolerated. Piyushs says we will work according to Deepu. He says I will try to wake her up once again. He goes to room and thinks she is sleeping. He thinks to get her insulted. Deepika comes out of room, holding the aarti plate and does puja.

Piyush says Deepu is a modern girl and don’t care for husband, family, anyone. She don’t know aarti and puja in her life. Kunal asks what you are saying? Deepu does aarti of Goddess pics and sings mera pati mera parmeshwar. Piyush is shocked. Everyone smiles. Piyush is shocked to see her. Deepu touches his feet. Pankaj asks him to bless her. Piyush keeps his hand on her head. Everyone smiles. Deepu gives aarti to everyone. Pankaj blesses her.

Deepu tells Pankaj that Mummy ji told me about puja at shop and asks him to tell when she shall come. Pankaj says I need to talk to you and asks Piyush to come. Piyush gets shocked. Pankaj scolds Piyush. Kunal also scolds him for lying. Pankaj asks Piyush why he is trying to show black grain in dal. Deepu comes and asks Piyush if he shares his dreams with his family. She tells that yesterday he got this dream and shared her with. She asks him not to get tensed as she will make all the arrangements. Piyush tells Pankaj that he forgot that it was a dream. Pankaj tells Piyush that until he behaves nicely with Deepika, he will behave nicely with him.

Rahul admires Meghna’s pic. Darshan comes and says I know what you are seeing. Darshan says there is a gabbar who will not let you meet basanti. Rahul says he is checking the quality of the album. Darshan says we have one more album and asks him to take it. Rahul likes the idea.

Deepu tells Piyush that he shall learn to differentiate between humans and pillows. Piyush looks shocked.

At shop, Deepu lifts the shutter of the shop with Pankaj’s help. She gets inside and do the puja. Pankaj blesses her. Meghna says it will be auspicious day. Pankaj says now as she has came for forever, he will have more profit. Tushar suggests him to let Deepu work in shop. Pankaj says she will handle home. Deepu says she will go home and pack Piyush’s tiffin. Pragya instigates Piyush against Deepu.

Deepu asks Piyush to get habitual to her and says we have to stay 60 years together. Piyush says he will make her leave in 60 days.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. its good episode please dont loose u r confidence piyush ki deepika its good other wise it was hell and good moments

  2. Umair Hussain

    Piyush is such a horrible mean boy, because he is not worthy to be called a man.
    According to precap, I am happy that Deepu told her father the truth.
    I don’t want her to return to that house and I want everything to come out.
    She is too good and does not deserve this.
    I want her and her family to stand strong and show this foolish boy his place
    I would hate for this to be like other serial where they sent the girl back and ask her to make him love her.
    its good episode please dont loose u r self confidence piyush ki deepika its good other wise it was hell and good moments
    And Sarika was too much telling her to keep the marriage and make piyush fall in love with her.
    The boy is awful

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