Dhhai Kilo Prem 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Piyush telling everyone that Deepu said that she will not return. Deepu comes there smilingly. She touches Pankaj’s feet and tells that it was Piyush’s idea to joke with them. Pankaj scolds Piyush. Deepu says it was my mistake too. Piyush says sorry and asks her to go and change her clothes. Kunal scolds him. Pankaj asks Piyush to come to his room and says he needs to talk to him.

Piyush goes to room. Pankaj tells him that he has responsibility to tell him. Piyush asks Bidaai, etc. Pankaj says no and gets angry. He says he is talking about wedding night and tries to explain. Piyush says union of two families. Pankaj is angry and tries to explain him further, but is embarrassed. Piyush says he knows and goes. He comes to room and asks Deepu, what is happening, why

did she return. Deepu says she realized her mistake after going home. Piyush asks until when you will stay here. Deepu says seven births. She says she would have told us that you don’t want to marry me before marriage, now you have to stay with me. Piyush says I don’t love you. Deepu says it don’t effect me. She says she is married to him and will sleep on the bed. Piyush says it is my bed. Deepu says it was your bed, but now it is mine too. She asks him to sleep on floor if not on bed. She throws pillow on his hand and asks him to stop blaming others. Piyush says how can I sleep beside you.

Deepu says if you can’t stop yourself from coming to me seeing my beauty. Piyush gets angry and says he will sleep beside her on the bed. He lie down on the bed. They try to snatch blanket from each other. The bed breaks and they fall down on the floor. Piyush falls over Deepu. Rang De Tu …..song plays…..He looks at her. He then asks her to sleep on broken bed. Deepu says you was jumping on the bed. Piyush keeps hand on her mouth and says if anyone know to know that the bed is broken then they will be insulted. He gets up and goes to get tool box to repair the bed. Meghna gets up and asks what he wants. Tushar asks if he is drunk. Meghna teases him and asks him to go and sleep.

Piyush says how can I sleep on broken bed. Tushar teases him. Piyush asks them not to tell anyone. Tushar and Meghna smiles. Namrata sees their room open and tries to close it. She sees broken bed and laughs asking Deepu what they did they do? Piyush comes there and is angry. Tushar comes to Pankaj’s room and tries to take mattress from under him. He asks what happen. Tushar tells him that Piyush’s bed is broken up. Pankaj gets happy and smiles. Tushar also smiles. Pankaj asks him to take the mattress. Namrata informs Kunal that Piyush’s bed is broken. Piyush tries to repair the bed. Everyone come there. Piyush tells them that one side is loose. Deepu says why you are lying, you came to my side and that’s why it break. Everyone smiles. Pankaj asks them to sleep in his room. Tushar asks why you are risking your bed. Kunal says he will get new strong bed for them.

Deepu sleeps on floor. Pankaj asks Piyush to bring Deepu for puja at his shop. Piyush tells him that Deepu refused.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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