Dhhai Kilo Prem 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Piyush’s elder sister Namrata coming home. Madhuri greets her and asks how are you? She asks about her perfume and googles. Namrata tells that Gupta ji gifted her. She asks you are still using this fan and asks how can you sleep. Madhuri says just as you used to sleep. Namrata tells that they sleep in AC. Tushar comes and goes to bring something for her. She says it is hot here and don’t know when Papa’s dream will be fulfilled to get AC. Bau ji comes and says very soon. Piyush comes and greets his sister. Madhuri asks them to sit and have food. Bau ji taunts Piyush and asks him to go and sell policies. Namrata asks him to let him have food with her. Bau ji compares him with his son in law Pandey and taunts piyush on his weight.

Deepika shows Canada guy to her

friends. They ask for the jalebis from phool chand. Piyush comes there. Deepu’s friend shows him photo of the guy and says Deepu is going to marry him. Piyush thinks when this buffalo can get handsome guy, then why I will surely get Sarika and smiles. Deepu comes to him and says she wanted to thank him for yesterday. She says if you hadn’t saved me then I would have died. Piyush says so it was you and thanks her for saving his shop. Deepu thanks him for saving her life and apologizes for fooling him. Piyush thinks this moti is after me and thinks where is Sarika.

Deepu says friends…Sarika comes there and jokes with Deepu. Deepu says she wants to become Piyush’s friend. Piyush shakes his hand. Sarika then shakes hand with Piyush. Deepu says she has to go as she have to do video chat with the guy. Sarika says I will meet you after yoga. She starts teaching yoga to students. Deepu goes. Piyush thinks to propose Sarika today itself. Sarika motivates Piyush. Piyush tells her that he wants to ask her something. Suddenly a guy comes and says I love you to Sarika and gives her rose. Sarika slaps him repeatedly. Piyush gets shocked. Sarika turns to Piyush and asks what he was saying. Piyush says I want to ask about the exercise. Sarika asks him to do jogging for today.

Ragini makes Deepu wear tight and black suit. Deepu says she can’t wear this and is suffocated. Ragini asks her to change her dress once she talks to guy. She tells Deepu that guy shall not reject her this time. Deepu asks her not to worry. Ragini sprays perfume on her and asks her to sing a song for him. Deepu says she will sing Tu Cheez Badi Hai…Ragini asks her to realize her tension and asks her to talk wisely. Mishra ji tells that video chat is ready.

Pandey ji tells that nobody can make food like his saas Madhuri. He then says even his wife makes tasty food. Madhuri asks them to drink milk. Namrata drinks like Bau ji. She asks about Piyush’s marriage. Pandey ji says he will get good girl. Namrata is worried for his weight. Madhuri says he will become lean this time. Pandey ji asks Bau ji not to take tension. They leave.

Deepu sits for the video chat with the guy. He is seen playing billiards and tells Deepu that he is Aman. He tells that he has seen many girls, but couldn’t find girl like her. Deepu gets shy and surprised and asks what did you see in me. Aman says I must tell you that all of them are beautiful, but when I see your profile, I thought you being a heavy weight will fit my personality. Deepu says you think you are perfect. Aman says he is super perfect and rich too. He asks her to tell about her except food. Deepu says how can you say that my hobby is food. Aman says guess…and tells that his friends are waiting for him. Deepu says she wants to ask him something. He says he liked her confidence and asks her to lose weight in 10 days to look presentable. Deepu is shocked. Aman gives her 10 sec to decide. Deepu is in dilemma. Aman says time up. Deepu asks him to open his eyes and ears to make himself understand, and says my answer is no, a big fat no and says it is no for a NRI and asks him to marry a monkey NRI. Aman gets angry. Deepu says my hobby is not food and ends the video call.

Ragini is angry with Deepu. Mishra ji asks her to have food. Ragini says what is her problem to lose weight. Deepu says she wants the guy to accept her the way she is. Her brother says didi is saying right. Ragini says how marriage will happen now. Mishra ji says he don’t want anyone favors and asks her to have food. Ragini goes upset. Deepu thinks about her words.

Piyush wears his father’s clothes and act like him. Madhuri asks Tushar to let her see him. Mishra ji asks Ragini to forget about the Bareilly incident. Ragini asks if Deepu forgot it. Later Deepu gets dream of the Bareilly incident and wakes up shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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