Dhal jaun main Tere rang mein-ragsan os

hi guys happy pongal to all.
so here is a gift to make your festival, be it lohri,sakranti or pongal a bit more special.
this is a fantasy based os so bear with it.

a rain drop falls on ground and then the water circles in that small area.a baby cry is heard who is on the place where the rain drop fell.a man who was passing by hears the baby and lifts it.”who left this infant here…I think I should take her home”the man said when the girl held his finger smiling cutely.
“ragini…. get out of the washroom now…I am also getting late” Riya angrily commanded while a girl with wet hair came out of the bathroom pouting cutely.”sorry”Riya heard her sister which melt her and she went away patting her head.ragini stood in front of mirror smiling at herself smelling the shampoo in her hair.”ragini….oh God you again washed your hair.. everyday you wash them… you will get cold bacha”janki entered the room and scolded ragini but her concern overpowered her.ragini kept her chin on janki’s shoulder saying cutely”you are there naa then nothing can happen to me.. your adrak wali chai is my medicine…I don’t get cold anytime nor will I get it now”.janki caressed her cheeks nodding and they went down.

“late lateef eat slowly…papa will drop us to college…. first you spend 2hours in bathroom and then behave like your train is going”Riya chided her for her clumsiness patting her back when ragini coughed due to hurriedly eating.”beti eat slowly…. you are so careless”raghuvinder came there patting ragini’s head and sat beside them.”papa let’s go”ragini smiled brightly while Riya shook her head.”we have drier at home you can dry your hair but no…I don’t get what pleasure you feel in this wet hair”Riya crossed her arms angrily glaring her.ragini smiled sheepishly pulling riya’s cheek.”aww my elder sister… you can show your concern by praising me but you just scold me”ragini said while Riya glared at her but Raghu interrupted them asking them to come to college.
“ragini don’t get yourself in trouble or get ready to face my wrath”Riya pointed a finger at her while ragini gulped the lump formed in her throat hearing her sister’s dangerous tone.ragini nodded and went to take her class while Riya looked at her praying that her chotu sister doesn’t gets into a trouble like she always does.
“where is this guy?”ragini huffed in irritation seeing her friend didn’t reached yet.she looked at the teacher stone dead not listening any word her professor taught.
“pani”ragini halted her steps hearing his voice and turned around faking anger. “stupid, idiot because of you I had to bear that boring lecture alone”ragini hit him while he tried defending himself and finally held her wrists stopping her.”sorry na pani… you know I don’t get up early that’s why.. won’t you forgive your dhaal?”sanskar held his ears with an innocent look and twinkling eyes which melted ragini easily who gave him her bright smile.”dhaal let’s go to the field and play basketball”ragini excitedly pulled him towards ground while he grinned at her antics.

“pani tie your hair they are disturbing you and you can’t concentrate on game like this”sanskar suggested ragini who was all the time holding her hair with one hand and played with a single hand.ragini gave him a helpless look making sanskar realize that she doesn’t knows how to tie her hair .”come”sanskar held her hand and sat behind her tying her hand into plaits.ragini just smiled like a kid feeling his care.”you are in college that too 3rd year and you don’t know to tie your hair”sanskar teased her.ragini glared him but then said softly”you know I know how to tie my hair but when someone else does it… someone who cares for me… it shows how much I matter to them and it makes our connection deeper…I feel loved and I wish to cherish this moment of love once a day each”. sanskar looked at her surprised by her view on such a trivial thing as tying hair could hold such value in someone’s life.he met ragini in 11th class where he was a newbie and she the lifeline of the class.she was too naughty, playing pranks, her laugh filled the class with a soothing environment, even her presence made everyone feel light.she was the bundle of happiness as their class teacher said.sanskar interacted with her only for the first time and was attracted to her extrovert and confident persona.with time he got to know her love for water, how she takes most time in bathing,enjoys rain like anything,has visited every water source in India insisting her family, her nature also reflects the water element, she is calm but naughty, she is needed in life just like water to survive, she is all the time happy but when the wave of anger Hits her she can wreck havoc in the victim’s life.and that’s the reason he calls her pani means water.

about being her dhaal as ragini prefers to call him lovingly,her shield,it also has a story behind it.ragini was a bright student but as her sister believes also’affat ki pudiya’ so most of the time she forgot to keep her homework copy and then do it at the last moment again draining all her energy.like this once it happened again but ragini started tearing up as the work was much and couldn’t be completed in less time.sanskar’s heart pained seeing her sad who was synonym of bubbliness.he told the friends group something making ragini smile with hope.ragini’s friend engaged the class teacher in her talks and sanskar stealthily took the teacher’s phone and ragini dialled her home and got the homework in 30minutes.sanskar felt relief seeing her smiling again.ragini thanked him a ton as the subject teacher was really strict and won’t forgive anyone who forgot the work.one day ragini was walking from school to home lost in her own world jumping and hopping on road which disturbed a dog and it dangerously came towards her growly.ragini stood rooted at the spot as she feared dogs the most but a hand pulled her pushing the dog away with a stick.ragini was being pulled which she didn’t realised until they were safe.ragini looked at her saviour who was huffing after running.ragini immediately hugged him breaking into sobs.”you are my dhaal sanskar…if you wouldn’t have come the dog would have bit me”ragini spoke and after that their bond grew stronger and from ragini and sanskar they became each other’s dhaal and pani.

there were certain instances when he always came to her rescue like saving her from getting ragged on first day of college by acting like a senior.riya placed a lot of trust on him when it came to her sister as she knew sanskar would save her Everytime.

“dhaal the classes are over now let’s go”ragini told sanskar seriously while he just nodded gravely.after some time they reached a river bank and ragini looked on emotionally at it while sanskar stared her silently.”pani why do you cry?? you know your tears prick my heart like thousand pins together… please don’t cry”sanskar thought but couldn’t speak this to her.”pani there’s much water in the river now don’t cry and bring flood here”sanskar joked earning an elbow in his stomach from ragini.they wore the safety equipments and went to the river cleaning the mess as much possible.sanskar admired her this side a lot, she not only cared about humans but also these natural things which many fail to notice.due to ragini’s constant efforts her father opened an NGO related to cleaning the water bodies and preserving the environment.

“dhaal I feel really bad seeing these rivers polluted that to my humans…. don’t they have sensitivity towards the things which provide us to survive”ragini leaned to his chest in a friendly manner speaking monotonously.”pani people are not that aware towards it that’s why they do such mistakes but you are so unique.. you try to keep the rivers clean…I admire your quality”sanskar caressed her hair while his heart flutterEd with joy feeling her so close.he tried to console ragini but she always gets sad seeing this condition of nature.sanskar tried to cheer her up Everytime and not let her be sad but ragini was like this only.”I wish to stay like this forever with you pani….I want to keep you close to my heart….I love you a lot”sanskar thought seeing ragini sleeping on his chest peacefully after so much hardwork.

“aunty namaste”sanskar said while he held ragini in his arms.janki nodded and showed him her room.riya looked on plainly and sighed caressing ragini’s cheek.”she doesn’t even cares about her health… just trying to fix everything… to keep everyone happy”Riya exclaimed sadly seeing her sister wincing in sleep due to leg pain.riya held her leg massaging it while sanskar massaged her other leg consoling riya.janki came back with tea sitting beside them.”my laado is lucky to get a friend like you…Riya believes you so much so you must be very special for ragini or Riya won’t let a boy near ragini”janki praised sanskar making him blush while Riya smiled at sanskar thanking him for being always with ragini.

“dhaal….baarish…wow in this winter season”ragini exclaimed happily dancing in the rain while sanskar ran around her with an umbrella which ragini doched pouting angrily.sanskar left the umbrella and started dancing with her and they lost themselves in the rain with each other.ragini felt Goosebumps when her clutched sanskar’s hand with a new feeling arousing in her heart.she lost herself in his smile with his closed eyes feeling the rain on his face.sanskar felt heavenly around her and enjoyed the rain like ragini always did and felt utter pleasure dancing and drenching in rain.ragini cupped sanskar’s cheeks making him look towards her shocked with the same feeling in her eyes as his.ragini parted her lips to say something but suddenly few people in pure white dresses came there startling ragsan.sanskar hid ragini behind him sensing danger while ragini looked on puzzled.a man came in front of sanskar and looked behind him pulling ragini in front who held onto sanskar’s shirt tightly.rage ran through him but the next instant it turned into a frown seeing the man kneeling in front of ragini.ragsan looked at each other boggled when the group approached them saying nothing and just took them away with them.ragini held on to sanskar tightly while he promised to protect her like always.

ragsan found themselves in a shady place where the running of water could easily be heard.sanskar figured out they were near a waterfall.”ragini you know that you are not what you think… you are not the child of the parents you live with”a voice spoke but the owner was not to be seen anywhere.sanskar looked on shocked while ragini bit her lip but calmly said”I know they are not my parents but they love me more than my family would have loved me”. sanskar was now totally blank as to what was happening.”you are not from this place… you were sent here to protect you from the evil forces…in your world… you were sent away from your parents as you had to grow up safely as people held the belief that the princess of their world will protect them fighting the evil”the voice said and the owner of it slowly appeared in front of her.”papa”ragini surprisingly said seeing Raghu there but he looked more serious and aged.”yes I am your father princess but not from this world… your said parents are our doppelgangers and that’s why we send you to them”the man exclaimed shaking ragini.ragini felt all turn Topsy turvy, she was really confused by her father’s talk.sanskar looked on dreading something inauspicious.

“you are the princess of water world…we control the water element… years back when you were about to born our corrupted citizens attacked the palace to take over the world…. your mother was worried for you and we thought to keep you safe we had to leave you somewhere else….we send you to earth to keep your identity hidden…. your mother died in the battle against the enemies….”the man said painfully.ragini stepped back teary eyed not believing what the person before her said.”enough of your drama ok…. you look like my father doesn’t mean what you say I will believe… now let me go”ragini angrily said holding sanskar’s hand and trying to leave from there.the men around looked at Raghu’s doppelganger who nodded and they left from there.

ragsan didn’t said a single word in their journey back home.ragini was lost in her father’s doppelganger’s talks but her mind rubbhished it while her heart wanted to believe his story remembering the conviction and honesty in his eyes.

“pani why would they lie…I saw truth in his eyes…they reflected his pain and agony of being away from his daughter but still the final decision is yours”sanskar spoke softly and went dropping ragini to her home.ragini was lost in thoughts the whole night worrying her family.”ragini what happened?”Riya asked worried but ragini shook her head faking a smile and acted like sleeping.riya sighed and slept holding ragini’s hand.

“dhaal let’s go”ragini held his hand taking him to the place from where they escaped yesterday.”I knew you will come…a princess won’t leave her kingdom alone”her alleged father said smiling.”I just want a proof to all your talks…water world…war… kingdom”ragini exclaimed frustrated while her father moved to her.he kept hand on her forehead while ragini clutched sanskar’s hand tightly feeling worried.a pleathora of memories ran in front of her.her mother janki in a beautiful blue dress hugging her father.her father bringing a lot of fruits for her mother who looked pregnant.the day when her mother screamed in pain due to labour pain and gave birth to her.the palace breaking apart with a quake.janki crying while handing over her to Raghu and Raghu placing a mantra on her which turned the baby into her size of water drop.the water drop falling on Earth and turning in a baby.raghu lifting ragini up and her smiling.ragini opened her eyes shocked.”it’s true”Raghu said while ragini burst into a bitter cry hugging him.sanskar’s heart stopped when ragini left his hand holding Raghu’s hand.he felt that his life just left his body.he was being paranoia that ragini would leave him but soon his fear would come true.

“ragini I am also raghuvinder Pratap…. your mother died in a bid to save you….it was a myth that with the 49th heir to the crown the kingdom would turn more powerful and prosperous which didn’t go well with some of our traitors….they went to the other rival elements and attacked our palace trying to kill you…we had to send you to earth and keep a mantra on you to hide your powers making you a normal human…. but now the time has come that you are able to protect yourself… we have killed most of the enemies but still some are left who have acquired the palace… only the heir can kill them as they are under the protection of the palace…. since you have turned 20 you are the heir and only you can kill them”Raghu exclaimed while ragini looked at him horrified.raghu muttered something and a blue colour translucent weapon appeared in his hand through which water flowed continuously.raghu forwarded it to ragini who held it hesitant.sanskar looked on as a silent spectator but which each passing moment his fear of losing her increased.

ragini closed her eyes feeling the weapon and remembered every moment that she had in her life….. her relation with her family, sanskar, her love for bathing, her senstivity towards environment.sanskar gasped seeing ragini’s figure turn transparent and her body outlined by water.sanskar took a step forward but Raghu held his shoulder shaking his head forcing sanskar to bury his concern for her.

ragini opened her eyes feeling a freshness in herself and looked at sanskar emotionally.sanskar was mesmerized by seeing her in a blue gown looking princess whose Aura emanated power, confidence and kindness but she was the queen of his heart who he was scared to confess his feelings to in bid to loose her friendship.
Raghu broke their eyeloch asking ragini to point her fist towards a rock.ragini took a deep breath and did what he told while a huge wave of water rushed to the rock breaking it into pieces.ragini looked horrified at everyone scared by her dangerous power.sanskar gave her a small smile hiding his fear of loosing her, his one gaze gave the needed strength to ragini filling her with self confidence.

“now you are ready to go and fight those enemies”Raghu exclaimed happily.sanskar looked painfully towards ragini sensing the moment has come to part from her.”sanskar we have to erase your memories”Raghu told gravely walking towards him.ragini swallowed the lump in her throat biting her lip to control her cry.sanskar masked a brave look pleading”I won’t tell about this to anyone…I can’t risk ragini’s life… believe me… please don’t erase the beautiful memories I have with her”.Raghu analyzed his expression nodding and backed off.ragini’s eyes were red due to the pain of going away from her loved ones.she regretted not telling sanskar about her love,her friend who slowly turned her life but now she decided not to tell him as it might prove an obstacle in his life after her going away.sanskar looked at ragini with hope,pain and regret but was helpless as ragini also had to fulfil her duty of being a princess.”we have erased your family’s memories, now you can come”Raghu said with a straight face while ragini stood numb looking at sanskar.one day,it just took this much time for her world to tear apart,the place where she belonged to was snatched from her, her existence removed from her loved ones life.

Raghu held ragini’s hand whispering a mantra to transport but sanskar ran to her hugging her tight.ragini could not hold anymore seeing sanskar burst into a cry.she kneeled down with sanskar still hugging her.they both tried to capture this moment so dearly that it stops but alas time stops for none.”ragini go… your world needs you”sanskar said but didn’t freed her.ragini shook her head in his embrace still crying.raghu coughed looking at other side not able to see his daughter broken.sanskar loosened his hold on her and wiped her tears.he made her stand keeping a strong look on his face and pushed her lightly towards raghu.raghu smiled and they soon vanished into thin air.sanskar saw the look of desperation on her face as if she wanted to say something, do something which she could not.sanskar stared blankly at the spot where he last saw her, suddenly thunder striked bringing him out of his trance and he moved out of the place.”dhaal wear something good or girls won’t fall for you””ohho can’t you get up early in the morning””I am not going to leave you… wait””I know you will always be beside me”ragini’s words rang in his mind shattering his heart.he felt too exhausted to walk.his legs gave up and he fell on the road crying bitterly. “ragini”sanskar screamed painfully hoping that she hears him.”I love you ragini”he screamed again and started crying loudly.

“sanskar”ragini whispered closing her eyes while a tear tripped down her cheeks.
days turned into months but sanskar’s hope to see her again only got stronger day by day.he secretly looked at her family ensuring their well being who didn’t remembered their daughter.on the other hand ragini fought with the enemies everyday trying to win back her empire.”you did a mistake coming here”a man smirked evilly at ragini who snorted and charged her sword towards him fighting bravely.her water sword fell down and she looked at it gasping.the man smirked holding his sword above attacking her from the top.ragini closed her eyes fearing her death but a voice hit her ears feeling her with strength again.she balled her fingers into a tight fist punching the man in stomach hardly.his sword drop down and due to the effect of the blow he was pushed back with the water rushing through him,the man soon turned into ice and broke down into pieces.ragini closed her eyes keeping hand on her heart whispering”sanskar”.

sanskar was sitting at the river’s bank after cleaning it.he sighed thinking of her while a smile broke on his lips but tears also made their way through his eyes.”ragini will you come back?? at least come once so that I can confess my love to you”sanskar prayed looking towards sky when a water droplets fell on his cheeks making him smile widely.

“it’s your coronation ceremony, you are not ready yet?”Raghu said to ragini who stood in the hall of palace wearing her simple dress.”papa I have fulfilled my responsibility here…my duty of a princess is over now…I can’t stay here anymore…I have to fulfil my duty as a daughter, sister and a lover…let me go to my real place”ragini spoke in a broken voice.raghu shook his head but seeing ragini broken and aimless he gave in,he had seen ragini fighting like a warrior to save the empire, with an engery,a hope and now he knew who was the source of that hope.raghu smiled nodding.”but you will loose your powers”Raghu warned but ragini smiled sarcastically saying”I just want to get to my loved ones….their love values more than this power”.ragini hugged him and disappeared from there.”give her family the memories back”Raghu told a soldier who nodded going from there.

ragini stood at the bank of river looking at the sunset.the tinge of orange and red illuminated his face more and his tear shined in the growing darkness.”9months ragini but I am still waiting and I will always no matter what”sanskar spoke painfully.ragini sighed hugging him from back.sanskar recognized her touch and smiling widely he pulled her while she fell in his lap giggling.sanskar hugged her tightly.ragini felt such relief in his arms that she hadn’t experienced for long.she nuzzled onto his neck more.sanskar cuddled her tightening his hold expressing how much he missed her.ragini broke the hug hearing muffled sobs and saw sanskar crying.”dhaal why are you crying?”ragini asked wiping his tears.sanskar cupped her face saying”ragini now I can’t hold it more…I want to get rid of this regret….I love you ragini…. please don’t go leaving me…I won’t be able to live without you now”. ragini captured his lips in hers expressing her lips.sanskar brushed his hands in her hair while his other hand held her waist holding her securely.ragini kept her hands on his chest erotically feeling his heart beat near to her.
I know till you see this os the festival must have passed but this network problem made me late.
this was supposed to be a short story but realising that I don’t get much time I turned it into a one shot.i know it’s a bit weird and hurried off but I thought to get peace finishing one more work.
thanks for reading and comment your views to make me happy too.
love you guys, take care.

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