Hii.. This is me .. Ur cute ? shanitics.. I’m here with an another short ff!! This is Dhaani Kaur signing off!!! Hope u will all love this ff and support me in this ff too…


This might not be a unique story bt the way of writing this story may be unique ?

This is a story about a girl ? Dhaani Kaur who came to Mumbai to fulfil her dreams …
When she came to Mumbai.. Mumbai completed her….
Do u wanna knw how then keep reading This is Dhaani Kaur signing off!!!

Every night Dhaani used to record everything on a camera ? and that is how the story goes.. Are u all ready for my ff


Two girls are sitting on a sofa… Girl ? asks Dhaani di.. U want a hubby like??? Dhaani question meri pyaari si chotti Behan Arshi y do u want to know abt my dream boy??? Arshi says bas ase hi puchh liya tha and was abt to leave.. Just then Dhaani says ek asa ladka Arshi looks @ Dhaani happily.. Dhaani Continues who looks like Shahid Kapoor…
Scene shifts to a mall
A girl says to her friend he is breathe taking.. He is just looking like shahid Kapoor…. Backside of a boy is shown…
Scene shifts to Dhaani…
Aur??? Asks Arshi..
Whose hands are always there to help others…
Arshi smiles ?
Scene shifts to mall…
A small girl is abt to fall just then the same boy comes and holds that girl.. The girl thankss him…Again the back side of the boy is shown…
Scene shifts to Dhaani..
Kahaan millega Vo di..??? Asks arshi
Mere dil Mein bt his face his not clear says Dhaani smilingly and runs…

Kaun hai Vo ladka .. Whose goona make Dhaani weat Ring ? on her ring finger..

Jaane keliye keep reading This Is Dhaani Kaur Signing off!!! Only on telly updates?

Credit to: swetha

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  1. Vo ladka Viplav hai!!?? nice start… Post the first part soon!!

  2. Yup… Wait and watch he is Viplav or not…?

  3. Thanksss Maria?

  4. Arshi di… Pasandh aagaya mera gift????

  5. Good promo. Go on Swetha di…

    1. Thanksss lols?

  6. Hai… Swetha…. Lovely start…. DHAANI ko bolo ki woh ladka Viplav hai

    1. Thanks Sujie di?

    2. Sujie di… Will surely tell Dhaani that Viplav hai Vo… Bt let her find out.. Tat is interesting na…

  7. superb sis …and really writing style is very good …I will definitely read 🙂

    1. Thanksss bhaia…

  8. Wonderful start .. keep going .. waah 2 ffs at a time waqai u guys are very talented?

    1. Thanksss maha?

    2. Thanksss 4 including me in the talented list?

  9. Wow very interesting concept swetha 🙂

    1. Thanksss Fatarajo?

  10. Wow swetha real nice gift for arshu. N the story is mind blowing ???eager to know.?☺

    1. Thanksss Renu di..

  11. Hope Arshi di too love the gift?

  12. Wow such a filmy romantic start! *__* So well written Swetha. Please post the next part soon.
    Btw the title reminds me of a Tamil song line. I don’t know if you know it but still thought to share 🙂

  13. Thanksss shruthy…. Especially for sharing the thought?

  14. great promo.. eagerly wai8ing 4 the nxt epsde.. 😀

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