Sorry for the late update my friends …. Due to the busy schedule of the present life.. All this is happening… I’m not getting enough time to write the epi’s…
Again sorry ?

Soo all ready to onw Vidhaani’s first work…

Friends soo from this epi onwards I’ll give a name for the epi too.. ? okay….
. Working With Aww ? Viplav

Dhaani takes out the ?camera and starts to record…aapko patha hai aaj hamne Viplav se Baath Ki .. Sweet voice he has.. His smile ? OMG!!! He is smile ? killer.. Aaj ek chudail aayi thi says in a stern voice.. Lekin phir patha chala Vo chudail nahi hai!! ? whn Viplav gave me a bouquet ? of flowers ? and closes her eyes ? and pats on her chest and falls on the bed ? .. Fb starts Dhaani is wearing orange top,sunglasses and jeans ?.. She removes her glasses ? and looks at the entrance and thinks Viplav’s car ? is not there tat means he might have not yet ? came!! And moves on… She knocks at the Shambu uncle’s door ? … Get in answers(boy ?) someone from inside… Dhaani thinks uncle ka voice itna aacha aur sweet kabse Hua!! She enters the room and sees Viplav sitting on the chair ? Viplav looks at Dhaani… Dhaani stares at Viplav.. Thy have an eyelock… Viplav says Yes, Ohh!! Are u Dhaani Kaur?? If I’m not wrong ?… Dhaani thinks ahh!! Rabba such a beautiful name I has.. Viplav questions her again..

Dhaani says uh?? Yaa I’m Dhaani.. Dhaani Kaur .. U r Viplav,na?? Viplav thinks hw beautiful my name became whn she said…. Viplav stands up and says yes,I’M Viplav….. Dhaani stares @ Viplav and thinks how beautiful he is when he is wearing this orange coloured top and jeans ? he comes near her and hand over a bouquet ? of flowers ? saying welcome!! Ishq ishq plays!! Dhaani accepts the flower ?.. Thy shake thr hands βœ‹ and have an eye lock…… Someone knocks on the door ? Vidha comes to senses and smiles shyly… He says get in and a girl ? comes and hug Viplav… Dhaani becomes jealous… Fb ends. Patha nahi kyun I felt jealous when Nimisha mathlab em… U c it.. Fb starts… Y didn’t u hugged me.. And throws a anger? look.. Viplav smiles ? She sees Dhaani and looks at Viplav… Viplav says to Dhaani This is my best friend,Nimisha.. This is Dhaani… Dhaani Kaur .. The girl ? I’m gonna wrk with… Nimisha smiles at Dhaani… Dhaani smiles bitterly.. Nimisha laughs ? Viplav asks wat happened?? She answers nothing!! Viplav gets a call ? and asks them to talk and tat he will be back in few minutes… He answers the call ? Nimisha speaks to Dhaani …

Dhaani too speaks bt stares at Viplav .. Viplav too stares at Dhaani while attending the call ? Nimisha giggles .. Viplav comes…. Nimisha wishes them good luck ? ? and leaves… Dhaani questions Vo kiskeliye aayithi..viplav answers only god knws.. Okay ?!! Then lets move to the wrk.. And smiles ? Dhaani nods. Viplav says first let’s decide about wat pics to click… From next day we can start to click… Em.. Can we Take pics of oceans,seas, night ? sceneries and all…. Viplav nods and says y nt streets market foods… Dhaani nods and thinks smethng and speaks up.. Some luxury party is gng to take the place day after the tomorrow na!!soo Viplav says all others magazine will surely have those pics and in our magazine an article is thr abt tat party.. Dhaani asks do u have the passes for that party ???… Viplav says yup.. 2 pass.. Dhaani says then dad too will get the pass and dances ? Viplav stares at her Je says dad is not going to accompany me in the party… If u don’t mind u can cme with me for the ? ? party ? Dhaani says really and hugs Viplav in excitement ? Viplav too hugs her.. Ishq ishq plays.. Thereafter thy talk abt thr works… Fb ends.. Dhaani says yippee ? Aaj toh Maine Viplav ko hug kiya… And I can go with him for the party.. And dances ?
Scene shifts to Viplav

Viplav is thinking abt the hug scene and all staring scenes… Vidha together says (screen divides to two one side viplav and other side Dhaani)Y I feel happy ? whn I think abt her\him.. Y I feel lovely when I am near him\her Dhaani looks @ the camera ? and says Y I feel all this ? help me!! This is Dhaani Kaur signing off!!!

Hope u all loved the episode ?
Do not for get to pt cmnts….

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  1. Avijit

    very good episode it was . keep it up ..and study well… when you get time write your two ff .. all the best sis πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Thanksss bhaia?

    2. Yup.. Will study well ?

  2. Shruthy

    Awww this was a lovely day for Dhaani Kaur for sure. ? And hmmm… Viplav ka dil bhi dhak dhak karne laga hai ??? I just loved this episode darling. CANT WAIT FOR NEXT PART! ❀️ But yeah, take all your time for. If you are busy, then work is more important na πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks shruthy di ?

    2. I am happy tat my ff fan are not angry or disappointed ? because of late post βœ‰ of ff?

      1. Shruthy

        We were waiting but certainly not disappointed re πŸ™‚ happy that you posted today. But haan studies and work are more important than this πŸ™‚

      2. ? mmmm

  3. Sujie

    This was lovely……
    Keep going chuttki….and if you have some priorities. Then Pehle usko pura karo….and then carry on with other things

    1. Thanks Sujie di ?

    2. Yup.. Sujie di ?
      Will complete all my prior wrks.. Then only ff?

  4. Latha

    Good one swetha. No problem and take your own time. All the best….

    1. Thanksss latha di?

  5. Mariyam123

    Swetha di episode ekdum dhinchak type tha. Lovely episode.

    You had asked about my school timings na. It’s 7am to 1pm

    1. Thanksss lols?

    2. Omg 7:00am… ?
      Early mrng ?
      Bt ahh.. Even here in some schools it’s 7:00 here too?

      1. Mariyam123

        Yes. I have to get up at 6. When I go to school and sit in the class, sometimes I feel so sleepy that I can’t even sit. I just feel to sleep. Poor me!!

    3. Poor gurl.. Soo if u woke up @ 6.. Hw u b able to catch the bus.. Only one hr na…

      1. Mariyam123

        No I don’t go by bus. I go walking. It’s just 10 minutes distance.

    4. Ohh!! I c?

  6. Angel20

    Superb episode Swetha!! Loved it??

    1. Thanksss maria?

    2. Keep loving ?

  7. After a long time buh no qualms. It’s interesting pls keep it up

    1. Thanksss aish?

  8. Superb shweta. As usual i am fan of this writing style n could imagine everything due to yr detailed explanation ?? i wonder nimisha is positive because the character looks like vk n if it is then pl name something else as nimisha has to be only sweet ?☺

    1. Thanksss Renu di?

    2. Shanitics

      Di.. Misha di is my sis.. So don’t worry ?

    3. Shanitics

      Happy that you are a fan of my writing ?

  9. Awww swetha it was very lovely ??? their hug and eye lock were cute?

    1. Thanksss maha di ?

  10. Areeb

    Swetha such a lovely episode!! ???

    1. Thankss Areeb di?

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow shweta ur ff is unique dear loved it to the core

    1. Thanksss Jo di?

  12. Arshdeep

    Wonderful shwetha??❀

    1. Thanks arshi di?

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