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Welcome to an another part of This Is Dhaani Kaur Signing off!!!

Dhaani takes out camera ? and starts recording ….

So aaj ka din mere liye bahut hi khass tha…. 1st day of my dream job… I woke up @ 9:00 Reached the office ? @ 10:15.. 15 min late thi?… Thr do u knw wat happnd.. I met a boy.. He was gng out and I was gng in… He was wearing a black jeans ?.. Rare green shirt and a sunglass …. He was looking aww!! And do u knw wat happnd next.. He smiled @ me… His ?smile was breathe taking… If this would have been a serial.. Then serial title song ? might have played…. Fb starts Dhaani gng inside the office ? and a boy ? cmng out… Dhaani is mesmerized by his get up… Ishq ishq plays…. That boy ? look at Dhaani and smiled ? … She stares at him.. He too stares at her… She too smiles… ? He leaves and Dhaani enters the office ?… FB ends…
And jab Mein Shambu uncle ke office ? Mein gayi toh mujhe kya patha tha Ki surprise ? was waiting for me!!! FB starts Dhaani knocks on uncle’s door ?… Come in says uncle… Dhaani gets in and amazed … FB ends…Guyss guess wat happened there?? FB starts…. Aap ke saath kaun hai??Asks Dhaani… Mere saath toh koi nahi hai puthar!!! Iss room Mein toh sirfh Mein aur tum ho!!! Dhaani says no uncle in that photo frame??? Ye mera beta Viplav hai!! Says uncle.. FB ends Guyss guess kaun hai Viplav .. Ya the boy ? whoom I met while cmng in… Fb starts.. Photo ? frame is shown… Viplav and Shambu uncle is standing in that photo ?… Dhaani beta betto na!! Says uncle… Ya sure says Dhaani and sits.. Shambu says ye lo from my side ur b’day gift ?… Tum koi bhi scenery ? or kuch bhi click kar sakthi Ho… For the magazine pics… She says really uncle and gets excited ? .. Puthar if u don’t mind can Viplav too accompany you for this project… Asks Shambu uncle… Dhaani thinks uncle kaunai ladki smile killer ke saath kaam nahi karna chahthi… Puthar,koi dikhat hai kya??? Questions Shambu uncle… No!No.. Uncle answers Dhaani… Viplav was waiting for u!! Abhi abhi nikla hai Vo says uncle.. Okay then now u can talk with ur team and clear any doubts abt ur project adds uncle.. Thanks uncle and it’ll be my pleasure to work with ur son… Dhaani smilingly ☺ says .. After that she gets busy in her wrks….
Scene shift to viplav
Viplav is driving the car ?.. He speaks to himself who was that girl ???? Why even now I am thinking ? abt her!! Y am I lost in her innocent ? smile ?.. Who might be she .. Will she be Dhaani Kaur?? He puts sudden break… He smiles and says if she is Dhaani Kaur then Aww!! And shifts the gear and drive the car.. Here Dhaani too is thinking abt Viplav.. FB ends… She dances and shouts.. Yippee ?!! I’M going to work ? with Viplav.. She stops dancing ? and looks at the camera ? and says y am I soo happy thinking abt him.. Wat happened to me?? Wat happened Dhaani Kaur??? And thinks.. Ishq ishq plays..
Scene shift to Viplav’s house ?
Viplav is sleeping on bed thinking abt Dhaani… Kya hai Viplav baba says Viplav to himself and sleeps..

Scene shifts to Dhaani
Dhaani looks at camera and says tum log sochh rahe honge Ki main kyun video le rahi hoon … Actually when I came to Mumbai to explore my dreams I thought to write a diary abt the days I spend here in this Bollywood city.. Since I’m lazy I thought of this idea!! Hws my idea?? Cool ? na!; toh aaj keliye bas ithna hi and this is me cool Dhaani signing off!!

Hope u all loved today’s episode too..

Do nt forgt to cmnt..?

Credit to: swetha

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  1. Superb shwetha.. You wrote it very well????
    Loved their first meeting
    And cover pic is soo beautiful????

    1. Thanksss arshi di?

    2. I too loved the cover photo ?

  2. loved it dear….. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    amazing 🙂

    1. Thanksss Sujie di?

  3. Awesome Swetha?? their first meet was awww!!?? Ishq Ishq… Pls post the next part soon!!

    1. Thanksss Maria ?

    2. Will post the next part soon?

  4. Awww this is maginifico! ??? Kya entry maara Viplav ne Dhaani ki zindagi mein ! ? Cant wait for next episodes

    1. Thankss Shruthy di…?

    2. Viplav ne entry ithni aachi Mari.. Kabhi nahi jayenga Dhaani ke zindigi Mein se?

    3. So do i feel! Always with Dhaani. First of all, in the project, then in her life ??

  5. Dear shweta ?1) cover pic is very nice n i luv it ?2) writing style is awesome ? 3 ) dhani knows about viplav n is excited to work with him more than her i am excited ?☺?4) VIPLAV is guessing about dhani n rather elated thinking about her looking forward for the coming episodes.

    1. Thanksss Renu di?

    2. Happy to knw u loved my writing style?

    3. Haaha lol Renu di.. Wanna wrk with him…. Will ask him and tell u if thr is any job for u?

    4. Actually even I too loved that part.. Viplav thinking abt Dhaani.. Since its a natural thing.. A guy thinking about the girl?

  6. Wonderful swetha?? their first meeting was sooooo lovely and ishq ishq played at the right time .. and ur cover pic is superb?

    1. Thanksss maha ?

    2. Soo Dhaani told right hero heroine pehli meeting is for the background music ? my ? girl?

  7. swetha loved it…..ishq ishq everywhere………

    1. Thanksss Vimi?

  8. Awesome swetha dhani’s first meet so nice. I am also there to work with him. Cover pic is good. Loved it????

    1. Thanks latha?

    2. Thanksss for liking my cover pic too?

  9. Ahan, Goosebumping first meeting!! ???

    1. Thanksss Areeb di ?

  10. superb episode sis …really I like this writing style …. but you did one mistake said black jeans and gave emoji of blue jeans 😛 😛 ..hahaha ….mere majak har episode me milega .. keep it up … 🙂

    1. Thanksss bhaia?

    2. Meine emotionji se kaha tha Ki mujhe black jeans do.. Lekin ussne bola sirfh ek hi jeans hai and Vo blue hai… Toh issiliye blue?

    3. Thanksss for loving my writing style ?

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