So all ready to read the first epi of my second ff… Then lets go… Promise me that u will imagine the scenes in ur mind.. Okay so lets move to the story…

Epi starts with a girl ? uncovering something and it was a camera ? she starts taking video ? of an apartment and announcing this is my new flat… Smile ? she says a girl ? smiles ? The girl ? narrates this is my helping hand,KUSUM and she continues her Mom has arranged her for my daily needs… Mera mathlab khana banane keliye… Ye apartment clean rakhne keliye… By this time she reached the terrace of that house ? and captures the scery of that place from her terrace in camera ? and this is me she turns the camera ? lens in order to capture her selves in the camera ?… Wind blows and her hair covers her face … She removes her hair from her face and smiles looking at the camera ?.. And dances for gulabi aankhe ? song… After her dance ? she continues this is me DHAANI KAUR…

Business tycoon ADITYA KASHYAP,u’ll be thinking wat I’m dng.. Right?? Actually I am from pune A few hours back I reached Mumbai…u’ll be thinking wat I’m dng here in Mumbai right… Vo jaane kelye tum logon ko 2 days back Jana padega… FB starts Dhaani along with her dad mom and sis are be sited before for the lunch.. Dhaani’s dad asks beti iss saal tumhe b’day keliye kya chahiye?? Dhaani thinks and says I wish to see my name near pic credits on a famous magazine… Dulaari{Dhaani’s mother }says iss sal tumhe ?gift tabhi milega jab tum shaandi keliye ha kareigi!!!Dad!! Says Dhaani in a sad voice… Dulaari as kyun says Dhani’s dad.. Dulari give a sharp look… Dhaani’s dad look @ Dhaani and smiles?.. Arshi{Dhaani’s sis}smiles ? an ddsays papa mama se dartha hai… Arshi Tum khana khavo says Dulaari.. Accha teek hai.. Meri taraph se shaandi keliye ha!!!khush says Dhaani..

Dulaari says main ladka dundh na shuru kar saktha hoona… Ma!! Jooth math bolo… Mujhe patha hai aapne mereliye dhundhakar rakhi hai na!!! Dhaani smiles and says oh!!unn ladkin Mein se mereliye choose karne ke bare main hi aap Baath kar rahi hai na!! Everyone smiles… Dhaani’s dad call someone and says to Dhaani bag ? pack kar puthar.. Job pakka 2 weeks hai job.. Business now magazine Mein.. Now shambu uncle ka magazine hai.. Arshi congratulates Dhaani… Dhaani starts to pack her bags.. FB ends.. This si how I reached here…

Now lets look into today’s epi if my life…. I stepped in to this city by5:00PM mathlab my flight ✈ departure time was 5:00 PM… From there Shambu uncle’s driver unloaded me un front of this flat… Grand palace is the name of This flat… This apartment is mine.. Mera mathlab dad ka!! Oh! Sorry Mein bhul gayi Shambu uncle Ki intro dene…SHAMBU TRIPATHI,Business magnet hai.. Mumbai Mein uncle ko 5-7 hotels hai.. 2 malls hai… Phir ye flat bhi uncle ka… Future groups used to publish a magazine Business Now Magazine every month.. And there I’m gng to work.. Shambu uncle and my dad are bff.. Mathalb Best Friends Forever… Childhood se ye hai donom best friends hai…uncle ka biwi ka naam Kanak Tripathi and son ka Nam Viplav tripathi hai… I haven’t seen him till now… Soo ye hai aaj ka chapter and this is me Dhaani Kaur signing off!!

Credit to: Swetha

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  1. Swetha…. Go on…… Hope Dhaani meets Viplav soon…. And records her lovely feelings…

    1. Sure.. Dhaani will meet and record her feelings…?

    2. Thanks Sujie di?

  2. Awwww thank youuu sooo much for this gift??
    Loved the beginning❤
    God bless you
    Love you loads?????

    1. Thanksss Arshi di?

    2. Happy that u loved my gift ?

    3. Love u too di?

  3. Awesome yar.. waiting for vidhani meeting.. keep going?

    1. Thanksss Maha?

    2. Yup Vidha meet is soon there…

  4. Swetha di good start. Waiting for our hero’s entry

    1. Thanksss lols?

    2. Lols.. Keep waiting for hero’s entry… In Next epi our hero is gng to take the entry?

  5. Keep writing dear .. waiting for vidhani meeting?

    1. Vidha meet will soon be thr?

  6. Shweta i really liked the writing style in this ff. N what a grand entry in Mumbai. Good to know both r from business families so no obstacle ?☺?

    1. Thanksss Renu di ?

    2. Happy that u noticed the writing style and u loved it ?

    3. Yes!! Renu di both are from same class family so no problem ? is gng to take place ….

  7. Swetha dear…..u r rocking….super….loved it….

    1. Thanksss vimi?

  8. The way this story is going on is something really unique. Just enjoying reading your story.
    Oh! Then Viplav might be that “lucky” guys Dhaani’s parents chose … ? Cant wait for upcoming episodes! ?

    1. Thanksss shruthy?

    2. Wait watch shruthy di?

      1. Hahaha I am eagerly waiting for sure behen! ??

  9. waiting 4 d epsde whn dhani nd viplav’ll meet face 2 face <3 😉

    1. Thanksss mayantha?

  10. Ur wait will soon come to an end?

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