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This Is Dhaani Kaur Signing Off!! Epi:-07


Hii.. Guyss so her comes Dhaani Kaur with her sweet diary…

The epi name is….
Now my turn.. To say..πŸ˜“

Epi starts with Dhaani sitting in front of the camera πŸ“· but is dreaming.. Thunder,lighting occurs… Dhaani shouts Viplav.. Viplav come running πŸƒ and hugs Dhaani too.. Dhaani shyly looks at camera πŸ“· Viplav looks at Dhaani and says bangayi Red rose πŸ’ and taunts her.. Viplav looks at camera πŸ“· and says oh,poor girl πŸ‘§ Got frightened πŸ˜“ U guyss will b thinking πŸ˜” hw Cme I here na..thn have a look..

FB starts.. Vidha are lost in dreams.. In thr respective house 🏠 Bth are thinking abt thr all hugging πŸ’‘ scenes,Proposing moments,red bangles scenes… Viplav calls πŸ“ž Dhaani.. Dhaani answers the Call πŸ“ž… Viplav asks Y not a dinner 🍴 tonight together.. Dhaani smiles πŸ˜ƒ & says Just dinner 🍴.. Viplav says aur kya??(& wat)yup.. Only dinner or else em.. Speak out speak out.. Wat all u thought.. Naughty 😈!!naughty 😈!!! Dhaani shyly says Viplav… Viplav says yup.. I knw u became a red 🌹 ross now… Dhaani looks at the mirror and says how come u knw I became red.. Viplav says I knw u just the way u knw me…. πŸ’‘ Dhaani says okay baba.. I’ll come and thy have a general talk later by and disconnects the call πŸ“ž FB ends…

Wat come I knw a trouble was waiting for me… U’ll be thinking πŸ˜” wat trouble na.. Viplav pushes Dhaani and says have a look.. Dhaani looks at Viplav.. Viplav smiles πŸ˜ƒ and πŸ˜‰ winks..

Vidha are entering into a hotel 🏒 Viplav is wearing a rare green T-shirt πŸ‘• and jeans πŸ‘– Dhaani and pink sleeveless top and shorts.. Waiter πŸ‘€ looks at Viplav and asks Mr. And Mrs. Viplav Tripathi.. Viplav whispers into Dhaani’s ears πŸ‘‚ Red Rose πŸ’ math bano.. And laughs πŸ˜† Dhaani looks at Viplav in a cute angry 😠 manner.. Viplav says bangayi bangayi red rose 🌹 and laughs πŸ˜† Dhaani says waiter bhaia hum hai Tripathi.. (Dhaani says to waiter.. Yeah.. We are Tripathi)
Come in sir πŸ™‡ says Waiter.. And takes them into a room.. Dhaani looks at Waiter & Viplav in a confused πŸ˜– manner… Wait and watch says Viplav… Sir,this ur room says Waiter… Viplav thanksss the waiter and he leaves… Viplav says chalo.. Dhaani says watt 😲 Viplav says bharosa rakho bharosa (Keep trust)and laughs πŸ˜† Viplav opens the door πŸšͺ and says come in … Dhaani enters the room.. Rose petals fall on her… Dhaani smiles 😊 looking at Viplav.. And feels the love in the petals.. Dhaani moves on and sees the room decorated viplav says only me and u is here right now.. Viplav senses Dhaani being a bit uncomfortable and asks her.. Dhaani any problem… Hope u r comfortable here!! Or else I can reserve a table.. Dhaani says no it’s πŸ†— πŸ‘Œ in a bit scared πŸ˜“ manner… Viplav gives Dhaani a cup of water 🍺 and asks her to be comfortable.. Dhaani drinks 🍸 the water and looks all around the room…

Viplav says wait and switches on the tv πŸ“Ί Dhaani looks at Viplav… Viplav keeps a channel and says now we are not alone… These TV πŸ“Ί stars are along with us.. Dhaani smiles πŸ˜ƒ and hugs Viplav… Viplav says I can understand ur 😱 fear… Every girl πŸ‘§ will have a fear 😱 whn she is alone with a boy πŸ‘¦ Bt Dhaani I’ll make sure I won’t tat I’ll make u comfortable and never cross my limits… Dhaani smiles πŸ˜ƒ and says sorry for not believing in you.. 😞 Viplav says no need of sorry,because I know the fear 😱 and smiles 😊 Viplav says lets have food 🍴 They both feed each other the food 🍴 Ishq ishq plays 🎢After having there food… Viplav says now it’s ur time… Dhaani gives a confused πŸ˜– look…

Viplav says ah,it’s now u have to confess ur love… Dhaani says.. I said Viplav says ah,bt in unconscious state… Dhaani says.. Bt.. Viplav looks at her sadly 😞 Dhaani says ok baba… I’ll say.. I.. I… I.. La… Laa…lov…viplav laughs πŸ˜† and says come here… Dhaani goes close to Viplav.. Viplav says look into my eyes πŸ‘€ thy share an eyelock… Concentrate in to my eyes… See the love πŸ’— in my eyes πŸ‘€ which is a reflection of the love πŸ’– u gave me… And then say those wrds.. And mean it.. Bolna song 🎼 plays 🎢 dhaani looks In to Viplav’s eyes πŸ‘€.. &says I love πŸ’• u Viplav and hugs him. Ishq bulava 🎼 song 🎢 plays… FB ends

I LOVE πŸ’ž YOU 😍 the 3 magical words… Hw difficult it is to say but if u love ❀ someone deeply and truly those 3 magical words will become easy to say.. After that Viplav dropped me here.. And β˜”rain started.. Kusum,the servant, was having some personal problems and went to her house 🏠 since I’m not even afraid πŸ˜“ of thunder as u all knw I askd Viplav to stay to night πŸŒƒ and Viplav says.. Tats hw I’m here… And hugs Dhaani.. And leans to kiss πŸ’‹ her.. Dhaani says Viplav and points the camera πŸ“· Viplav says This is Dhaani says Dhaani Kaur signing off!!

So hw was the epi…. Hws the way Viplav behaved with Dhaani…

Dhaani being afraid.. Do u think it was because Dhaani didn’t love Viplav…

The way Viplav helped Dhaani say those 3 magical words.. πŸ’œ

Hope u all love the epi..
Meet u with an another epi.. Till then meet u in the cmnt box😜

  1. Sujie

    Shaani….this was lovely …….. THREE MAGICAL WORDS…….These words really make us happy when someone really means it and not saying only for the sake of saying…..
    ViDhaani moments… lovely….go on Swethu….love you

    1. Shanitics

      Thanks Sujie di😊

  2. it was a very nice episode

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Aishwarya chechi…😊

  3. Latha

    Swetha lovely and awesome vidhani moments keep rocking dear😘😘😘😘

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss latha di😊

  4. Maha_Aijaz

    Nice episode swetha .. viplav’s preprations were amazing loved the way he makes her feel easy by turning on tv πŸ˜€ her fear was right any girl would feel uncomfortable in this situation but viplav understood her and behaved like a gentleman <3 those three magical words and then viplav asked her to look in her eyes and then say was so adorable .. its true these three words become even more special if someone mean it.. keep going and waiting for the next episode πŸ™‚

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Mahaaijaz

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Swetha please call Maha don’t type full name re

      2. Shanitics

        Okay.. Maha di😊

  5. Meghs

    Chotti u rocked😊 keep rocking😘

  6. Shanitics

    Thankss meghs di

  7. Angel20

    Loved it!! Keep going! Post the next part soon!

  8. Shanitics

    Thankss Mr.impossible 😊

  9. Shanitics

    Will post the nxt part soon..πŸ˜‰

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